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Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is the art and science of interpreting the supply and demand in the market for an asset, whether a stock, commodity or currency. Technical analysis helps you understand stock trends, charts, direction, and risk-reward.

Backtesting: How to Create Your Winning Investing Strategy

Experienced investors adopt backtesting to optimize their trading strategies. Backtesting is a critical step in developing and evaluating trading strategies. It enables traders to assess the potential viability of an investment strategy by applying it to historical data.

Price Action Trading: Mastering Day & Swing Trading Strategy

Price action trading is a method of day trading that relies on technical analysis but ignores conventional fundamental indicators, focusing instead on the movement of prices.

Do Pivot Points in Stocks Work? We Test 66,480 Trades To...

Traders utilize pivot point indicators to predict when stock prices will reverse direction. But does it work? I tested 66,480 trades on 210 years of data, and the results are surprising.

10 Best Free TradingView Indicators & How to Trade Them!

Our testing shows the best TradingView indicators for advanced analysis are Volume Profile HD, VWAP, Supertrend, ATR, Relative Volatility, and RSI. TradingView's candlestick and chart pattern recognition also improve trading outcomes. 

Momentum Indicators Explained: Unlocking Market Trends

In technical analysis, momentum indicators help traders identify the strength and direction of a stock's price. They confirm trends, spot reversals, and generate buy and sell signals.

23 Best Stock Chart Patterns Proven Reliable By Data Testing

Published research shows the most reliable and profitable stock chart patterns are the inverse head and shoulders, double bottom, triple bottom, and descending triangle. Each has a proven success rate of over 85%, with an average gain of 43%.

Heikin-Ashi Explained: 360 Years of Data Prove Its Success

Our research shows that Heikin-Ashi charts are better than candlesticks for maximizing returns in trading strategies. We backtested 360 years of data across 30 major, and our findings prove that Heikin-Ashi chart strategies outperform 60% of equities vs. a buy-and-hold strategy.

Stock Volume: How to Use Volume in Charts to Improve Trading

Stock volume is the total number of stocks traded during a specific period. Volume indicates buying and selling pressure and potential changes in a stock's trend direction and quality.

9 Best Stock Chart Types For Traders & Investors Explained

Our research shows the most effective chart types for traders are Heikin Ashi, Candlestick, OHLC, Raindrop, and Renko charts. These charts provide the best balance of price and trend reversal information to help investors build effective trading strategies.

Spinning Top Candlestick: 9,894 Trades Test Its Reliability

Our unique research found that the Spinning Top candle is bullish, with a 55.9% success rate and a 3.7% average winning trade. Trading with a Spinning Top yields an average profit of 0.49%, ranking it the 10th best candle to trade.

Doji Candle Explained: 8,029 Test Trades Show How to Use It!

A Doji candlestick chart pattern indicates a battle between buyers and sellers, ending in equilibrium. The Doji marks a potential trend reversal. Is the Doji pattern profitable or accurate? Our evidence suggests its profitability is marginal.

8 Bearish Chart Patterns Tested & Proven Accurate & Reliable

Decades of research prove the most profitable bearish chart patterns are the Inverted Cup and Handle with an average -17% price decrease, Rectangle Top (-16%), Head and Shoulders (-16%), and the Descending Triangle (-15%).

Bollinger Bands: 51,414 Test Trades Reveal The Best Settings

Our reliability testing of Bollinger Bands on the S&P 500, using 13,360 years of data, suggests it is an unreliable, unprofitable indicator for traders. However, Bollinger Bands can be profitable, but you need to know how it works, how to trade it, and the optimal settings.

10 Bullish Chart Patterns Proven Effective & Profitable

Research shows the most reliable and accurate bullish patterns are the Cup and Handle, with a 95% bullish success rate, Head & Shoulders (89%), Double Bottom (88%), and Triple Bottom (87%). The most profitable chart pattern is the Bullish Rectangle Top, with a 51% average profit.

CCI Indicator 20-Year Test Reveals Best Settings & Strategy

Our research shows the Commodity Channel Index (CCI) is a reliable and profitable technical analysis indicator yielding win rates of up to 85% when used with the correct settings.

12 Accurate Chart Patterns Proven Profitable & Reliable

Research shows the most reliable and profitable chart patterns are the Head & Shoulders, with an 89% success rate, the Double Bottom (88%), and the Triple Bottom and Descending Triangle (87%). The most profitable chart pattern is the Rectangle Top, with a 51% average profit.

Shooting Star Candle: 1,680 Test Trades Uncover Its Potential

Based on 568 years of data, our research shows the Shooting Star candle is bullish, not bearish, as most traders believe. It has a 57.1% upside success rate and an average winning trade of 3.6%. Each trade made using a shooting star nets an average of 0.56% profit.

10 Best Candlestick Patterns Proven Successful & Reliable

Our research shows the most reliable and predictive candlestick patterns are the Inverted Hammer, with a 60% success rate, Bearish Marubozu (56.1%), Gravestone Doji (57%), and Bearish Engulfing (57%). The most profitable candle pattern is the Inverted Hammer, with a 1.12% profit per trade.

10 Best Indicators for Day Trading: Proven by Data!

With over 10,400 years of backtested exchange data, our original research reveals the best indicators for day trading are the Price Rate of Change, VWAP, Weighted Moving Average, Hull Moving Average, Simple Moving Average, and Relative Strength Index.

How to Read Stock Charts Like a Boss: Beginners Guide +pdf

To read stock charts you need to use stock charting software, select your chart type, configure your timeframe, determine price direction using trendlines and use indicators to estimate future prices.

Our Best Training & Strategies

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