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Investment strategies enable you to organize your approach to investing. Do you seek a regular income through dividends? Do you seek high growth companies? Or are you a bargain hunter looking for a value investment?

Blue Chip Stocks List: Smart Ways To Find The Best Blue...

A blue-chip stock is a well-established, financially sound company with an excellent track record of strong performance. Blue chips are large companies in mature industries that pay regular dividends. Examples of blue-chip stocks include Apple, Microsoft, Boeing, Coca-Cola, IBM, and Visa. 

Alpha: Calculate, Find & Profit from High-Alpha Stocks

Alpha measures a stock, fund, or asset's performance relative to its benchmark. It is often expressed as a percentage. For example, if an investment increases in value by 10 percent but the market benchmark increases by 5 percent, then the alpha would be +5%.

The Best CANSLIM Stock Screener & How To Find CANSLIM Stocks

The best CANSLIM stock screeners to accurately find growth stocks are Stock Rover for US investors and TradingView for international traders. Stock Rover has 3 pre-built CANSLIM screeners, and one is available for free. 

Cyclical Stocks: What Are They & How & When To Trade...

A cyclical stock's price is influenced by macroeconomic or systemic changes within the broader economy. These stocks are renowned for mirroring the economic cycles through the growth, boom, bust, and recovery phases.

Stock Beta: Using High, Low & Negative Beta in Trading!

Beta is a financial ratio measuring volatility for individual stocks or portfolios. It quantifies the anticipated fluctuation in stock price in relation to overall market movements. A beta greater than 1.0 implies that the stock is more volatile than the broader market, whereas a beta below 1.0 indicates a stock with lower volatility.

13 Best Ways To Find Undervalued Stocks: Ratios & Tools Explained

To find undervalued stocks, use established financial ratios such as discounted cash flow, the margin of safety, PEG, price to book, or the price to Graham number. Each ratio provides a unique insight into a company to determine if it is undervalued.

How to Manage a Stock Portfolio: 7 Steps of Pro Portfolio...

Managing a stock portfolio entails seven crucial tasks: conducting research, analyzing performance, rebalancing holdings, assessing correlations, planning future income, optimizing tax benefits, and analyzing future performance.

6 Time-Tested Proven Ways to Make Money in Stocks

The six best time-tested proven ways to make money in the stock market are investing in long-term ETFs, using a Robo Advisor, investing in value stocks, a portfolio of growth stocks, dividend investing, and stock trading. Each has its unique risk and reward characteristics.

How to Invest in Index Funds: 12 Expert Tips Revealed

You can safely invest in index funds through mutual fund companies or as an index ETF directly through your broker. Investing in an index fund ETF is the most cost-effective, liquid, and efficient way to diversify your portfolio.

13 Legendary Investor’s Beat the Market Strategies Explained

To consistently beat the market is difficult but not impossible. O'Neill, Greenblatt, Buffett, and Klarman are legendary investors who have beaten the market. I test the strategies and show you the best ways to implement them.

What is CANSLIM Investing & Does It Work? I Test It!

CANSLIM is an active investment strategy that utilizes specific screening criteria such as earnings, market leadership, product innovation, institutional ownership, and stock price trends. These key criteria play a vital role in the process of stock selection.

8 Steps to Build a Balanced & Profitable Portfolio

To build a balanced investment portfolio, determine how much to invest, your risk tolerance, portfolio allocation, and your investing strategy. Next, choose the right tools to screen and research the ideal stocks and ETFs to enable you to manage your portfolio effectively.

How to Find the Best Dividend Growth Stocks: 5 Step Strategy

To find the best dividend growth stocks, we need to screen for specific criteria. Find stocks with a 10+ year history of growing dividends, a sustainable payout ratio, 5-year sales growth over 4%, and a margin of safety greater than 0.

What is an Index Fund & How do Index Funds Work?

Index funds are the best thing to happen to individual investors since the inception of the stock market. Find out more about index fund and their extensive benefit and negative traits.

S&P 500 Companies List by Sector, Market Cap & PE Ratio...

Our regularly updated S&P 500 companies list shows you what companies are currently in the S&P 500 index and provides the ticker symbol, their market capitalization, and PE Ratio.

Investing in Index Funds Explained – Beginners Guide

Investing in index funds is a great way to diversify your portfolio and reduce risk. Index funds track the performance of major stock market indices, such as the S&P 500 or Dow Jones Industrial Average. Index funds are low-cost and have been shown to outperform actively managed mutual funds in the long run.

ETFs vs. Mutual Funds vs. Index Funds Explained

The difference between ETFs, mutual funds, and index funds is ETFs trade like stocks on an exchange, mutual funds are actively managed private investments, and an index fund can be either an ETF or a mutual fund.

Creating the Best Dividend Stock Screener: 4 Strategies & Criteria

Our research shows you how to create the best dividend stock screener; you must decide on a high-yield, safe, or dividend growth strategy. Next, choose our tested criteria for your screener, like payout ratio, yield, and coverage.

NASDAQ 100 Company List by Sector, Market Cap, PE & EPS...

Our up-to-date NASDAQ 100 companies lists included ticker, sector classification, market capitalization, PE Ratio, EPS, and employee count. We also show you how to export this list to Excel.

Inverse/Short ETFs List by Market Cap & Expense Ratio 2023

Our regularly updated inverse/short ETFs list shows you what ETFs are currently active and provides the ticker, market capitalization, and expense ratios.

Our Best Training & Strategies

Liberated Stock Trader Pro: Learn Stock Market Investing

Learn stock market investing with the complete online stock trading course by Barry D. Moore, a certified financial analyst from the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA).

ETF Investing Strategy: MOSES Improves Performance & Lowers Risk

The MOSES ETF investing strategy is a powerful suite of indicators meticulously backtested over 100 years. Designed to empower you to outperform the market, it equips you with the tools to navigate major stock market crashes and unlock greater investing performance.

Our Strategy Beat the Stock Market’s S&P 500 By 102% In...

Decades of research and testing unveiled the Liberated Stock Trader Beat the Market System. Our 9-year, backtested, and proven strategy targets 35 financially healthy high-growth stocks, producing a track record of beating the S&P 500 by 102%.