102-00 – Course 102 – Stock Market Investing

Introduction to the course

In this in-depth course, we take a deep look into the stock market as an investment option.  How to trade in the stock market, how to find good stocks, and how to place your trades are all covered.

Specifically, we cover:

  • The world’s stock markets, which markets are growing the fastest and also how they move together
  • Boom and bust cycles, why do they occur
  • How to build a successful stock market strategy
  • How to trade the news

In the second section, we look at the fundamentals of stock analysis, including:

  • Rating agencies
  • The balance sheet, the income statement and the cash flow statement
  • Earnings and the P/E ratio.

In the third section, we look at:

  • How the markets move
  • Portfolio management and other stock market concepts.

In the final section we should you how to practically manage your money:

  • Trading terminology and how to place a trade.
  • Trading strategies and some golden rules for successful trading.

Finally, we tackle the topics of using leverage, short selling, and introduce you to the topic of technical analysis.


This is a thorough guide to help you understand most of the important aspects of investing in securities and equities in the stock market.

For training in technical analysis, the use of charts and indicators see Course 103 – Technical Analysis.

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