21 Best Stock Investing & Finance Audiobooks Rated for 2024

In-depth Rating of the Best Stock Market Investing Audiobooks & Finance Audiobooks of All Time.

The stock market and the world of finance can be a wild place fuelled by egos, testosterone, and pure greed.

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My analysis, research and testing stems from 25 years of trading experience and my Financial Technician Certification with the International Federation of Technical Analysts.

Often, fear and greed make for some fantastic stories.

Our audiobook selection includes financial crimes, Ponzi schemes, crashes, and great investing advice.

The best investment audiobooks are The Little Book that Still Beats the Market, A Man for All Markets, The Little Book of Common Sense Investing, Flash Boys, and The Intelligent Investor.

Liberated Stock Trader Review & Test Award: Best of 2024.

Editors Picks: Best Investing Audiobooks

  1. The Little Book that Still Beats the Market – Joel Greenblatt
  2. A Man for All Markets – Edward O. Thorp
  3. The Little Book of Common Sense Investing – John C. Bogle
  4. The New Buffettology – Mary Buffett
  5. The Intelligent Investor – Benjamin Graham

Best Stock Trading Audiobooks

  1. Flash Boys – Michael Lewis
  2. Dark Pools – Scott Patterson
  3. The Wolf of Wall Street – Jordan Belfort
  4. Trading Bases – Joe Peta
  5. Liars Poker – Michael Lewis

Best Finance Audiobooks

  1. The Big Short – Michael Lewis
  2. The Quants – Scott Patterson
  3. The Clash of the Cultures – John C. Bogle
  4. The Alpha Masters – Maneet Ahuja
  5. Crash Proof – Peter Schiff

Audiobooks are a great way to absorb knowledge when you do not have time to sit down and read. You can enjoy audiobooks when driving, hiking, walking, and gardening. I listen to at least 50 books per year and have listened to all the books on this list; these are my all-time favorites. Learn more about audiobook services in this great comparison review.

The Best Investing Audiobooks

1. The Little Book that Still Beats the Market

The Little Book that Still Beats the Market is the best stock investing audiobook because it lays out a proven and tested strategy for solid stock market returns year after year.

🏆 Rating ★★★★★
📖 Title The Little Book that Still Beats the Market
✍ Author Joel Greenblatt
🕜 Released 2010
🎧 Duration (h:m) 3:30
👍 Our Verdict Winner, best stock market investing audiobook

Joel Greenblatt’s The Little Book that Still Beats the Market is a guide to investing. The book is divided into two parts: the first deals with how to make money in the stock market, and the second is a case study of how Greenblatt’s investment firm made over 30% annual returns for 20 years.

The book’s first part discusses value investing, special situations, and momentum investing. Greenblatt argues that these are the best strategies for making money in the stock market and provides detailed explanations of how each one works. He also includes several case studies to illustrate his points.

The book’s second part is a detailed account of how Greenblatt’s investment firm achieved such high returns. It discusses the firm’s investment philosophy, stock selection process, and risk management strategies and provides a list of recommended readings for further study.

It is a short but fascinating book looking at a specific system that the author declares and proves makes a regular profit.

I have personally back-tested this system, and it works very well; it is a little high maintenance, but the lessons that help within are vital.

It is also quite humorous, which is welcome in the dry world of investing. It is a great introduction to a stock market system.

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2. A Man for All Markets

The Little Book that Still Beats the Market is the best stock investing audiobook because it lays out a proven and tested strategy for solid stock market returns year after year.

🏆 Rating ★★★★★
📖 Title A Man for All Markets – From Las Vegas to Wall Street, How I Beat the Dealer and the Market
✍ Author Edward O. Thorp
🕜 Released 2017
🎧 Duration (h:m) 16:30
👍 Our Verdict It is an instant classic detailing a math genius’ approach to investing

A Man for All Markets is a compelling autobiography of renowned mathematician, investor, and gambler Edward O. Thorp. It chronicles his extraordinary life journey from childhood to adulthood as he navigates with remarkable success through some of the most complex financial markets worldwide. Aptly titled, this book shows how Thorp has invested in numerous stocks, bonds, and other financial assets while still having an edge over the competition.

The book starts with Thorp discussing his early education at MIT and Princeton. He introduces us to key concepts like probability theory, game theory, and mathematical analysis that allow him to identify exploitable patterns in everything from stock market trends to blackjack strategies. After learning these principles, he began to apply them to the stock markets, eventually launching a highly successful hedge fund in 1969.

Throughout the book, Thorp shares his insights on risk management, market behavior, and investment strategies that have enabled him to defy the odds time and time again. He also details some of his more notable successes, such as cashing out of the British Pound market before Black Wednesday or beating the house in Las Vegas casinos. Thorp’s story is inspiring, showing that it is possible to make money in any market with the right knowledge and a bit of risk-taking.

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3. The Little Book of Common Sense Investing

The Little Book of Common Sense Investing is a great audiobook for long-term investors that demonstrates the many advantages of index ETF investing.

🏆 Rating ★★★★★
📖 Title The Little Book of Common Sense Investing
✍ Author John C. Bogle
🕜 Released 2007
🎧 Duration (h:m) 5:08
👍 Our Verdict Winner, best stock market investing audiobook for beginners

The Little Book of Common Sense Investing by John C. Bogle is about investing and the stock market. In it, Bogle discusses investing in stocks to minimize risk and maximize returns.

He also offers advice on choosing an investment portfolio, rebalancing that portfolio, and staying informed about the stock market. Throughout the book, Bogle stresses the importance of keeping expenses low, diversifying one’s investments, and staying patient.

The world’s first index-tracking fund creator shares the critically important reasons you should not be actively trading stock, commodities, and ETFs but investing long term.

The book’s key messages are very clear and passionately explained. Essentially, using stock advisors, stock pickers, or mutual funds will negatively affect your investments over the long term.



This point is incredibly valuable information that everyone needs to understand. Taxes, Broker Costs, Mutual Fund Manager Costs, and Financial Advisor costs will severely reduce the long-term compounding power of your investments.

Positives: Short, sweet, and backed up with plenty of proof of his assertions.

Negatives: Constantly repeats, “Don’t take my word for it.” It gets a little annoying after a while.

Tip: This book’s key message is to invest in low-cost exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that track the market indices.

4. Flash Boys

Flash Boys is an excellent audiobook for stock traders because it shows them how they compete against an army of machines.

🏆 Rating ★★★★★
📖 Title Flash Boys
✍ Author Michael Lewis
🕜 Released 2014
🎧 Duration (h:m) 10:00
👍 Our Verdict Best audiobook about stock market high-frequency trading

“Flash Boys” is a book by Michael Lewis that discusses the role of high-frequency trading (HFT) in the stock market. HFT is a form of trading in which computers use algorithms to buy and sell stocks in milliseconds. Lewis argues that HFT has made the stock market less fair and inefficient.

 He claims that HFT traders have an unfair advantage over other investors because they can see market data milliseconds before everyone else. Lewis also argues that HFT has contributed to the 2008 financial crisis.

A gripping bestseller that blew open the secrecy behind high-frequency trading (HFT) and embarrassed Wall Street, large investment banks, and even retail brokers.

It is not just hype; Lewis has research and investigative journalism on his side.

Unveiling the unfair way HFT trading is seeking to rip off not just American Investors but the whole globe, Lewis deserves more than a bestseller; he deserves a knighthood.

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5. The Quants

The Quants is the best finance audiobook for those seeking to understand how Wall Street and the stock market work. Written by Scott Patterson, it is a book about the rise of the quants—the mathematicians and physicists who revolutionized Wall Street by bringing advanced mathematical and statistical techniques to financial analysis.

🏆 Rating ★★★★★
📖 Title The Quants
✍ Author Scott Patterson
🕜 Released 2010
🎧 Duration (h:m) 14:11
👍 Our Verdict Winner, best stock market quantitative trading audiobook

The quants’ methods transformed finance into a science, allowing unprecedented understanding and risk control.

Patterson tells the story of these pioneers – from their early days at MIT and Princeton to their work at Wall Street firms such as Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, and Morgan Stanley – and shows how their ideas led to the creation of cutting-edge investment products and ultimately to the global financial crisis.

A poker tournament at a plush hotel with the heads of the big quantitative trading houses is the backdrop for this great book.

Here, we get an insight into the larger-than-life figures and the quantitative tactics of the genius mathematicians working on Wall Street and its impact on the broader market.

Packed with fascinating insights, this book lets you know what you are up against in the markets.

6. The Alpha Masters

The Alpha Masters is a book about the world’s most successful hedge fund managers and what makes them so successful. The book discusses the managers’ strategies to make money and offers insights into their thinking processes. It also provides a glimpse into their personal lives and how they manage their businesses.

🏆 Rating ★★★★★
📖 Title The Alpha Masters
✍ Author Maneet Ahuja
🕜 Released 2012
🎧 Duration 7:48
👍 Our Verdict Winner, best stock market hedge fund audiobook

An insightful audiobook detailing how hedge funds operate, sharing valuable stories, secrets, and lessons directly from top fund managers. A detailed behind-the-scenes look at successful hedge fund managers and the industry, including their investing styles. Understanding how hedge funds operate and the tactics and strategies they adopt is essential for your overall knowledge of the market.

It is also interesting to see the rise and fall of these Alpha Masters and the psychology of how they deal with it.

7. Dark Pools

Dark Pools is an excellent audiobook detailing how robots manage your investments and that AI algorithms execute 80% of all trades. A dark pool is a private securities market, typically operated by a broker-dealer, where participants can anonymously trade large blocks of shares. This reduces the market impact of their trades.

🏆 Rating ★★★★★
📖 Title Dark Pools
✍ Author Scott Patterson
🕜 Released 2014
🎧 Duration 11:37
👍 Our Verdict Best audiobook insight into algorithmic trading and stock trading Bots

The book Dark Pools tells the story of the rise of these mysterious markets and the battle between the New York Stock Exchange and the upstart electronic exchanges to control them. It also tells the stories of people who have made and lost fortunes in this shadowy world.

The book begins with an overview of dark pools and their history. It then describes the competition between the NYSE and the electronic exchanges to win over dark pool operators. The NYSE was initially successful, but the electronic exchanges eventually broke their monopoly.

Where are your investment retirement accounts (IRAs) and 401 K’s invested? In the stock market. So, you must understand the current state of the stock market and what drives price fluctuations.

Scott Patterson takes on educating us all on the rise of the machines and the artificial intelligence algorithms that run on them. While the book lacks details on how AI actually works, the discussion around the growth and impact of AI trading is enlightening and shocking.


As discussed in our stock market statistics research article, bots or AI algorithms are estimated to be responsible for 80% of stock market trading.

Learn more about AI and what you can do about it in this excellent book. It’s an absolutely compelling read.

8. The Big Short

The Big Short is a thrilling stock market crash audiobook for those wanting a true behind-the-scenes story of the 2007 global financial crisis.

The Big Short tells the story of the men who saw the housing market collapse coming and made millions betting against it. Michael Lewis tells the tale of these mavericks, renegades, and oddballs with a passion for numbers and an eye for the truth. He takes us inside the world of high finance and explains how the biggest short in history was made.

🏆 Rating ★★★★★
📖 Title The Big Short
✍ Author Michael Lewis
🕜 Released 2010
🎧 Duration 9:30
👍 Our Verdict Winner, best financial crisis audiobook

The book tells the story of four men: Michael Burry, Steve Eisman, Greg Lippmann, and Ben Hockett. Burry was the first to realize that the housing market was a bubble and started betting against it in 2005. Eisman was a former mortgage trader who started betting against subprime mortgages after realizing they were garbage. Lippmann was a trader at Deutsche Bank who started creating synthetic CDOs (collateralized debt obligations) that would bet against the housing market. Hockett was a young investor who saw what the others were doing and decided to join in.

The book does a great job of explaining how the housing market works and what led to its collapse. It also provides some great insights into the world of high finance. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in finance or economics.


A great story involving the few men who bet against the investment banks going into the 2007 financial crisis. Lewis has a way of writing that adds excellent storytelling to the factual background of what happened before and after the credit crunch.

It is a great listen and has been made into a hit Hollywood movie.


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9. The Clash of the Cultures

The Clash of Cultures is a great warning to those wanting to learn about the pitfalls of active stock trading.

John Bogle, the founder of Vanguard, discusses the clash of cultures in the investment world. He argues that the investment world has two distinct cultures – the “buy and hold” culture and the “day trading” culture. The buy-and-hold culture is based on the idea that investors should buy stocks and hold them long-term, while the day-trading culture is based on the idea that investors should buy stocks and sell them immediately for a profit.

🏆 Rating ★★★★
📖 Title The Clash of the Cultures
✍ Author John C. Bogle
🕜 Released 2019
🎧 Duration 13:13
👍 Our Verdict Winner, best stock market investing audiobook

Bogle argues that the day trading culture is based on false assumptions and is not sustainable in the long run. He cites research that shows that most day traders lose money in the long run. Furthermore, he argues that the day trading culture harms the overall economy by encouraging investors to focus on short-term profits rather than long-term investments.

Bogle’s book thoroughly analyzes both cultures and offers advice for investors deciding which to follow. Overall, I thought it was well-written and well-researched. I would recommend it to anyone interested in investing or financial markets.

Throughout his sixty-year career in the mutual fund industry, Vanguard Group founder John C. Bogle has witnessed a massive shift in the financial sector’s culture. An aggressive, value-destroying culture of short-term speculation has crowded out the prudent, value-adding culture of long-term investment.

Mr. Bogle has not been merely an eyewitness to these changes but one of the financial sector’s most active participants. In The Clash of the Cultures, he urges a return to the common-sense principles of long-term investing.

This book, provocative and refreshingly candid, discusses Mr. Bogle’s views on the changing culture in the mutual fund industry, how speculation has invaded our national retirement system, the failure of our institutional money managers to participate in corporate governance effectively, and the need for a federal standard of fiduciary duty.

10. The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street is a great audiobook for those wanting to learn about Wall Street corruption and scams, as seen through Jordan Belfort’s eyes.

🏆 Rating ★★★★
📖 Title The Wolf of Wall Street
✍ Author Jordan Belfort
🕜 Released 2007
🎧 Duration 4:58
👍 Our Verdict A great Wall Street audiobook and a true story

The Wolf of Wall Street is a book by Jordan Belfort that tells the story of his rise and fall on Wall Street. It is a tale of greed, corruption, and recklessness. Belfort rose to become a wealthy fraudulent stockbroker, but his lifestyle eventually caught up with him.

He was charged with securities fraud and money laundering and spent 22 months in prison. The Wolf of Wall Street is a cautionary tale about the dangers of greed and excess.

Have you ever wondered who is behind the cold call you get from a company you have never heard of, trying to sell you stocks in a company you know nothing about? Belfort provides a thrilling and entertaining view of his life as a Chop House Stock Broker.

This book is high on entertainment. It describes Belfort’s personal life as a roller coaster ride. It’s a great book that was recently turned into a Hollywood blockbuster.

11. The New Buffettology

The New Buffettology audiobook provides a playbook for value investors seeking to learn how Warren Buffett invests.

In “The New Buffettology,” Mary Buffett and David Clark provide an in-depth look at Warren Buffett’s investment strategies. The authors explain how Buffett looks for companies with strong economic foundations, and they provide guidelines for finding these businesses. They also discuss the importance of hedging one’s bets and outline several methods for reducing risk.

🏆 Rating ★★★★
📖 Title The New Buffettology
✍ Author Mary Buffett
🕜 Released 2002
🎧 Duration 3:00
👍 Our Verdict Best value investing audiobook.

The New Buffettology is the first guide to Warren Buffett’s contrarian value investment strategy for exploiting down stocks – an approach that has made him the nation’s second-richest person.

Designed to teach investors how to decipher and use financial information as Buffett does, this book guides investors through opportunity-rich bear markets, walking them through the equations and formulas Buffett uses to determine what to buy and sell and when.

We have also based our article How To Build A Great Buffett Stock Screener on this book.

Authors Mary Buffett and David Clark explore Buffett’s recent investments in detail, proving that Buffett’s strategy has earned enormous profits at a time no one expects them to and with almost zero risks to his capital.

Overall, the book provides a comprehensive overview of Buffett’s approach to investing and offers valuable insights for anyone interested in following in his footsteps.

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12. Liars Poker

Liars Poker is an excellent stock trading audiobook highlighting Michael Lewis’s experiences working on a trading floor.

Liar’s Poker is a book about the author’s experiences as a young man working in investment banking in the 1980s. He tells the story of the excesses and ridiculousness of the era when young men were making huge sums of money and spending it as if there was no tomorrow. The book contains outrageous stories of greed, partying, and cheating. Despite being a bit dated, it is an interesting look at a time and place now long gone.

🏆 Rating ★★★★★
📖 Title Liars Poker
✍ Author Michael Lewis
🕜 Released 2022
🎧 Duration 10:16
👍 Our Verdict Winner, best stock market investing audiobook

Liars Poker charts the author’s experience working for a Wall Street Investment bank. This book is an exciting and entertaining look at the characters that make up the testosterone-fueled trading floors with which people entrust their money.

It is worth reading to ensure that you are convinced that investing your money on your terms is the right decision.

Michael Lewis is a born storyteller who shows us how things really worked on Wall Street. The bond traders, wearing greed and ambition as badges of honor, might well have swaggered straight from the pages of Bonfire of the Vanities. But for all their outrageous behavior, they were presiding over enormous changes in the world economy.

Lewis’s job was to transfer money, in the form of bonds, from those outside America who saved to those inside America who consumed. In doing so, he generated millions of dollars for Salomon Brothers. He earned himself a ringside seat on the most significant financial spectacle of the decade: the leveraging of America.

13. The Buy Side

The Buy Side is a good audiobook highlighting Wall Street traders’ greed, power, and corruption. The Buy Side is a book by former Wall Street trader Turney Duff about his time on the buy side of the market.

🏆 Rating ★★★★
📖 Title The Buy Side
✍ Author Turney Duff
🕜 Released 2013
🎧 Duration 8:43
👍 Our Verdict An excellent Wall Street Trader audiobook

The book provides a detailed look at the inner workings of the Wall Street investment banking industry. It offers a rare insider’s perspective on the incentives and motivations driving Wall Street behavior.

A former Galleon trader portrays a corrupt Wall Street culture where drugs and sex are rampant, and billions in trading commissions flow to those who dangle the most enticements.

This is an excellent insight into how the buy-side operates on the financial market and just how much money these guys get to play with.

Similar to Wolf of Wall Street, this is also a future film in the making. It is a true story looking into Wall Street’s underbelly, the deceptive practices, and the insane after-work parties.

The Buy Side is an interesting and informative read for anyone interested in learning about Wall Street. It offers valuable insights into investment bankers’ mindsets and motivations.

14. One Up on Wall Street

One Up on Wall Street is a book about investing and the stock market. It was written by Peter Lynch, one of the most successful investors in history. The book advises individual investors and covers topics such as picking stocks, analyzing companies, and market timing.

Lynch offers his philosophy on investing, which is based on looking for companies that are doing well and investing in them for the long term. He also believes having a diversified portfolio, including stocks and bonds, is important.

🏆 Rating ★★★
📖 Title One Up on Wall Street
✍ Author Peter Lynch
🕜 Released 1989
🎧 Duration 2:00
👍 Our Verdict An excellent stock market beginner audiobook

An excellent audiobook for beginner investors, with a distinctive down-to-earth approach, is ideal for beginners to show you how to apply your local knowledge to find winning companies. Great stories, great anecdotes:

“The old Wall Street adage “never invest in anything that eats or needs repairs” may apply to racehorses, but it’s malarkey when it comes to houses.” Peter Lynch

“Know what you own, and know why you own it” Peter Lynch

Lynch offers easy-to-follow advice for sorting out the long shots from the no shots by reviewing a company’s financial statements and knowing which numbers count. He provides guidelines for investing in cyclical, turnaround, and fast-growing companies.

Lynch says that if you invest for the long term, your portfolio can reward you. This timeless advice has made One Up on Wall Street a #1 bestseller and a classic book of investment know-how.

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15. The Bogleheads’ Guide to Investing

The Bogleheads Guide to Investing is a good audiobook highlighting the investing methodology of John C. Bogle.

The Bogleheads’ Guide to Investing is comprehensive, covering everything from the basics of stocks and bonds to more advanced concepts like asset allocation and portfolio rebalancing. The book is written in a clear and easy-to-understand style, and it includes numerous examples and illustrations to help illustrate its points.

🏆 Rating ★★★★★
📖 Title The Bogleheads’ Guide to Investing
✍ Author Taylor Larimore
🕜 Released 2019
🎧 Duration 10:05
👍 Our Verdict Winner, best stock market investing audiobook

The Bogleheads’ Guide to Investing is a great resource for investors of all experience levels. It provides a thorough overview of the investment process and offers practical advice on building a successful portfolio.

The Bogleheads’ Guide to Investing is a DIY handbook that espouses John C. Bogle’s sage investment wisdom.

This witty book offers contrarian advice that provides the first step to investment success, illustrating how relying on typical ‘common sense’ promoted by Wall Street is destined to leave you poorer.

This updated edition includes new information on backdoor Roth IRAs and ETFs as mainstream buy-and-hold investments, estate taxes, and gifting, plus changes to the laws regarding Traditional and Roth IRAs and 401k and 403b retirement plans.

The Boglehead authors show that beating the market is a zero-sum game with warnings and principles that are both precisely accurate and grandly counterintuitive.

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16. Trading Bases

“Trading Bases” is a book about baseball strategy. It discusses various ways to win games, including strategies for batting and pitching. The book also includes real-world examples of successful strategies.

🏆 Rating ★★★
📖 Title Trading Bases
✍ Author Joe Peta
🕜 Released 2013
🎧 Duration 9:36
👍 Our Verdict If you love baseball and stock trading, this audiobook is for you.

This is an enjoyable listen about an ex-Wall Street trader who improved on Moneyball’s famed sabermetrics to place bets that would beat the Vegas odds on Major League Baseball games, with a 41 percent return in his first year. Trading Bases explains how he did it.

After the fall of Lehman Brothers, Joe Peta was out of a job. He found a new one but lost that, too, when an ambulance mowed him down. In search of a way to cheer himself up while he recuperated in a wheelchair, Peta started watching baseball again, as he had growing up.

That’s when inspiration hit: Why not apply his outstanding risk-analysis skills to improve on sabermetrics, the method made famous by Moneyball—and beat the only market in town, the Vegas betting line? Why not treat MLB like the S&P 500?

17. The Little Book of Trading

The Little Book of Trading discusses the basics of trading. It covers topics such as understanding stock charts, risk management, and different types of orders. The book also provides several real-world examples to help illustrate the concepts.

🏆 Rating ★★★
📖 Title The Little Book of Trading
✍ Author Michael Covel
🕜 Released 2011
🎧 Duration 4:38
👍 Our Verdict A good audiobook for stock trading tips

Drawing on author Michael Covel’s own extensive experience in the trading world, as well as tips and insights gathered from some of the world’s most successful traders, the book identifies the tools, concepts, psychologies, and philosophies that will keep your money growing and safe-even when the next bubble bursts or the next crisis hits.

Each chapter features easy-to-understand advice from a top trader or trading firm that has won by beating mutual fund performance.

This Little Book prepares the cautious would-be investor to make money like an old hand. Overall, it provides a good foundation for those looking to start trading.

18. The Little Book of Value Investing

The Little Book of Value Investing audiobook offers investors the tools to follow a value-investment model claimed to beat the market consistently.

The Little Book of Value Investing is a small, concise guide. Christopher Browne shares his approach to finding and investing in undervalued stocks. The book contains case studies and examples that illustrate the author’s points.

🏆 Rating ★★★
📖 Title The Little Book of Value Investing
✍ Author Christopher H. Browne
🕜 Released 2006
🎧 Duration 4:32
👍 Our Verdict A solid value-investing audiobook

One key message in The Little Book of Value Investing is that investors should focus on buying good businesses, not just cheap stocks. Browne believes that buying a good business at a fair price is more important than trying to find undervalued stocks. He also stresses the importance of patience and discipline and cautions investors against making decisions based on emotion.

This book is Written in an easy-to-understand tone by Christopher H. Browne, the managing director of Tweedy Browne Company, one of the most highly regarded investment firms in the USA.

This audiobook discusses the most important methods, ideas, and approaches in value investing, including chapters on where to find value, buy stocks when they are on sale, long-term investing, when to hold and let go, and how to be a knowledgeable investor.


It is a short audiobook, only 4 hours and 32 minutes long, but I think you will find interesting concepts and tips.

Overall, The Little Book of Value Investing provides a solid introduction to value investing. It’s easy to read and filled with helpful tips and advice.”

19. The Little Book of Bull’s Eye Investing

The Little Book of Bull’s Eye Investing is a guide to understanding and profiting from market volatility. Written by John Mauldin, it offers a unique perspective on investing during market turbulence.

🏆 Rating ★★★
📖 Title The Little Book of Bull’s Eye Investing
✍ Author John Mauldin
🕜 Released 2012
🎧 Duration 4:23
👍 Our Verdict An OK listen

Mauldin provides readers with the tools to identify opportunities amid market chaos and profit from them.

A practical road map to what’s in store for the markets to help you stay ahead of the curve, the book debunks many of the myths governing investment logic, particularly the buy-and-hold, relative return vehicles that Wall Street peddles to unsuspecting investors.

The Little Book of Bull’s Eye Investing gives readers a view of the trends shaping the markets right now, which are likely to provide investment options for the decade ahead. It also teaches the value of careful research before you put your money to work.

20. The Intelligent Investor

The Intelligent Investor is a book about value investing written by Benjamin Graham. The book covers common investing mistakes, the four essential rules of investing, and how to find undervalued stocks. The book is considered one of the most important works on investing, and it has influenced many successful investors, including Warren Buffett.

🏆 Rating ★★★
📖 Title The Intelligent Investor
✍ Author Benjamin Graham
🕜 Released 2015
🎧 Duration 17:49
👍 Our Verdict A great book, a very long listen

Benjamin Graham, the greatest investment advisor of the twentieth century, taught and inspired people worldwide. Graham’s “value investing” philosophy shields investors from substantial error and teaches them to develop long-term strategies. The Intelligent Investor has been the stock market bible since its original publication in 1949.

Positives: The revised version provides a vast amount of valuable insight and knowledge. With comments from Jason Zweig, it brings the book up to date with new examples of how its tenets still hold.

Negatives: With an overwhelming 623 pages, or nearly 18 hours of listening combined, and a very dry writing style, you will need a lot of coffee to get through it.

The Intelligent Investor is one of the best investing books ever, but not so great as an audiobook.

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21. Crash Proof

In Crash Proof, Schiff argues that the stock market is rigged in favor of insiders and that the average investor can protect themselves by investing in gold and commodities. Schiff has an entertaining writing style, making this book a great listen.

This investing book is very well written and contains controversial opinions about the stock market that you won’t hear from mainstream media sources.

🏆 Rating ★★★
📖 Title Crash Proof
✍ Author Peter Schiff
🕜 Released 2009
🎧 Duration 11:57
👍 Our Verdict Good, but a little dated

Schiff backs up his argument with historical data and personal anecdotes. Schiff’s book is interesting, but how much of it should be taken at face value is unclear.

A jaw-dropping insight into the future large stock market crash and the inspiration for my MOSES investing system. Schiff makes some well-reasoned points that are difficult to argue with. While it’s an interesting read, Crash Proof tends to be a bit too flawed in its logic sometimes, and it can feel like the author is trying to push a particular agenda.

Even for a bullish investor, understanding the counterargument is essential to being ready for any significant stock market crash.

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What are the best audiobook services?

  1. Audible.com - the largest collection of Audiobooks and lowest cost per book.
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  3. Audiobooks.com - a large collection of audiobooks.

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Which book is best to learn everything about the stock market?

For a well-rounded education on everything about the stock market, we recommend "The Liberated Stock Trader - A Complete Stock Market Education." This book also comes with 16 hours of online video training classes.

What are the best finance audiobooks?

The best finance audiobooks to help you learn financial markets are, The Big Short, The Quants, The Clash of the Cultures, and Flash Boys. These finance audiobooks give valuable insights into corporate finance.

What are the best stock trading audiobooks?

The best stock trading audiobooks are Flash Boys, Dark Pools, A Man for All Markets, Trading Bases, and Liars Poker. Each of these trading audiobooks provides a valuable look behind the scenes of professional traders.

What are the best audiobooks on AI and Algo Trading in the stock market?

The best audiobooks for AI and Algorithmic trading are Dark Pools, The Quants, and Flash Boys. 90% of all trade volume on the markets is machine-driven; these books show you how it's done.

What are the best stock investing strategy audiobooks?

What are the best stock market true story audiobooks?

The best stock market true story audiobooks are The Big Short, A Man for All Markets, Flash Boys, No One Would Listen, and The Quants. These stock market true stories will blow your mind.

What are the best value-investing audiobooks?

What is the best audiobook about the 2008 financial crisis?

The best book covering the 2008 financial crisis stock market crash has to be The Big Short by Michael Lewis. It is the true story of Michael Burry, the first to realize that the housing market was a bubble.



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