102-05 Conclusion of the Global Stock Markets Lesson

Global Stock Market Analysis

In the short term, we see that markets fluctuate and show key reversals at very similar points in time; however, some markets are significantly out-performing others and exhibit very different volatility characteristics.

So there you have it, a stock market analysis of the key indexes.  You may be tempted to think that the Sensex and the Hang Seng have performed the best and that you should invest in those markets.  Well, logically, that might be true, but there are a few things to consider before you do.

  • Volatility – the emerging markets might be performing well, but in bad times, the downside (potential loss) is also very punishing.
  • Market Accessibility – can you get high-quality technical analysis software that provides precise detail and fundamentals to enable you to trade the Chinese or Indian markets?
  • What are the transaction costs?
  • Is there sufficient liquidity in the stock to enable you to get out when you need to?
  • How are companies financially regulated?

The performance of the global markets changes all the time, so if you want to create your own Global Stock Market Analysis try TradingView charts for Free.



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