Emperor Investments Review -Market Beating Robo Advisor?

Emperor A New & Innovative Robo Advisor Offering a Pure Equity Portfolio, Dividend Harvesting & Potentially Market-Beating Performance. DEEP DIVE

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Liberated Stock Trader Review WinnerEmperor Invests – Best for a Fully Automated Pure Stock Value Portfolio with an Industry Leading Track Record of 16.85% vs S&P 500 7.6%

Launched in 2018 in Toronto Canada, Emperor Investments brings something new and innovative to the table.  Unlike most Robo Advisors all stocks that Emperor purchases on your behalf are directly owned by you and available in your portfolio, so there is no abstraction of ownership of the underlying assets, this is something I really like and consider important with any service you choose.

Emeperor Investing Robo AdvisorProsConsPerformance Rating:★★★★★
Fees AUM: 0.6%★ Offers pure equity investing. Thus no funds or ETFs offered✘ No ETFs or mutual funds – pure stocks only16.85% vs S&P 500 7.62%
Hidden Fees: None★ Harvests all Dividends & Taxes
★ Offers direct stock investing – you own the stock
Visit Emperor★ Option for dividend re-balancing available.
★ Low $500 minimum balance
★ Tailored portfolios are available.
★ Hybrid – machine plus human research


The Investing Methodology

Emperor is also different from most of the Robo Advisors on this list because they are dealing purely with stock equities only.  Many Robo Advisors are simply based on the purchase of ETF’s in the USA or across the globe for diversification.  Emperor takes a much more detailed and scientific approach to individual stock selection.

Firstly they have chosen to combine statistical analysis of money flows using the Markowitz [1952] Mean-Variance Optimization Model, this uses statistical technical analysis of the relationships between different stocks and indices.

This is then used with fundamental analysis using the Fundamental Indexing [FI] approach which rates, ranks and balances a portfolio allocation to companies based on the core fundamentals including but not limited to the Sharpe Ratio.

This according to their extensive testing should lead to market-beating performance.

Robo Advisor Fund Performance

This all sounds complicated, but essentially combining technical and fundamental analysis allows Emperor to beat the underlying market, in this case, the S&P 500, by almost 9% per year.

The one caveat is, that the model has been forward tested over the last 11 years, so these results are theoretical, but the belief is that Emperor will continue to beat the market moving forward.

Only time will tell, but now the fund is live and the real world returns will be released soon for the 12 months to July 2019.

Of the 10 Main Robo Advisory Services, Emperor Claims the Best Market-Beating Performance

Chart 1: Impressive Emperor Returns
Chart 1: Impressive Emperor Returns (Source emperorinvests.com)

Emperor charges 0.6% per year on assets under management, this is low compared to mutual funds, but higher than the average costs of competing Robo Advisory services.

An important point here is although the average annual fees for Robo Advisors are between 0.25% and 0.6% per year, if Emperor delivers the expected real-world return of significantly beating the underlying index by 5% to 9%, the 0.6% fee they charge will be a small change, in fact, a bargain compared to the longer-term compounded gains you will receive.

In addition to this, there are no hidden fees with Emperor, many competitors will charge additional fees for the ETF’s or Mutual Funds they invest in on your behalf, not so with Emperor, it is simply a 0.6% flat fee.

Emperor Pure Equity Portfolio

Of the thousands of hours we have spent investigating Robo Advisors, Emperor is the only advisor that manages a portfolio based on equities/stocks only.  This is the only way to be able to attempt to beat the market performance, by essentially picking the right stocks at the right time.

Other Robo Advisors simply use the industry-standard portfolio management theory to select a handful of US and international ETF’s covering different industries and market segments to ensure adequate diversification of your investments.

It is a much more difficult task to be able to balance a portfolio with stocks to attain the specific goals of outperforming the underlying index.

What I also like about the equity portfolio is that Emperor is acting as the advisor providing instructions on what is to be bought and sold in your portfolio.  However, they do not own your portfolio, you have sole control and access to your account to deposit and withdraw as you wish.  Your account is operated by an institutional-grade service provider called Folio Investments Inc.

Folio Investments, Inc. is a licensed broker-dealer and custodian was launched in 2000 by Steven Wallman, a former commissioner of the Securities and Exchange Commission who is widely recognized for his advocacy on behalf of investors. They provide investment technology and other services to thousands of financial services firms and fortune 500 companies.

Dividend Focused Investing For Regular Income

All dividends are automatically harvested from the companies that your portfolio owns stock in.  Emperor does have a focus on value investing, so you can expect regular dividend income.  This income is then automatically reinvested into further stock purchases.

Emperor has provided me insight into three of their key dividend-focused portfolios you can choose to invest in, it makes very compelling reading.

Dividend Focused Series 1

Why invest in Emperor’s Dividend Focused Series 1 Portfolio?

This portfolio is diversified and designed to lower volatility and protect assets under severe conditions. We use Emperor’s version of Markowitz optimization to balance optimally the variability of returns of the 38 stocks in this portfolio against the returns the portfolio generates. Our version of Markowitz overweighs cheap stocks and under weighs expensive ones so as not to throw out expensive stocks whose returns provide diversification benefits and smooth out returns in good and bad times. The companies in this portfolio are all long-term dividend payers and sell well-recognized brands protected by deep moats. We believe these companies have above-average growth prospects and, have the potential to provide a reliable source of dividend income for clients.

Dividend Focused Series 2

Why invest in Emperor’s Dividend Focused Series 2 Portfolio?

This portfolio is concentrated with approximately 22 holdings and designed to provide slightly more volatility than
our Dividend Series 1 portfolio. The companies in this portfolio are all long-term dividend payers and have the potential to
continue to pay dividends in the future. In addition, we believe these companies have above-average growth prospects and are
protected by deep moats. Our portfolio optimization algorithm, our version of the famous Markowitz algorithm, enables us
to buy these stocks for a reasonable price. We over weigh cheap stocks and under weigh expensive ones and do not remove
expensive stocks, thus benefiting from their risk reduction qualities.

Dividend Focused Series 3

Why invest in Emperor’s Dividend Focused Series 3 Portfolio?

This portfolio is the most concentrated (8% maximum holdings) portfolio of the dividend series, with 15 holdings. The goal is
to seek returns by investing in companies that are long-term dividend payers and have the potential to provide a reliable
source of income in the future. Our portfolio optimization algorithm, our version of the famous Markowitz algorithm,
enables us to buy these stocks for a reasonable price. We overweight cheap stocks and underweight expensive ones and do not
remove expensive stocks, thus benefiting from their risk reduction qualities.

Visit Emperor & Get 6 Months Zero FeesCompare Emperor Against 10 Robo Advisors

Other Notable Service Detailsemperor-investments

Free Withdrawal – Some Robo Advisor Services or even mainstream broker charge you a fee to withdraw your own money.  This is not the case with Emperor, all withdrawals are free and unlimited.

Access To The Investment Team – Interestingly you also get access to the investment portfolio team.  These are the Ph.D. mathematicians and finance professors that construct the investment methodology and screen the company fundamentals of the stocks that you will be invested in.

Roth IRA, Traditional IRA and Rollover IRAs are all available with the service to enable you to invest as tax-efficiently as possible.

The Emperor Invest Portal & Reporting

Unless you register with Emperor, you do not get to see how it actually works.  I have screenshots which will allow you to visualize how the process works and appreciate the elegant and simple was the team at Emperor have implemented the service.

Setting Investment Goals

Once you have registered with Emperor you can then do the fun part which is establishing your investment goals. Whether you are saving for a house, a car, kids college fund or retirement, setting goals is easy and flexible.

Setting Up Investment Goals With Emperor Invests
Setting Up Investment Goals With Emperor Invests

You can see we have set up a goal of $500,000. $123,526 was deposited to fund this goal and we have seen earnings of $20,230 with a 16.23% return.

This is what I really like about Robo Advisors and particularly Emperor, is the accessibility and transparency of reporting.  You do not need to call your financial advisor and ask him to find out how much you are worth, tt is simply all there.  I also particularly like the visibility of the fees I have paid (bottom right of image).

Adding Funds

Once you have established your goals, you can then transfer funds across to your account.  The account is in your name and you have full control over it.  You can connect your bank and attach a transfer to a specific goal if you wish.  You can easily set the initial contribution, recurring contribution, and frequency.

Funding a Goal With Emperor Invests
Funding a Goal With Emperor Invests


Viewing Your Personally Recommended Portfolio

Once your goals are established and your account funded you can take action on your recommended portfolio.

Viewing Your Personally Recommended Portfolio
Viewing Your Personally Recommended Portfolio

Here we have been recommended a selection of stocks from the Utility, Health Care and, Food & Beverage sectors, complete with recommended allocations.  As we have discussed a critical part of the Emperor’s methodology is to accrue dividends, as compounding dividends along with the stock price appreciation helps to maximize your fund performance.  So do not expect to see Amazon or Googe in the list.  Solid Dividend-paying companies are what you need.

Viewing Your Investments Progress Towards You Goals

Now investing in your goals is underway.  How can you keep track of your portfolio?  Queue the total wealth report.

Emperor Investments Total Wealth Report
Emperor Investments Total Wealth Report

I like the way this is implemented, all goals and the progress clearly documented.  It is highly motivating to see the progress of the investment against the goals.  Well done to the team at Emperor for keeping the interface clean and simple.

Legal & Regulatory Oversight

We have background checked Emperor Investments and they are fully registered with the securities & exchange commission (SEC) as investment advisors.  Folio Institutional provides the operation of your account and they are fully registered with the SEC, FINRA and have full SIPC insurance.

Emperor Invests Review Summary

Being a new player in the Robo Advisor / Robo Investing space, Emperor has a lot to prove. According to their 11 years of forward testing & paper trading, their service will be in a position to beat the S&P 500 by a significant margin. It might be worth trying their service.

Visit Emperor & Get 6 Months Zero FeesCompare Emperor Against 10 Robo Advisors

1 Emperor returns are at the moment based on paper trading/ forward testing over the last 11 years, the real world returns will be released soon. ast performance is no guarantee of future results. The investment return and principal value of an investment will fluctuate so that an investor’s shares, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than their original cost. Current performance may be lower or higher than the performance quoted. The results of forward-testing does not represent the results of actual trading using client assets and should not be considered indicative of the skill of the adviser. Forward-testing (aka paper trading) fails to address the broad market’s impact on individual securities and generally does not account for cost like slippage, commissions or fees. Forward-testing often includes “formfitting” which is the ability to select ideal entry and exit points. 


  1. I have been investing with Emperor for 3 months now and with my $1000 initial deposit I have already seen growth of 10%. This was a test to justify whether they were true to their word, which appears they are!

  2. Just came across this company today. Looks interesting, may open a small taxable account and compare to my all stock no etf or indexed ira and my vanguard indexed ira.

    You’re the only reviewer to break down the different portfolios they offer.

    Do you know if they tax loss harvest?


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