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How the Stock Market Works

How does the stock market work, how big is the stock market, why do we invest in stocks, and who are the big players in the markets.

21 Great Ways to Learn Stock Trading: Video + Free Resources

You can learn stock trading for free or at little cost with books, audiobooks, podcasts, videos, movies, documentaries, and online training courses. You just need to be sure the teachers are trustworthy.

101 Stock Market Terms Every Good Trader & Investor Knows

We explain the 101 most important stock market terms and decipher financial jargon with simple definitions and practical examples.

How to Choose the Best Stock Market Investing Course

When it comes to choosing a stock market training course, you need to consider cost, quality, location, and depth of content. There are many low-quality high-cost stock trading courses out there, and ultimately, anything cost more than a few thousand dollars is not worth it.

What is the Futures Market and How Does It Work?

The futures market is a stock market where commodities and stocks are traded. It is different from the regular stock market in that it allows for the future purchase or sale of assets.

What’s a Hedge Fund, How They Work & Are They Worth...

A hedge fund is an investment vehicle that pools together capital from a number of investors and invests in a range of assets, including stocks, bonds, commodities, and derivatives.

What is Short Selling? How to Short Sell & The Risks.

Short selling is a process where an investor sells a security they do not own and hopes to buy the same security back at a lower price to have a profit. Short-selling can be done with stocks, options, and other securities. Shorting is often used to bet against the market or individual stocks.

What Happens When a Stock is Delisted?

If a stock delists because the company is acquired, shareholders will typically receive cash or shares in the new company. However, if the company goes bankrupt, shareholders may not receive anything.

Are Stocks Liquid Assets? What’s a Liquid Stock & How to...

A liquid stock has enough trading volume, buyers and sellers, that a transaction will be executed quickly and efficiently at the bid or ask price. Liquid stock prices are minimally affected by smaller trade sizes.

Can Stocks Go Negative?

No, stocks cannot go negative. Specifically, a stock price cannot be a negative number. A stock price percentage change can be a negative number, but the stock price can never fall below zero.

How & Why You Should Invest In Precious Metals?

Find out How to Invest in Gold and Silver? What makes Gold & Silver Prices Move and Why you Should Invest in Precious Metals...

Fear and Greed Index Real-time Charts & Sentiment Indicators

Our fear and greed index has 9 real-time charts to help you understand investor sentiment and know when to buy and sell stocks. We stream Federal Reserve, AAII, VIX CBOE, and stock market price volume data.

Should Politicians Own Stocks?

Should politicians own stocks is a hot topic in the USA, with many arguing it should be illegal as it represents a conflict of interest. Currently, politicians can own stocks, and if they are caught trading on insider information they are subject to a small fine under the STOCK Act.

102 Fun Stock Market Facts. Unique & Original Statistics for 2022

Fun stock facts: Microsoft is worth more than Brazil's stock market. Microsoft, Apple, and Google are worth more than the Chinese stock market. Apple is worth more than the entire GDP of India?

How Interest Rates Affect The Stock Market. 60 Year Analysis

Interest Rates Affect The Stock Market In Two Important Ways. Understanding The Impact Of Monetary Policy Will Help You Forsee Coming Boom & Bust

How the Stock Market Works, Everything You Need to Know

The Stock Market Works By Generating Capital for Companies, Long-term Gains for Investors, Liquidity for Traders & Profits for Investment Banks.

Bull vs. Bear Markets: The Easy Way To Remember The Difference

Bull vs. Bears. Do You Get Confused? Bull markets go up like the attacking horns of a bull, bear markets go down like the claws of a bear attack.

Top 10 Best Stock Market Tips To Keep Forever

Are you looking for stock tips? Here are the 11 best stock tips you will ever need. I have also thrown in two Bonus...

Stock Analyst Ratings & Recommendations Explained

We Explain Stock Analyst Ratings Like Strong Buy, Sell, Overweight, Underweight, Hold, Underperform & Outperform. Plus, We Test Ratings Accuracy

What is Stock Analysis & Who Should Do It?

What is a stock analysis and how is it done? With so much analysis and opinion, who should you listen to? The answer may SURPRISE you.

8 Investing Myths. Who Can You Trust With Money?

8 Shocking Myths People Actually Believe: Who They Can Trust. Are you the priority for investment firms? The truth might Upset You

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