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Best Investing Books, Audiobooks & Movies

There are many ways to learn stock market investing and trading. We cover the best investing books, movies, audiobooks, and websites to help you research and learn.

21 Best Stock Investing & Finance Audiobooks Rated for 2024

The best investment audiobooks are The Little Book that Still Beats the Market, A Man for All Markets, The Little Book of Common Sense Investing, Flash Boys, and The Intelligent Investor.

12 Books Legendary Investor Joel Greenblatt Recommends

Greenblatt's favorite books are The Intelligent Investor, Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits, Security Analysis, and Reminiscences of a Stock Operator.

10 First-Rate Finance Magazines for Smart Investors in 2024

The best financial magazines are The Economist for global finance and politics, Bloomberg Business Week for investing insights, TASC magazine for stock traders, and Barrons for financial planning.

15 Books Warren Buffett Recommends To Investors

In his letters to investors, Buffett recommended the following books: The Clash of Cultures, Investing Between the Lines, Limping on Water, Shoe Dog, The Outsiders, and The Intelligent Investor.

21 Gifts for Stock Traders They’ll Totally Love in 2024

Are you looking for that perfect gift for the stock trader in your life? Our curated list of 21 gifts for traders provides inspiration for any special occasion.

12 Inspiring Charlie Munger Book Recommendations

Charlie Munger's most recommended books are Deep Simplicity, Fiasco, Influence, Living Within Limits, Getting to Yes, and The Greatest Trade Ever.

14 Best Seth Klarman Book Recommendations

Seth Karman's favorite books are When Genius Failed, America’s Bank, Panic, Buffett, The End of Wall Street, and Security Analysis.

Top 20 Best Value Investing Books of All Time [2024 Update]

According to the greatest investors of all time, the best value investing books are Margin of Safety, The Most Important Thing Illuminated, The Intelligent Investor, and The Aggressive Conservative Investor.

Top 10 Best Howard Marks Books Recommendations

Howard Marks recommends the excellent books Winning the Loser’s Game, A Short History of Financial Euphoria, Fooled by Randomness, Principles, The Warren Buffett Way, and Factfulness.

22 Best Stock Market Movies Guaranteed To Entertain You

After much deliberation, we crowned Inside Job, Chasing Madoff, The Big Short, and The Wolf of Wall Street the best stock market movies ever. These movies are captivating and grounded in real stories, making them an absolute must-watch.

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13 True Finance Documentaries That Will Change Your World

Our curated list of the 13 best finance movies selects Inside Job, The Big Short, Too Big to Fail, The Spider's Web, and Chasing Madoff as the most entertaining true story documentaries.

26 Best Stock Market Books of All Time [2024 Edition]

The best stock market books of all time are The Little Book that Still Beats the Market, A Man for All Markets, How to Make Money in Stocks, Dark Pools, Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets, and The Intelligent Investor.

20 Great Books To Kick-Start Your Investing in 2024

Starting Your Investing Journey? We Share 22 Highly Rated Investing Books for Beginners Investing In Stocks, Property, ETFs, Bonds & Mutual Funds

18 Best Books for Stock Traders 2024: Rated & Ranked

Our hand-picked list of the best books for traders includes The Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns, Technical Analysis Explained, Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets, Dark Pools, and Reminiscences of a Stock Operator.

14 Best Technical Analysis Books Studied By Professionals

The best technical analysis books leading industry bodies recommend are Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets, Technical Analysis Explained, Cloud Charts, and Forecasting Financial Markets.

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LiberatedStockTrader's review testing awards TradingView 4.8 stars due to excellent stock chart analysis, pattern recognition, screening, and backtesting. TradingView is our top recommendation for US and international traders.

Stock Rover Review 2024: Tested by LiberatedStockTrader

LiberatedStockTrader's review testing awards Stock Rover 4.7 stars. Its advanced screening, research, and portfolio tools are ideal for US value, income, and growth investors. With 650 financial metrics on 10,000 stocks and 44,000 ETFs, we rate Stock Rover the number one stock screener.

Trade Ideas Review 2024: AI Tested by LiberatedStockTrader

Our in-depth testing shows Trade Ideas is the ultimate black box AI-powered day trading signal platform with built-in automated bot trading. Three automated Holly AI systems pinpoint trading signals for day traders.

TrendSpider Review 2024: Certified Analyst Testing & Rating

Our TrendSpider testing finds it is ideal for US traders wanting AI-automated charting, pattern recognition, and backtesting of stocks, indices, futures, and currencies.

Benzinga Pro Real-time News Tested by LiberatedStockTrader

Our testing shows Benzinga Pro is best for US traders who want a high-speed, actionable, real-time news feed at 1/10th of the price of a Bloomberg terminal. I recommended Benzinga Pro for active day traders and investors who trade news events.

MetaStock Review 2024: Tested by LiberatedStockTrader

Our MetaStock review and test reveal an excellent platform for traders, with 300+ charts and indicators for stocks, ETFs, bonds & forex globally. Metastock has solid backtesting and forecasting, and Refinitiv/Xenith provides powerful real-time news and screening.