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Britain’s vote to exit the political and economic trading block known as the European Union on June 23rd 2016, sent shock waves of disbelief, shock and fear rippling through the financial market over the past week.

The pound Sterling (GBP) plunged and 10% was wiped off the value of the London FTSE 100 intraday on Friday 24th June. Read More→

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Shanghai Composite - Weekly - Stock Market Crash Detector System

Easter is almost upon us, so it is time for a bible reference.

Luke 13:28 – “In that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth”.

That place is the Stock Market, and those weeping and gnashing their teeth could be the investors who did not see the turning of the markets coming.  Most of the major stock exchanges have seen a poor start to the new year in 2016.

But what is the current status, which stock markets or indices are faring better or worse.

In this article I will compare a handful of the biggest stock markets in the U.S. Asia and Europe.  The charts and system I use for the analysis are all outlined in my “Stock Market Crash Detector Book”.  You can build this system for yourself to help with long term market analysis to help plan your investments. Read More→

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I recently received an email from a new student who purchased the Liberated Stock Trader Pro training.

“Your training program appears to be excellent, but I have no way of being able to carry out Fundamentals Stock Screening on the ASX (Australian Stock Exchange) without spending thousands more dollars on the Metastock RT program”. A.Z. New Zealand.

The core problem here is that:

  • He lives in a country where trading the local stock market; in this case the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) costs $95 per trade
  • He cannot get a good high quality stock market software platform at a reasonable price
  • International stock market software including powerful stock market screening is prohibitively expensive for regional markets; $1000′s per year
  • There are no high quality online free stock screeners he can use for his exchange
  • For the new trader the costs are insanely high

But there is a solution

Read More→


Welcome to the final part of the Stock Market Profits Blueprint Series.  The system is essentially a road map to follow to enable you to chart a course through the many stages required to make rational, intelligent investment decisions. Read More→

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Welcome to the Stock Market Profits Blueprint Part 8 – the Psychology Pillar.

What most people neglect to work on are the psychological aspects of trading.  This is why I do not believe using Stock Market simulation games provides a realistic indication of future performance.

When real money is on the line, it is a completely difference sport.

Read More→

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Welcome to Part 7 of the Stock Market Profits Blueprint series – Portfolio Management.

The importance of managing your stock portfolio & money management is often underestimated.  This is an absolutely vital area of mastery if you are to succeed in the long term and generate a consistent revenue from your investments.
Read More→

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Welcome to part 6 of the Stock Market Profits Blueprint.

This section is mostly visual in that now we can bring together the previously discussed Technical Analysis Pillar and the Fundamental Analysis Pillar to show a complete picture of how the two forms of analysis differ but also how they interact. Read More→

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Sometimes it all seems too good to be true.  Cruising down the highway at full speed, your sports car tuned up, guzzling gas and feeling good.  Then the road surface turns rough and suddenly you find yourself off-road.  Then you realize you have pumped your tyres too full of air.  That is how China’s “People’s Party” must be feeling now. Read More→

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Anatomy of a stock market bubble - China Shanghai Composite 2015

All the worry right now is about Greece and the impact a “Grexit” will have on the European Union’s finances.  But I argue that the impact of the last 4 weeks of fear on the Chinese stock markets pose a much greater threat to the world economy.  In this article I show the Crash Detector System in action and how it shows us impending market failure. Read More→

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The Technical Analaysis Pillar of the Stock Market Blueprint

Welcome to part 5 in the series of the “Stock Market Profits Blueprint”.  This section takes a look at the pillar of technical analysis. Technical Theory is the study of fundamentals, but indirectly.

A stock with great fundamentals can increase in value, but when? Read More→

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