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Investing In Stocks – The Ultimate Free Training Course

20 Module, 180 Lesson Trading Academy


Investing In Stocks - The Ultimate Guide
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Course 101 – Introduction to Investing

18 Lessons: An introduction to the world of investing. This course covers:


Course 101 - Introduction To Investing
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Course 102 – Stock Market Investing

33 Lessons: Establish a solid foundation in investing with our detailed course covering:

  • Take our Stock Market Investing Quiz & Test Your Knowledge
  • Boom and Bust, Company Fundamentals, P/E, EPS, the Balance Sheet, Income Statement & CashFlow
  • How to Trade Stocks, how to open trades
  • How long to hold a stock and closing Trades
  • Investing Strategies-Buy & Hold, Diversification, Day Trading, Swing Trading & Value Investing


Course 102 - Stock Market Investing
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Course 103 – Technical Analysis

28 Lessons: Learn how to read stock charts with our Technical Analysis of the Stock Markets Course


Course 103 - Technical Analysis
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Liberated Stock Trader Pro – Skip Free Training, Learn Faster, Deeper & Better

Our Free Training Is Great, But Our PRO Training Is An Integrated Deep Learning Experience With:

29 Video Modules [over 16 hours] + Print Book & eBook “The Liberated Stock Trader” + Exclusive Private Masterclass Facebook Group Access

    • FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS – Learn how to analyze the business climate’s health and how to find great companies using our practical stock screening guide.
    • TECHNICAL ANALYSIS – Chart Reading is not Voodoo; it is science. YOU will gain an incredible understanding of expert charting techniques, covering the most important methods, indicators, and tactics, to enable you to time your trades to perfection.
    • MONEY MANAGEMENT – Understand how many stocks to buy, when to buy them, how much to invest, and when to sell using expert stop-loss strategies.
    • STOCK MARKET STRATEGY – Develop your own stock market strategy and learn how to create your own winning stock system

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Liberated Stock Trader PRO Training


Valuable Lessons in our Free Stock Market Training Course

Our training course has over 180 lessons. For traders, we have chart analysis, indicators, patterns & trend analysis lessons. For investors, we cover detailed & tested value, dividend & growth investing strategies. We also test the best stock software for your investing style & great books to read. 

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  1. I have signed up for “The Liberated Stock Trader” course. How do I receive my print book. Do I need to order it some way?

    Thank you,


    • Hi Al, welcome to the club. You do not have to do anything, it is already on it’s way 🙂

  2. Hi Barry,

    I am an Intermediate Trader of several years of mixed experience in Stocks/Bonds/Futures/Crypto/Betting/Poker/2 Flys crawling up a wall…

    I really like your thorough but simple, easy to grasp explanations and your level of knowledge is superb… which is why I joined.

    I look forward to reading your site, in depth and feel it will be really beneficial to fill in the gaps of my knowledge and increase my skills…in short what I have read really resonated with me!

    So thanks and cant wait to get into the knowledge base you are generously making available.

    Best Regards.

    • HI Craig, wow sounds like you have played in every market. I wonder how you play 2 flys crawling up a wall 🙂

      I hope you enjoy the training.


  3. Hi BarryM, I completed your pro course, 3 months ago and it is so in depth, I feeel like I learnt a lifetime worth of knowledge, I have just made a good profit on 3 stocks. As yo teach I need to beat to market, I am now. thanks so much.

  4. The Liberated Stock Trader PRO is an exceptional educational tool to learn and hone your skills in the world of stock trading and financial investments. I found the entire program to be exceptionally straightforward to use with good explanations of how the market system works. Every chapter is succinct and very effective in showing both new and experienced investors how to best leverage the stock market and succeed in the diverse and complicated world of stock market trading. Additionally, the market analysis tools are superb and greatly expand your skills to develop and grow a diverse portfolio. Keep up the great work, Barry.

  5. Hello Barry,
    I have travelled for two weeks. Internet connection was not good. I just got back home. I have not claimed my PRO
    trainning yet. Can you please send it to my e-mail? as I have to travel in the near future again? I am thru with your
    book. I am so greatful to you . I have understood most of the Topics. It was simple and direct to the point. Thank you
    Barry. Great job.
    Best Regards S.Bodora

  6. Hi Susan, your 16 hours of PRO Training video is all ready and waiting, simply login 🙂
    And a big thank you for your kind comments.

  7. hi barry, i really want to start swing trade or day trade. may i ask, in what way the Pro training course will help me to achieve my goals?

    • Hi Jinn, thanks for the question. Yes the PRO training will help. All the sections on technical analysis will help you learn chart analysis and supply and demand.
      Section Four – Technical Analysis – Doing It Properly – Charts, Patterns & Indicators [Video Modules 11-20]
      Section Five – Important Trading Strategies, Sentiment & Psychology For Success [Video Modules 21-23]
      Over 12 videos are dedicated to this topic and of course the chapters in the book.
      Good luck

    • Hi Sachin, try this

  8. I was trying to find a broker to get some information when i came across your free offer.
    I hope I will learn a lot more than I would have asked about. I don’t know a thing about
    the stock market. This will be a new experience.


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