M1 Finance’s Robo-Advisor Tested & Rated for 2024

Our review testing finds that M1 Finance is a high-quality automated investing robo-advisor with a broad platform of financial products and a clear visibility into its investing performance. With $0 fees and a $100 minimum balance, M1 is worth trying. 

20 Leading Robo-Advisor Profits & Fees Compared

Our research into robo-advisor fees and returns shows M1 Invest, SigFig, and Wealthfront are innovative leaders in the industry. There are many robo-advisors available now, and the list is growing.

How Do Robo-Advisors & Automated Investing Work?

Robo-advisors automate the complex task of creating and managing a portfolio by selecting investments according to your risk profile. Time-consuming tasks like purchasing stocks, portfolio rotation, and tax loss harvesting are performed automatically by the best robo-advisors.

What is a Hybrid Robo-Advisor & Should You Use One?

A hybrid robo-advisor offers automated investment management services but also provides access to a human financial advisor. Hybrid robo-advisors use algorithms with help from a financial expert.

Are Robo-Advisors a Good Idea? What Are The Pro & Cons?

Robo-advisors are good if you want to save time managing your investments. They automate tax-loss harvesting and rebalancing and provide commission-free trading in ETFs and stocks.

Which is Better, Robo-Advisors or Human Financial Advisors?

Robo-Advisors vs. Financial Advisors: All Pros & Cons Comparing Costs, Fees, Services, Portfolio Management, Rebalancing & Tax Loss Harvesting.

Robo-Advisors, AI-Advisors and Hybrid-Advisors Explained

A robo-advisor is a fully automated investing service; a hybrid advisor adds the human touch to investing, and the AI robo-advisor uses algorithms and machine learning to make investments on your behalf.

10 Leading Robo-Advisors Tested & Compared for 2024

The best robo-advisors, according to our research, are M1 Invest, Betterment, Wealthfront Ellevest, and Fidelity Go. In a competitive market, the quality and benefits of automated investing are improving every year.

A Definitive Guide to Robo-Advisors by LiberatedStockTrader

At its core, a robo-advisor is a computer algorithm that provides automated advice and portfolio management. It combines modern investment theories with technology to create portfolios tailored to individual goals.