Stock Charts for the Long Term Stock Market Investor

I am currently running several mentoring sessions with some of my clients.  During these sessions, I like to understand their investing style to help them define a system that suits them.

What is your Investing Timeframe?

One client has a bias for long-term investing, meaning:

  • They prefer to buy a stock when it is perceived to be at a significant discount to its book value.
  • When the stock is undervalued in comparison to its future potential worth
  • When the stock has rock-solid fundamentals

Although long-term investors tend to rely heavily on fundamentals, the role of technical analysis is still important.

Video: Stock Chart Tips for Long-Term Investors

This video will show the long-term investor some simple yet powerful techniques to enable them to analyze the stock market indices at a glance and be able to avoid any future punishing bust cycles in the market.



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