Beat The Market With The MOSES Index ETF Investing Strategy


Outperform The Market, Avoid Crashes & Lower Your Risk


The Problem

 In the last century, we have seen six major stock market crashes that have on average lasted 10 years and lost 57% of the market’s value.

If you have planned for retirement, you probably have a significant portion of your wealth tied up in Mutual Funds or Index Tracking Exchange-Traded Funds.

If the stock market crashes while you are invested, it could take 10 years before your investments recover the losses.

Most investors do not see the crash coming. Each crash seems to come as a surprise, leaving most investors panicking and losing money.

If a crash comes when you are close to retirement, you may need to delay your retirement.

The Solution

MOSES will alert you when there is an impending stock market crash or crisis so you can avoid big losses and reallocate your capital into safer investments.

MOSES is designed specifically to work on large Index Tracking ETFs such as the Nasdaq 100, S&P 500, Russell 3000, CAC40, German DAX, and more.

MOSES has been thoroughly tested to detect crashes, so you are not locked into long-term losing investments.

MOSES ensures you know the state of the market, with 5 clear signals; Bull Market, Bear Market, Shock Event, Catastrophic Event, and Early Market Recovery.

The MOSES signals enable you to prepare for asset reallocation to secure your investment and lower your risk and exposure.

Whether you actively invest in the stock market or passively invest through mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, it is essential for you to reduce any losses you incur over the years of your investment.

Avoiding or minimizing the impact of major stock market crashes is at the heart of the MOSES System. There are three core indicators in the Moses strategy; you can use the best approach to eliminate most losses and compound your investments to beat the market.

MOSES will help you to be alerted before the next crash happens, or at least before the significant down move begins.  MOSES will also provide you an idea of when the bear market is over.

Market – The strategy is designed to be used on entire market indices

Outperforming – The Moses strategies beat the majority of USA & European Stock Markets

Stock – Moses is designed to work on large, liquid stock market indices.

ETF – Using Moses on broad market ETFs to trade an entire index is the ideal strategy.

Strategies – 3 Strategies You Can Choose to Improve Your Decision Making

The MOSES Long-term ETF Investing Strategy


A Unique Long-term Investing Strategy
MOSES Helps You Secure & Grow Your Biggest Investments
★ 3 Broad Market Index ETF Strategies ★
★ Outperforms the NASDAQ 100, S&P500 & Russell 3000 ★
★ Beats the DAX, CAC40 & EURO STOXX Indices ★
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MOSES Helps You Sleep Better At Night Knowing You Are Prepared For Future Disasters


Who Is The M.O.S.E.S Strategy For?

People who have money invested in U.S. or European Stock Market Index Tracking ETF Funds.

Future retirees who want to protect their retirement funds, MOSES will warn you of impending stock market meltdowns

Investors seeking outsize profits. MOSES helps you “Beat The Market” by avoiding crashes and buying back into an early recovery

Anyone who has money invested or plans to invest in Index-tracking ETF funds.


What Is Included in M.O.S.E.S?

The M.O.S.E.S. System Includes:

3 Proven & Backtested High-Performance Investing Strategies

5 Alerts So You Always Know The Market Situation

Automated Buy & Sell Signals & Historical Results

Automated System Code for TradingView

7 Module Video Training Course & eBook

Lifetime Access to System Code, Videos eBooks


Learn From A Professionally Certified Market Analyst

Barry D. Moore – CFTe

Certified Financial Technician CFTe (International Federation of Technical Analysts IFTA II) – 20+ Years Investing & Analysis Experience


The 5 M.O.S.E.S Signals

  1. Bull Market Signal: Confirms Healthy Stock Market (Buy)
  2. Bear Market Signal: Confirm Bear Market Downtrend (Sell)
  3. Recovery Signal: Confirms Early Post Crash Recovery (Early Buy Signal)
  4. Shock Event: Early Warning of Market Disturbance
  5. Catastrophic Event: Warns of Serious Market Volatility Before or During a Crash
The 5 Moses Signals In Action
The 5 Moses Signals In Action

In this chart, you can see that the Catastrophic Event was triggered in November 2007, right at the start of the Financial Crisis and one year before the majority of the crash happened.


M.O.S.E.S Buy & Sell Alerts

You can choose the strategy that best fits the market you are investing in. MOSES provides different Buy and Sell Alerts depending on the strategy you choose.

MOSES Buy & Sell Signals & Crashes Detected
MOSES Buy & Sell Signals & Crashes Detected (Click to Enlarge)

Run 3 MOSES Strategies Side By Side & Compare Performance

With the MOSES automated scripts, you can choose the right strategy for the market you are investing in.

3 MOSES ETF Strategies vs. Buy & Hold (Click to Enlarge)
3 MOSES ETF Strategies vs. Buy & Hold (Click to Enlarge)

MOSES is fully automated and integrated into TradingView, so you can:

  • View a specific strategy’s return
  • Compare all strategies
  • Compare the Equity Line to see your compounded profit & loss
  • See how many trades are executed and when
  • See drawdown & duration per trade

M.O.S.E.S Performance

Here are the exact results of the three MOSES strategies. The backtesting started in 1997 to enable the system to act on three major stock market crashes, 2000, 2008, and 2020. The Buy and Hold strategy is the profit from staying invested during the entire period and not avoiding the crashes. The Winning MOSES strategy is highlighted in Green.

Test Timeframe Jan 13, 1997 Sept 21, 2021  
Duration 24.75 years    
Initial Investment  $ 100,000    
North America      
Nasdaq 100 / MOSES Strategy $ Return % Per Year* Total Return
Buy & Hold  $    1,763,807 12.30% 1664%
Buy Bull – Sell Bear  $    2,885,542 14.55% 2786%
Buy Bull – Sell Catastrophe  $    2,024,919 12.92% 1925%
Buy Recovery – Sell Catastrophe  $    2,298,661 13.50% 2199%
S&P 500 / MOSES Strategy $ Return % Per Year* Total Return
Buy & Hold  $       581,225 7.37% 481%
Buy Bull – Sell Bear  $       485,441 6.59% 385%
Buy Bull – Sell Catastrophe  $       595,737 7.48% 496%
Buy Recovery – Sell Catastrophe  $       645,796 7.83% 546%
Russell 3000 / MOSES Strategy $ Return % Per Year* Total Return
Buy & Hold  $       613,637 7.61% 514%
Buy Bull – Sell Bear  $       529,573 6.97% 430%
Buy Bull – Sell Catastrophe  $       640,279 7.79% 540%
Buy Recovery – Sell Catastrophe  $       715,652 8.28% 616%
Nasdaq Composite / MOSES Strategy $ Return % Per Year* Total Return
Buy & Hold  $    1,128,396 10.29% 1028%
Buy Bull – Sell Bear  $    1,233,086 10.68% 1133%
Buy Bull – Sell Catastrophe  $    1,076,990 10.08% 977%
Buy Recovery – Sell Catastrophe  $    1,124,536 10.27% 1025%
  • Annualized Compound Return (ACR)

Are You Ready To Sleep Better At Night?


What Is Included in M.O.S.E.S?

3 High Proven High-Performance Long-Term Investing Strategies


System Code for TradingView With Buy & Sell Signals


The M.O.S.E.S eBook


7 Module Video Training Course


In-depth Training On The Nature of Stock Market Crashes


Lifetime access to all videos and future course upgrades


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