13 Best Financial Stock Market News Sources, Feeds & Apps

The Best Financial & Stock Market Live Breaking News Feeds, Sources & Apps to Speed Your Investing & Trading Success In Todays Market

Our research shows the best sources for stock news are Benzinga Pro and MetaStock Xenith for real-time feeds. Bloomberg has the best stock market news App and TV channel. MarketWatch is the best free stock market news channel, and The Economist is the best for business, finance, economics, and politics.  

As a 20-year veteran and certified professional market analyst, my in-depth test of the best financial and stock market breaking news services, newspapers, and websites will help inform and improve your investing and trading.

Best Financial Stock Market News Sources & Feeds
Best Financial Stock Market News Sources & Feeds

As an investor, you want new insight, thought-provoking analysis, and research to inspire you to make your next significant long-term investment. Investors need news articles introducing them to new trends, services, industries, and companies.

As a trader, you need real-time news that gives you an edge in the market, and you need to see if the news reports will make a 5% to 10% stock price move, up or down, in a day. It would be best if you had breaking news and opinion that would give you a chance to react to volatility in the market.

Best Financial Stock Market News Sources & Feeds

  1. Benzinga Pro: Real-time stock news for traders
  2. MetaStock Refinitiv: Real-time global financial news app
  3. Bloomberg: Best finance TV channel 
  4. MarketWatch: Free financial news website
  5. Wall Street Journal: Digital & print investor news
  6. The Economist: Weekly financial newspaper
  7. CNBC Markets: Stock market news channel
  8. CNN Money: Free news website
  9. Financial Times: Respected financial newspaper
  10. Forbes: Engaging Investing & Business News
  11. Barrons: Investing and retirement news
  12. Yahoo Finance: Free news aggregation site
  13. Traders Magazine: Stocks & Commodities magazine

1. Benzinga Pro

Benzinga Pro is the best real-time stock market news feed for traders delivering cost-effective, actionable news, charts, financials, screening, and a powerful calendar suite to get a trading edge. Benzinga Pro’s platform is designed to be the place where you get stock news first.

Benzinga Pro is designed for traders and is 1/10th of the cost of a Bloomberg Terminal. What makes it unique is the fast delivery of news, insider interviews, and direct access to the reporters at the news desk. They also have a considerable amount of news content unavailable to regular subscribers.

Benzinga Pro News Rating 4.8/5.0
⚡ News Features Real-time News Feeds
🏆 Unique Features Squawk, News Sentiment, News Rating
🎯 Best for Stock, Fx & Crypto Traders
💰 Price $79-$117/mo
🎮 Free Trial 14 Day Free
✂ Premium Discount -25% Code “SMARTER”
🌎 News Coverage North America

Benzinga Pro Pricing

Benzinga PRO costs $79 per month for the Basic plan, which gives you real-time newsfeeds and watchlist alerts. Benzinga Pro Essential costs $117 per month, adding the Squawk Box, Calendars, Sentiment Indicators, and the Chat with Newsdesk functionality.

Basic Plan Essential Plan Options Mentor
$79/mo* $117/mo* $281/mo*
Real-time Newsfeed Real-time Quotes Trading mentorship
SEC Filings Audio Squawk Options inner Circles Chat
Watchlist & News Alerts Newsdesk Chat Nic Chahine’s Reports
Calendar Suite Sentiment Indicators

*Cost per month on yearly subscription

Benzinga Pro Basic

Benzinga Pro Basic costs $79-/m paid annually or $ 99 /m on a monthly subscription. You get real-time news, trade alerts, watchlist alerts, market-moving news, SEC filings, and the calendar suite of tools for this investment.

Core to the Benzinga Pro Basic service is access to the real-time newsfeed, which updates quickly and effectively. BZWire includes all Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) news and real-time PR newsfeeds. These can be incredibly important because SEC/FDA announcements can seriously move stocks.

Benzinga Pro BZWIRE: Real-time stock news for traders
Benzinga Pro BZWIRE: Real-time stock news for traders

Also, important company PR announcements are timed to coincide or counteract the news, so receiving these as quickly as possible is a serious bonus.

Newsfeed Alerts & Calendars

Benzinga Pro newsfeed alerts allow you to set specific alarms on stock market sectors or categories. You can select to be alerted via email, desktop pop-up, or a sound if any hot news or market-moving news is announced. Alerts hugely benefit the trader, so you do not need to watch the newsfeed continually; you can be trading and hear the alarm as a call to action.

Benzinga Pro lets you set up as many watchlists as you wish, and you can receive alerts on specifically those stocks in the watchlist, for example, those that matter to you. You can get real-time alerts and summary emails for your watchlist.

Below we see the Benzinga Calendar. You can instantly see what macroeconomic news is upcoming, but what you also see in the “importance” column on the right is the potential impact of the news as rated by the market analysts at Benzinga.

Economic Calendar With Announcement Important Ratings
Economic Calendar With Announcement Important Ratings

As you open the filter on the right, you can filter on anything from country, time, and especially the importance of the news. The granular level of filtering enables you to extract all of the value out of the news by only seeing the potential market-moving news.

Price Change Since Published

Benzinga prides itself on releasing news in time for you to react to a market move and profit. And to prove this point, they have added a feature called Change Since Publish, which shows how much a stock price moved since the news was announced.

2 Day 21% Increase In Stock Price Since News Announcement
2 Day 21% Increase In Stock Price Since News Announcement

Security SnapShots

Unique to Benzinga is the Security Snapshot View, essentially a summary of all the critical News, Fundamentals, and Charts. Snapshots are designed to give you a clean, quick view of the whole picture for a given stock, including all the core financial documents like balance sheets and income statement information.

The Beautiful, Easy To Read Snapshot Of COmpany Performance
The Beautiful, Easy To Read Snapshot Of Company Performance

So we can see the basic package already unlocks a lot of value, the real-time streaming newsfeed, and the sources of news exclusively from Benzinga and tier 1 partners. The real power is filtering the noise and focusing on the important market-moving news, plus getting alerted when the news breaks. You get all this in the basic package.

Benzinga PRO Essential

Benzinga Pro Essential costs  $117/m paid annually, or $ 147/m paid monthly, and provides real-time quotes, audio squawk box announcements, chat to the newsdesk, plus excellent and unique news sentiment indicators.

Analyst Rating Calendar

The guidance section of the Benzinga Pro calendar suite is designed to provide real-time alerts on analyst upgrades and downgrades. Traders pay serious money for this kind of data because Wall Street analyst guidance changes move stocks and impact markets.

Real-time Analyst Rating Calendar With Benzinga PRO Essential
Real-time Analyst Rating Calendar With Benzinga Pro Essential

Imagine having these analyst ratings streamed in real-time to your desktop. I have a column in the image above highlighting the company symbol, the analysts covering the stock, the analyst’s name, and the action. In this instance, you see there is a downgrade for VNDA.

I dropped down the calendar selection box (on the right) to show you the different types you can choose. The Benzinga Pro calendar covers everything, including upcoming conference calls, dividends, earnings, economics, earnings guidance, IPOs, retail sales, SEC filings, secondary offerings, and split announcements.

Signals By Benzinga, Highlighting Market Moving Block Trades
Signals By Benzinga, Highlighting Market Moving Block Trades

Squawk Box & Sentiment Indicators

Benzinga’s Squawk Box frees you from staring at the on-screen newsfeed by having the newsroom reporters read the latest high-impact news live as it hits the feed. Squawk is one of the biggest benefits of the Benzinga Pro Essentials service.

As I wrote this, an announcement came through that Novartis got FDA approval for a new drug. I just checked online; this is not on the web yet, nor announced on Bloomberg TV. Now that is an advantage worth buying.

News sentiment indicators are an innovative feature that allows you to see the sentiment of the analyst who submits the news item; you see this in the color of the ticker symbol; red is bearish, green is bullish; this is unique and a great asset.

Benzinga Signals

Signals show how Benzinga is continually innovating; the Signals setup creates a feed with block trade or price spike news that directly impacts a stock’s supply and demand balance at a foundational level.

Let’s take a look at a block trade. A block trade is a massive amount of stock either bought or sold. Block trades impact price, and you can take part in that price move or not, depending on the direction of the trade.

Block trades are specific, powerful trading strategies. Watch the block trades roll in, observe the direction, and make your trade. See a colossal block trade sell, buy Put Options, see a block trade buy, buy calls.

Benzinga Pro Review Video

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2. MetaStock Xenith

MetaStock Xenith is the best global real-time financial news feed for technical traders because it delivers institutional-grade data from Refinitiv and is the leading technical analysis stock charting and backtesting service.

I recommend MetaStock Xenith for traders who need real-time news and access to a huge stock systems market; all backed up with excellent customer service.

MetaStock News Rating 4.7/5.0
⚡ News Features Real-time Global News Feeds
🏆 Unique Features News Feeds Translated to Multiple Languages
🎯 Best for Stock, Fx & Commodity Traders
💰 Price $59-$250/mo
🎮 Free Trial 30-Day Free Trial
✂ Premium Discount 3 Months for 1
🌎 News Coverage Global

MetaStock Xenith is powered by Refinitv, the fastest global news service available on the market, including translations into all major languages. Refinitiv provides TV news coverage through smartphone and smart TV applications, and you get Insider alerts, exclusive content, and research provided by the expert analysts on the financial network team.

Core features include detailed financial snapshots of a company. The image below shows the Refinitiv Xenith Streaming News Screen for Netflix (Ticker: NFLX). Take a look at the attention to detail here and the amount of original news coming in from the Reuters Network; you will get this news before anyone else. Included in Refinitiv Xenith, you also get Stock Quotes, Charts, detailed Analyst Estimates, and a full listing of all financial details and SEC filings, complete with upcoming events listings, so you are prepared for action. As you can imagine, Thomson Reuters covers everything, including stock, options, bonds, futures, FX, and macroeconomic news and data.

MetaStock Xenith + Refinitve Real-time Newsfeed
MetaStock Xenith + Refinitve Real-time Newsfeed


The platform is straightforward as MetaStock has emphasized the user experience and workflow. You can have multiple workspaces for multiple monitors and save each workspace seamlessly for reuse. Of course, the software is available on all devices, from PCs to smartphones and TVs.

MetaStock Xenith Pricing

MetaStock is one of the biggest fish in the sea of stock market analysis software. Backed up by the mighty Thomson Reuters/Refinitiv, you can expect excellent fast global data coverage and broad market coverage, including equities, futures, Forex, ETF, and options.

MetaStock R/T plus Xenith costs $250/m, which means you get real-time data, news, and fundamentals powered by Refinitiv is the gold standard of international financial data worth $29 billion and is a subsidiary of the London Stock Exchange.

Use this link to get your first month free automatically.

MetaStock Real-time News Video

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3. Bloomberg TV

The best stock market TV channel is Bloomberg, the powerhouse of financial investing news. Bloomberg caters primarily to Wall Street institutions, many of which pay a lot of money for the real-time feeds and the core market intelligence the Bloomberg Terminals bring.

Trading during the day? Have the free Bloomberg TV running in the background, keeping you updated with the latest market developments. One big drawback is too many repeated adverts; however, it is still an excellent stock trading news channel.

Bloomberg News Rating 4.6/5.0
⚡ News Features Bloomberg TV, Bloomberg.com App
🏆 Unique Features Live TV News Streams, Newsletters, Podcasts
🎯 Best for Stock, Fx & Commodity Traders
💰 Price $299/yr
🎮 Free Trial No
✂ Premium Discount No
🌎 News Coverage Global

The downside is that Bloomberg’s TV broadcast is delayed; the news you are watching has already been seen and actioned by the professional money managers with the premium Bloomberg Service.

Bloomberg Realtime News Service with Ask the Newsdesk and Interact with TV
Bloomberg Real-time News Service with Ask the Newsdesk and Interact with the TV

Most of us will know Bloomberg from the Bloomberg TV stream, broadcast in most developed countries and available online. It is a resource-rich multimedia experience and contains mostly high-quality reporting debate and opinion. Nearly every CEO on the planet at earnings time shows up to the Bloomberg studios for an interview.

Bloomberg Premium Service & Pricing.

Bloomberg’s core market is not independent investors but professional traders and analysts in investment banks and trading floors. You will need a Bloomberg Terminal, specialized hardware, and software solution that maximizes speed and data connectivity to unlock the service. The terminal requires significant training to use it effectively and will cost you $2,200 per month for the privilege.

I have subscribed to Bloomberg Digital Pass for $495 per year, allowing access to all live TV articles, streaming audio news, and Bloomberg Business Week. Bloomberg is under constant price pressure from Refinitiv and Benzinga Pro to deliver real-time news.

Bloomberg Business Week Magazine

Bloomberg Business Week is a weekly periodical in direct competition with the Economist, Barrons, and Kiplinger. It has a tighter focus on the financial markets and might also be worth trying if you are only interested in global and US financial markets.

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4. MarketWatch

MarketWatch is a well-established free financial news website and app, part of the Dow Jones network of businesses, including the Wall Street Journal, Barrons, and BigCharts. Interestingly the news on offer is Free, and you can do the usual tasks of tracking your portfolio and viewing the standards stocks information with a free account.

MarketWatch News Rating 4.2/5.0
⚡ News Features MarketWatch & Barron Articles
🏆 Unique Features No Live Streaming News
🎯 Best for Investors
💰 Price $12.99/mo
🎮 Free Trial No
✂ Premium Discount No
🌎 News Coverage USA
MarketWatch - By Dow Jones - Real-time Headline News
MarketWatch By Dow Jones Real-time Headline News

If you navigate to the MarketWatch News Viewer, you can quickly scan the latest news and use the Market Pulse app, which allows you to quickly browse the story by hovering your mouse over a headline.

In the image, you can see I have selected real-time headlines; unfortunately, it neither self-updates nor provides the however over quick news scan functionality of the Market Pulse tab. Also, due to the huge advertisements on the site, the News Viewer is painfully small, which does not help its usability.

On the plus side, it is one of the few free real-time news feeds on the review list, but its depth of functionality does not compare to Benzinga or MetaStock Xenith.  MarketWatch gets its revenue primarily from advertising; however, it does offer a handful of premium products in the form of Newsletters such as Retirement Weekly ($59 per year), Revolution Investing boasting unconventional strategies for $99 per year, and the Technical Indicator Newsletter for $199 per year.


5. Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal Website offers in-depth financial news, none of which is real-time. The website is full of thought-provoking opinions and insightful journalism. The WSJ Markets part of the website has stock market-specific news and statistics, including stock screeners and portfolio tracking tools. The overall service has a paywall, meaning you will have limited access to the articles after browsing, so you need to subscribe.

Wall Street Journal Rating 4.1/5.0
⚡ News Features Delayed News, Apps, Podcasts
🏆 Unique Features WSJ Journalists & Quality Writing
🎯 Best for Investors
💰 Price $9.99/mo
🎮 Free Trial No
✂ Premium Discount No
🌎 News Coverage Global
Wall Street Journal - Frontpage News - Digital or Print Subscriptions
Wall Street Journal Frontpage News Digital or Print Subscriptions

Wall Street Journal pricing costs $21.50 per month for the print edition delivered once per week, $19.50 for the Digital only edition, and Print & Digital for $22.50 per month. With the Digital version, you can access all the Apps, Podcasts, and exclusive interviews. A premium benefits program also enables you to attend various virtual events and seminars.


6. The Economist

The Economist is a weekly magazine that covers politics, business, and economics and is considered one of the world’s most respected and influential magazines. The magazine was first published in 1843 and has been in continuous publication ever since. The Economist is known for its in-depth analysis of current affairs, and its coverage of global events is unrivaled. The magazine strongly focuses on economic policy, and it is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the complex workings of the global economy. The Economist is also widely respected for its high-quality journalism, and its writers are some of the most respected commentators in the business.

The Economist News Rating 4.4/5.0
⚡ News Features In-depth Independent Financial Journalism
🏆 Unique Features Digital Edition, Full Audio, Excellent App
🎯 Best for Investors, Economists
💰 Price $289/yr
🎮 Free Trial No
✂ Premium Discount No
🌎 News Coverage Global

The Economist provides political, economic, financial, and business news from across the globe. The Economist is a quality independent weekly periodical featuring the highest quality long-form journalism. The Economist is for big thinkers, standing out as a beacon for open markets, democracy, and a free world.

13 Best Financial Stock Market News Sources, Feeds & Apps - 47

I have been a subscriber to the Economist for over ten years.

Considering all this, the thing I like about the Economist is that with a digital and print subscription, I get the entire magazine in print and digitally delivered every Friday morning, but best of all, audio. That’s right; I get the entire Economist available through the Economist App on my phone or online.

A 12-month subscription in the US costs as little as $195.

Get The Economist


7. CNBC Markets

CNBC Stock Markets offer live stock market and business TV, plus the CNBC Markets website has a lot of information, aggregating news from sources such as Reuters. The advantage they have is that they are a business news broadcaster, so they have a lot of viewers and a reasonable US network of reporters.

CNBC News Rating 3.8/5.0
⚡ News Features Live TV, US, Europe, Asia
🏆 Unique Features News Articles & Analysis
🎯 Best for Investors, Economists
💰 Price $299/yr
🎮 Free Trial 7-day Free
✂ Premium Discount No
🌎 News Coverage USA

CNBC Markets have a paywall, so if you want to access all the content on the site and the live streaming CNBC broadcast, it will cost you $29.99 per month or $299 per year. For that money, you will have access to the three main live streams with region-specific content from Asia, America, and Europe.

CNBC Markets - News Service & TV
CNBC Markets News Service & TV

In addition to that, they claim that you will uncover big data trends to help your trading. I am a little skeptical about that claim. It may seem like a pricey package, but if all you are looking for is a live streaming financial news TV broadcast to your tablet, phone, or TV with access to the website content, the price is reasonable compared to live streaming Bloomberg TV.


8. CNN Money

CNN Money offers free stock market news, available globally, with some original content from its reporting network. Sometimes free news is not so good, and this is certainly one of those times. I understand that CNN has to fund independent journalism as few people are willing to pay for quality journalism anymore.

CNN Money News Rating 3.1/5.0
⚡ News Features TV News
🏆 Unique Features None
🎯 Best for General Interest
💰 Price Free
🌎 News Coverage Global

Advertising is the only route if the service is free, but CNN has taken it too far. If you visit the CNN news website, you will see that a significant portion of the screen is rammed full of adverts. I can live with that, but watching one or two videos becomes excruciatingly annoying.

CNN Money - Basic Functionality
CNN Money: Only Basic Functionality

Most CNN videos are 30 seconds to 2 or 3 minutes, but the more you watch, the more you will be subjected to longer video adverts. Watching a 30-second advert to see a 1-minute video is a completely frustrating waste of time.

As a news broadcaster available worldwide, I like their reporting, but their website and services need a fresh look at user experience.


9. Financial Times

The Financial Times is one of the oldest, most respected financial print news organizations in the world, and it has done a good job with the look and feel of the website; they have a lot of in-depth data and financial content to offer.

The Financial Times is a British newspaper that offers business and financial news and commentary. The publication has been operating since 1888, and today it has a circulation of approximately 190,000 readers. It is headquartered in London.

Financial Times News Rating 3.7/5.0
⚡ News Features News Stream, Detailed Journalism
🏆 Unique Features E-Paper Copy of Print Edition
🎯 Best for Investors, Economists
💰 Price $579/yr
🎮 Free Trial No
✂ Premium Discount No
🌎 News Coverage Global

The Financial Times has a global reach, with readers in over 180 countries. In addition to its comprehensive business and financial news coverage, the paper offers readers insights on various topics, including politics, economics, and current affairs.

The Financial Times is respected for the quality of its journalism and is widely respected as a source of news and information on business and finance.

However, most of it is behind a paywall, costing you around $20 or 20 EUR per week. For that investment, you will get the Financial Times delivered to your home six days per week from Monday to Saturday, plus their FT weekend paper and a digital version of the newspaper.

FT Trading Room - Dedicated News for Traders
FT Trading Room Dedicated News for Traders

The FT is a large newspaper with masses of content every day, so if you are willing to save a forest full of trees, you can opt for the Digital Daily for $6 per week or the Digital Daily Plus subscription for $10 per week, saving trees and money.


10. Forbes

Forbes is an engaging business and finance magazine famous for its Forbes Rich List, but also it has a lot of thoroughly engaging original content. It does not just focus on money and investing; it is a business and lifestyle magazine.

Forbes Magazine is a business magazine that was founded in 1917. It is published biweekly and covers business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and lifestyle. The magazine has a readership of over 5 million people.

The magazine aims to “deliver information and insight on the most important business stories of the day.” In addition to its print publication, Forbes also operates a website that features original content and provides breaking business news 24/7.

Forbes is known for its annual lists, which rank the world’s wealthiest people, companies, and industries. The magazine also publishes rankings of colleges, cities, and countries.

Forbes News Rating 3.6/5.0
⚡ News Features Full Access to All Articles, Good Value
🏆 Unique Features Ad Supported With Subscription
🎯 Best for General Interest
💰 Price $49/yr
🎮 Free Trial No
✂ Premium Discount No
🌎 News Coverage USA

13 Best Financial Stock Market News Sources, Feeds & Apps - 51

Its main product is Forbes Magazine, which is available worldwide and a subscription. Prices vary, but it will set you back around $100 for 12 issues per year. The website content is free, and they have a whole host of contributors, but as we know, free means plenty of advertising, but the content is good, and the advertising is not overbearing.

Get Forbes Magazine


11. Barrons

Barrons is another of the Dow Jones Family of products; its market niche focuses on periodicals covering investing & retirement topics from the Dow Jones Network. The Barron business model is directed towards print, but there are also some digital offerings with the digital pass.

Barrons News Rating 3.6/5.0
⚡ News Features Full Access to All Articles, Good Value
🏆 Unique Features Apps for Smartphones & Tablets
🎯 Best for General Interest
💰 Price $60/yr
🎮 Free Trial 30-Day
✂ Premium Discount No
🌎 News Coverage USA

Barrons Magazine is a weekly publication that covers business and financial news. The magazine offers in-depth analysis of current events and trends and advice on investing and managing personal finances. Barrons is known for its comprehensive coverage of the stock market and its regular features on individual stocks and mutual funds. In addition to its financial news and analysis, the magazine covers a wide range of topics, including politics, economics, and business. Barrons is one of the most respected financial publications in the world, and investors widely follow its opinion and recommendations.

Non-US residents get the option of digital-only.13 Best Financial Stock Market News Sources, Feeds & Apps - 53 On the website, you can see a tab called Real-Time; if you click the tab, you get recent news, but you have to keep hitting refresh to see if there are any more updates.

Also, articles are shared across the Dow Jones Network so that you will see some Wall Street Journal articles added to the list.

Get Barrons Magazine


12. Yahoo Finance Plus

Yahoo Finance is a good free stock market and finance news app that aggregates news from other sources and provides limited self-generated content. Over the last years, Yahoo Finance has made huge improvements, and the interface is looking better.

Yahoo Finance is a website that provides stock quotes, news, and financial information. It also offers a portfolio tracker and has a section for personal finance advice. The website is a resource for individual investors.

Yahoo Finance Plus Rating 3.2/5.0
⚡ News Features Real-time News, Ad Free
🏆 Unique Features None
🎯 Best for Investors
💰 Price $240/yr
🎮 Free Trial 30-Day
✂ Premium Discount No
🌎 News Coverage USA

Interestingly, when browsing the news and charts on Yahoo, you will notice Buy and Sell buttons. Surprisingly enough, Yahoo has put some effort into broker integration, meaning that you can trade directly from the Yahoo charts with your online broker, and it is an impressive list with Fidelity, E*Trade, Robinhood, Ally Invest, Interactive Brokers, TradeStation, Schwab, Vanguard, and Merrill on the list.

Tracking Your Portfolio in Yahoo Finance Premium
Tracking Your Portfolio in Yahoo Finance Premium

Quite why you would want to do this, I do not know, as the top brokers usually offer far superior charting and analysis, for example, TC2000 Brokerage, Firstrade, or Interactive Brokers. Keep improving Yahoo Finance; you are going in the right direction.


13. TASC Magazine

Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities Magazine” (TASC) is a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in learning about technical analysis and trading stocks. It includes articles on a variety of topics, such as chart patterns, indicators, and strategies. The magazine also includes interviews with successful traders and reviews of trading software and books. Whether a beginner or an experienced trader, technical analysis of stocks magazine is a valuable resource.

TASC Magazine Rating 3.2/5.0
⚡ News Features Excellent Analysis of Stocks & The Markets
🏆 Unique Features Trading Strategies
🎯 Best for Stocks, Fx & Commodity Traders
💰 Price $89/yr
🎮 Free Trial 30-Day
✂ Premium Discount No
🌎 News Coverage USA

The Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities (TASC) magazine is best for serious technical traders who want to continually learn and keep a competitive edge.

I have been a subscriber to the Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities Magazine (TASC) for nine years. It is essentially the go-to Managzine for experienced technical analysts. The magazine is very well written and has a host of high-profile contributors.

I have been published in TASC with my “Side-Stepping the Next Crash” article. The magazine covers the technical analysis of stocks, options, commodities, bonds, precious metals, and foreign exchange.

It includes extremely helpful learning articles, such as developing indicators and new ways to analyze the markets. They also spotlight learning new techniques for beginners and intermediate traders. TASC also touches on the current market climate with an in-depth technical analysis of the various markets.

The Best Magazine for Traders: Technical Analysis of Stock & Commodities Magazine.
The Best Magazine for Traders: Technical Analysis of Stock & Commodities Magazine.

The contributors provide systems designed to help you get an edge in the markets while also covering trading systems. Also, when a system is provided, there will be the code for the various Technical Analysis Packages, such as MetaStock or TC2000, so you can implement your indicators and systems.

As a subscriber, you also get digital access to the entire back catalog, a pure goldmine of knowledge not available anywhere else on the planet.

TIP – Go for at least a 1 Year Subscription to get access to the entire digital library.


What is the best breaking stock market news feed?

13 Best Financial Stock Market News Sources, Feeds & Apps - 57

Benzinga Pro offers the best breaking stock market newsfeed based on price, speed, and accurate news impact ratings. Alternatively, MetaStock Xenith and Bloomberg offer international institution-grade news analysis.

What are the best financial newspapers and magazines?

13 Best Financial Stock Market News Sources, Feeds & Apps - 59

The Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, the Economist, Forbes and Barrons are considered the best financial print and digital newspapers.

What are the best stock market news TV channels?

The best stock market TV news channel is Bloomberg TV which offers 24-hour custom news streams to US, European, and Asian audiences. CNBC Markets and CNN Money offer free TV business news coverage inferior to Bloomberg.

Where can I watch the stock market live?

13 Best Financial Stock Market News Sources, Feeds & Apps - 61

The best news source to watch the stock market live on is Bloomberg TV. Bloomberg is available for free across the globe through your broadcast network provider and has an incredible depth of stock market content.

What is the most reliable financial news source?

13 Best Financial Stock Market News Sources, Feeds & Apps - 63

The most reliable and accurate financial news sources are Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal, and The Economist. For reliable real-time financial news, Benzinga Pro and MetaStock Xenith are good choices.

What is the best financial website?

13 Best Financial Stock Market News Sources, Feeds & Apps - 61

Bloomberg is definitively the best financial website globally, with global market coverage, a global news team, and insightful content live on TV and the Web. You will need the Bloomberg Digital Pass for $490 per year.

What is the best stock market newspaper?

13 Best Financial Stock Market News Sources, Feeds & Apps - 63

Investors Business Daily and the Wall Street Journal are the best stock market newspapers for the USA. The Financial Times and The Economist are the best European newspapers.

What is the best news source for day traders?

13 Best Financial Stock Market News Sources, Feeds & Apps - 69

Benzinga Pro is the best news source for day traders delivering fast real-time news for stocks, options, commodities, and Forex. The Benzinga App is highly configurable with alerts, and market-moving news.

How to get real-time financial news?

13 Best Financial Stock Market News Sources, Feeds & Apps - 71

High-quality, real-time financial news is not free; stock market news is a valuable commodity. Benzinga Pro offers the most cost-effective and fastest news feed for $79/m, MetaStock Xenith costs $250/m, and the Bloomberg Terminal costs $2,000/mo.

Where do stock traders get their news?

13 Best Financial Stock Market News Sources, Feeds & Apps - 73

If you are a serious stock trader trading real-time economic and stock market news events, you will be using either Benzinga Pro costing $79/m, the Refinitiv news feed at $250/m, or the Bloomberg Terminal at $2,000/m.

What is the Best Magazine for Traders?

13 Best Financial Stock Market News Sources, Feeds & Apps - 75

For traders in stocks, commodities, foreign exchange and fixed income, the best magazine is the Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities Magazine (TASC). TASC offers in-depth technical analysis and leading system and trading strategy development articles.

Stock Market News Comparison Table

News ServiceBenzinga Pro MetastockBloombergMarketWatchWall Street JournalCNBC MarketsCNN Money Financial TimesForbesBarronsYahoo Finance
News Service (delayed)
Real-Time News
TV Broadcast News
Print News Publisher
Research / Newletters
Special Features
Detailed Financial Snapshots
Sentiment Ratings
Rumours / Insiders
Exclusive News
Sqwawk Box
Chat with Newsdesk
Equities Research
News ServiceBenzinga ProReuters Xentih + MetastockBloombergMarketWatchWall Street JournalCNBC MarketsCNN Money Financial TimesForbesBarronsYahoo Finance
Watchlist Alerts eMail
Alertsa via App
Alerts eMail
Alerts SMS
Alerts Audible
Original News Content
Stocks News
Options News
Futures News
Forex News
FDA News
M&A News
News Software / Apps
Customizable Application
Multiple Windows
Mutiple Screens
Mobile News App
Price (per month)
Free (delayed news)
Premium Cost$79,-$69$19.95$40$5.99$20
PRO Cost$147,-$199$30
Terminal Cost$1800$2200
Table 1. Top 10 Financial & Stock Market News Companies Comparison


  1. This is a really great and well organized compilation of information! It even looks trustworthy and reliable. For the most part looks unbiased besides the CNN description which was indeed hilarious and accurate! Thanks guys made my research a lot easier!!!

  2. I am confused about which news channel provides real-time news related stock market and with reasonable charges. Anyone can explain here?

  3. I am confused about which news channel provides real-time news related stock market and with reasonable charges. Anyone explain here?


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