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Feeding the BULL MARKET

The November consumer sentiment survey revealed that 89.4% of those polled are feeling more secure and ready to spend more money in the holiday season.  Considering that the U.S. economy is built on it’s consumers this is good news.   Read More→

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Despite a 2% gain on Friday, Gold and Silver indices moved down over 8% over the last two weeks.  The culprits being the bank of Japan flying to the rescue by issuing  notice of further quantitative easing, improving U.S. jobs numbers and a very good U.S. earnings season so far.

But this should not mask the fact that the commodities market specifically precious metals have bee moving lower since 2011. Read More→

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Long Term evaluation of the SP-500 Market Direction October 2014

The famous Bond catch phrase used when ordering a Martini has an underlying meaning.  It refers to the fact that Bond has been surprised but will suffer no long lasting side effects from that surprise.

The news this week has been focused on the pull back on the most of the global markets in Europe and in the U.S.A.  The notable exceptions have been Brazil and India.  Bloomberg reports “Investors Shaken as S&P 500 reversals ignite Volatility”.  But should we be worried? Read More→

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Over the past 6 weeks I have been taking a look at my stock market system and I have had somewhat of an epiphany.  I do enjoy trading stocks and I have a wealth of Stock Screening technology setups to help me find and target the right stocks at the right time.   Read More→

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Knowing Technical Analysis can help

On Thursday 31st July 2014 the market suffered a “relatively” big drop according to financial market news, but historically a drop of 2.5% in one day occurs multiple time per year, this has happened twice already this year.   Read More→

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Stock charts come in many shapes and sizes.  From the differences in the bars, to the different concepts applied to the chart itself.  Here you will find a guide to the Line Chart.  Often overlooked by investors this chart has some distinct benefits based on simplicity and comparison analysis. Read More→

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Japanese Candlestick Charts

Used widely in Japan and gaining a strong foothold in the rest of the world the Japanese Candlestick chart gives an excellent insight into current and future price movement. Named Candlesticks because they look like candlesticks with a wick and a main body.  I use exclusively Candlestick charts when doing analysis, when you get used to the  way they work they provide an unparalled inside into the short term market dynamics on a given stock. Read More→

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Should you be investing right now?  Is the stock market outlook good or bad?  Where should I invest for the best returns?  Should I buy gold and silver?  These questions will be resolved in the Liberated Stock Trader mid year review of the 7 key global indices. Read More→

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Audio books are a great way to absorb books when you do not have time to read.  I enjoy audio books when driving, hiking, walking and even when gardening.  I get through at least 50 books a year.  I have personally listened to or read every single book on this list.  I have rated these books with an eye on how beneficial they are to adding to your knowledge base but also how entertaining they are.Here you will find a selection of my most highly rated audio books available at & 

Visit the Top 20 Audio Books 2014


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