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Trading Academy FREE – Learn Stock Trading Course Syllabus

The course is specially designed in the format of a stock trading school. We start off in 1st Grade and then move through to 10th Grade.

The Liberated Stock Traders Academy FREE investing course will also remind you via email on a weekly basis what articles you should read or what videos you should watch. This is designed to keep you motivated and focused.

What Subjects are Covered in our Free Stock Market Training Course?

1st Grade – Introduction to Trading

2nd Grade – The Stock MarketInside the Traders Mind - Stock Market Psychology

3rd Grade – Fundamentals Made Easy

4th Grade – Stock Screeners

10 Powerful Stock Charting Insights

5th Grade – Stock Chart Reading Made Easy

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6th Grade – Chart Indicators are your Friends

  • Market Breadth – The Advance-Decline Line.  The AD Line is interesting and something you need to understand as a concept and using it practically.
  • PRO Training Chapter 8 – ROC Rate of Change Indicator. A great excerpt from our Liberated Stock Trader PRO Training – diving into the stock chart indicator Rate of Change
  • Using the Ichimoku Cloud to forecast the market direction.  Ichi what?  Yes imported from Japan, this chart type is an interesting addition to western technical analysis.
  • Using Fibonacci Retracement S&P 500.  Fibonacci the famous Italian mathematician also has something to say about the stock market, you might want to listen.
  • Moving Averages – A Powerful yet simple Indicator. If you do not know what a moving average is, then you have no business trading the stock market.
  • Volume – Volume Indicator. Learn Stock trading.  The bread and butter core indicator that you really need to understand properly.
  • MACD – Indicator. Learn Stock Trading – The divergence and convergence of the moving averages (MACD) is a useful addition to your toolkit.
  • Stochastic Indicator. Stochastic analysis has been around for a long time but how can it be applied to the markets.
  • Relative Strength Index, how strong is your trend? The relative strength of a stock price, compared to itself, an interesting concept.

7th Grade – Investment Strategy for Beginners

  • 10 Steps to build a great stock market trading system.  Now it gets exciting – how do you start to build a good stock market system.
  • Chapter 11 – How to trade the News!  Trade the news, what is that? Reactive is what it is.
  • What Type of investor are you?  Understanding what type of investor you are will dramatically change your approach to the stock market and how you make your profits (or losses)
  • What are your Goals?  Yacht and Lambo or happy retirement with the family.  How much time can you invest to get to your goals?
  • How to make a Million Dollars in the Stock Market?  How can you make a million in the market?  Believe it or not, it is really possible and not as tough as you think.

8th Grade – Trading Psychology

  • Inside the Traders Mind – as a shorter term investor, many emotions especially fear and greed go through your head.  Take a close look here.

9th Grade – Making the Trade

  • Knowing when not to buy.  Believe it or not, it is important to understand when not to trade and get over the emotional hurdles you have when you want to make money fast.
  • Patience is the companion of wisdom!  A deeper look into trading.
  • Assessing Market Direction is critical before buying a Stock!  If you are not clear on the market direction – don’t trade – this is an important lesson.
  • How many Stocks should I own?  Well, that depends on a number of factors to do with the amount of money you have and the amount of time you have to perform research.
  • Tracking your Trades. Learn Stock Trading continually by keeping a trading journal.

10th Grade – The Best Trading Platforms


  • New Stock Market Education Video Podcast – Released
  • PODCAST – Stock Market Essentials Part 2
  • FREE GIFT – Premium Stock Market Training – Chapter 1
  • Stock Market Guide – The Traders Checklist Video 1
  • Stock Market Guide – The Traders Checklist Video 2
  • Stock Market Guide – The Big Picture
  • Learn Stock Market Trading Video – Part 1 Guide to Fundamentals
  • Learn Stock Market Trading Video – Part 2 Guide to Fundamentals
  • tc2000 Telechart 2007 Video Review


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