Reading a stock chart is to begin to understand the direction of a stock and the market demand. Learn about different stock charts and techniques for charting.

How to Draw Trend Lines on a Stock Chart Like a...

Drawing trendlines on stock charts is a powerful way to assess the direction of the market. Trendlines help you understand the trend direction and timeframe to set expectations for future market moves. 

Heikin Ashi Candles Proven The Best Strategy with 360 Years of...

Heikin Ashi candle charts are better than candlesticks for maximizing returns in a professional trading strategy. Backtesting 360 years of data across 30 major stocks shows that Heikin Ashi chart strategies outperform 60% of equities vs. a buy-and-hold strategy.

Is the Stock Market in an Uptrend or a Downtrend?

If a broad market index like the S&P 500 or the Russell 2000 is above the 200-day moving average, the stock market is in an uptrend. If the price is below, it is in a downtrend.

What Are Market Profile Charts & Best Software To Use?

The Market Profile chart uses price and time to provide a unique way to visualize market action and the most important prices of a day's trading. The three core concepts are the point of control (POC), the time price opportunity (TPO), and 30-minute time blocks.

Renko Charts: How to Trade Renko Charts Like a Pro

Renko charts filter out unnecessary price fluctuations to provide a clear stock price trend that traders can use in their investing strategies. Renko charts are gaining in popularity due to their ability to filter out market noise and provide a clearer picture of the price action.

How to Read Candlesticks: Charts, Patterns & Pro Tips

The key to reading candlesticks is understanding the candle's body length and fill. A long hollow body means the stock price surged on a greater demand. A long-filled body means a strong fall in stock price on increased selling. Long wicks mean an extreme high or low that failed, indicating a short-term trend reversal.

How to Read Stock Charts Like a Boss: Beginners Guide +pdf

To read stock charts you need to use stock charting software, select your chart type, configure your timeframe, determine price direction using trendlines and use indicators to estimate future prices.

What are Point & Figure Charts & The Best P&F Chart...

Point & Figure Charts Are The Secret Technique That Market Makers Use To Plan Trades. Discover More About P&F Charting & How It Works

Top 8 Stock Chart Types For Trading & Investing

The 8 important stock charts traders and investors use are Line, Bar, Candlestick, Volume at Price, EquiVolume, Point and Figure, and Market Profile Stock Charts.

Stock Charts for the Long Term Stock Market Investor

I am currently running several mentoring sessions with some of my clients.  During these sessions, I like to understand their investing style to help...

Chapter 6 – Japanese Candlesticks – Bullish Reversal Patterns

This is an excerpt from the Liberated Stock Trader Book and Training Course As we are concerned with spotting changes in price moves, we...

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