102-02 The Worlds Stock Markets

The world’s major Stock Markets

The World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) regulates 52 Stock Exchanges across the globe promoting regulatory standards.  Below you can see the list of the major exchanges regulated and reported on.  This list is sorted by the Domestic Market Capitalization.  This capitalization is the value of all the shares traded on the exchange.

Interesting Points to Note

  • The biggest stock exchange in the world is the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE Euronext) with a total value of over $13 Trillion Dollars
  • The 2 largest exchanges in the world are the US NASDAQ the US NYSE – the combined value of these two exchanges is equal to the value of the next 6 smaller exchanges (Tokyo, London, Hong Kong, NYSE Euronext Europe, Shanghai and the TSX Group)
  • The NYSE & NASDAQ account for roughly 40% of the value of the Global Stock Markets
  • The 52 regulated Exchanges have a combined value of $51,7 Trillion Dollars
  • The top 10 exchanges account for over 70% of the capitalization of the global markets


Stock Exchanges – Sorted By Domestic Market Capitalization (USD millions)


RegionExchangeNovember-20101 Year % change /
Nov. 09
(in USD)
% change /
Nov. 09
(in local cur.)
AmericasNYSE Euronext (US)13,040,691.512.6%12.6%
AmericasNASDAQ OMX3,649,044.019.5%19.5%
Asia – PacificTokyo SE Group3,541,793.57.7%4.7%
Europe – Africa – Middle EastLondon SE Group3,353,840.2-0.9%14.3%
Asia – PacificHong Kong Exchanges2,695,931.619.3%19.5%
Europe – Africa – Middle EastNYSE Euronext (Europe)2,695,282.5-4.0%10.7%
Asia – PacificShanghai SE2,680,723.42.4%0.0%
AmericasTSX Group2,002,393.924.3%21.0%
Asia – PacificBombay SE1,540,338.923.7%22.0%
Asia – PacificNational Stock Exchange India1,502,650.528.7%27.0%
Europe – Africa – Middle EastDeutsche Börse1,320,260.82.9%18.7%
Asia – PacificAustralian SE1,308,583.55.5%0.7%
Asia – PacificShenzhen SE1,283,812.153.1%49.5%
Europe – Africa – Middle EastSIX Swiss Exchange1,121,597.46.6%5.8%
Europe – Africa – Middle EastBME Spanish Exchanges1,077,030.3-22.6%-10.7%
Asia – PacificKorea Exchange991,654.529.1%28.7%
Europe – Africa – Middle EastNASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange937,726.013.3%30.7%
Europe – Africa – Middle EastJohannesburg SE821,096.85.7%0.9%
Europe – Africa – Middle EastMICEX816,329.90.0%0.0%
Asia – PacificTaiwan SE Corp.722,755.619.9%13.6%
Asia – PacificSingapore Exchange610,794.132.8%26.7%
AmericasMexican Exchange430,773.925.3%21.2%
Asia – PacificBursa Malaysia386,026.234.0%25.1%
Asia – PacificIndonesia SE339,164.067.7%60.2%
Europe – Africa – Middle EastSaudi Stock Market – Tadawul337,939.42.4%2.4%
AmericasSantiago SE326,019.749.0%46.3%
Europe – Africa – Middle EastIstanbul SE304,173.453.4%51.2%
Asia – PacificThe Stock Exchange of Thailand271,236.762.9%48.1%
Asia – PacificOsaka SE251,557.977.9%73.0%
Europe – Africa – Middle EastOslo Børs245,683.910.1%20.4%
Europe – Africa – Middle EastTel Aviv SE207,798.715.6%12.1%
AmericasColombia SE196,350.043.7%38.7%
Europe – Africa – Middle EastWarsaw SE174,049.513.3%26.8%
Asia – PacificPhilippine SE140,898.469.8%58.3%
Europe – Africa – Middle EastWiener Börse108,881.5-8.2%5.9%
AmericasLima SE93,698.838.5%36.2%
Europe – Africa – Middle EastLuxembourg SE85,993.8-7.3%7.0%
Europe – Africa – Middle EastTehran SE83,360.432.2%38.6%
Europe – Africa – Middle EastEgyptian Exchange82,704.0-7.0%-1.7%
Europe – Africa – Middle EastAthens Exchange65,860.7-44.9%-36.5%
AmericasBuenos Aires SE56,493.936.2%42.5%
Europe – Africa – Middle EastIrish SE53,764.5-10.7%3.0%
Europe – Africa – Middle EastAmman SE29,940.8-7.9%-7.9%
Europe – Africa – Middle EastBudapest SE25,439.9-15.4%0.4%
Asia – PacificColombo SE19,142.5133.2%127.0%
Europe – Africa – Middle EastLjubljana SE9,067.5-30.4%-19.8%
Europe – Africa – Middle EastMauritius SE7,416.610.7%15.9%
Europe – Africa – Middle EastCyprus SE6,864.4-34.8%-24.8%
Europe – Africa – Middle EastMalta SE3,728.8-7.7%6.5%
AmericasBermuda SE1,587.515.5%15.5%

Data: World Federation of Exchanges 2011

So we know what the world biggest stock markets are, but which stock exchanges are the fastest growing?


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