13 Best Finance Movies & Documentaries To Change Your World

These Finance Movies & Documentaries Are Going to Alter Your Perception of How The World Works, I Hope You Can Sleep Afterwards.

Our curated list of the 13 best finance movies selects Inside Job, The Big Short, Too Big to Fail, The Spider’s Web, and Chasing Madoff as the most entertaining true story documentaries.

These movies offer insight into corruption, greed, and other aspects of money that have shaped our world and continue to do so today.

Best Finance Movies & Documentaries
Best Finance Movies & Documentaries

1. Inside Job (2011)

“Inside Job” is a documentary about the 2008 financial crisis. The movie interviews economists, politicians, and Wall Street insiders to explain how the crisis happened and who was responsible. “Inside Job” is an eye-opening look at the world of finance and how greed can destroy economies.

🎥 Inside Job Financial Crisis Documentary
🕜 Released 2011
🏆 Awards 1 Academy Award + 8 Other Awards
🥈 Nominations 26
👍 Our Verdict The best Wall Street documentary ever made

Available at AmazonAcademy Award-winning documentary and, for me, the best movie on the 2008 financial crisis made.

With high-profile interviewees and Matt Damon’s fast-paced, gripping narration, this film explains what led to the financial crisis and the level of fear and greed.

High-profile interviews and great cinematography wrapped up in a gripping true story.

I have watched this movie three times and plan to do so again; this is not a boring documentary but a good movie in its own right. This is a definite must-see and is easily the best movie on the list.

Watch the Inside Job

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2. The Big Short (2015)

The Big Short is a movie about the 2007-2008 financial crisis. It follows the story of four people who predicted the crisis and made a fortune from betting against the housing market. The film is based on the book of the same name by Michael Lewis.

The four main characters in the movie are hedge fund manager Michael Burry (played by Christian Bale), investment banker Jared Vennett (played by Ryan Gosling), trader Mark Baum (played by Steve Carell), and investor Ben Rickert (played by Brad Pitt). Each has a different story, but they all come together to bet against the housing market.

The movie does a great job explaining the financial concepts behind the crisis and is very entertaining. If you’re interested in learning more about the financial crisis or want to watch a good movie, I highly recommend The Big Short.

🎥 The Big Short Financial Crash Movie (True Story)
🕜 Released 2015
🏆 Awards 1 Oscar + 37 Other Awards
🥈 Nominations 79
👍 Our Verdict An amazing true story of the one man who saw the crash coming

It is a great true story involving the few men who bet against the investment banks going into the 2007 financial crisis.

Michael Lewis has a way of writing that adds great storytelling to the factual background of what happened before and after the credit crunch.

The financial world upon which we depend is fragile, and Wall Street investment banks who manipulate the markets put our way of life at risk.

It is a great movie that brings to life the failures of investment banks and institutions, even to understand the products they imaginatively create to make a profit.

Excellent acting by Brad Pitt and Christian Bale and top directing make this a movie you must see.

Watch: The Big Short

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It was a roller coaster ride with a stellar cast, well worth the time invested.

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3. Too Big to Fail (2011)

The movie “Too Big to Fail” is based on the book of the same name by Andrew Ross Sorkin. The film tells the story of the 2008 financial crisis and the government bailout of the American banking system. The cast includes William Hurt, Paul Giamatti, and James Woods.

The film begins by describing the origins of the financial crisis. It explains how deregulation led to a credit bubble, which eventually burst. The movie then tells how the government tried to save the banking system. This includes discussions of the TARP program and the bailout of AIG.

The film ends with a discussion of the aftermath of the financial crisis. It shows how the recession led to widespread unemployment and foreclosures. It also discusses the rise of populist movements like Occupy Wall Street.

🎥 Too Big to Fail Stock Market Crash Documentary
🕜 Released 2011
🏆 Awards 5 awards
🥈 Nominations 3 Golden Globe Nominations
👍 Our Verdict It is an amazing insight into how massive conglomerates and corporate corruption could bring us down.

A rather depressing realization that the US financial system is on edge, this film, based on the book “Too Big to Fail,” is critical of Wall Street and the governments that regulate it.

The world’s financial systems were shaken to their core, and the collapse of this system would have sent the free world back twenty years in the quality of life.

This documentary shows the crisis and how the US government and central bank saved the day, but only.

Since the financial crisis, there have been no major changes to reduce the number of too-big-to-fail institutions. This film allows you to see inside; try not to be shocked.

Watch: Too Big To Fail

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4. The Spider’s Web (2017)

The Spider’s Web – Britain’s Second Empire is a finance movie that might change your life, or you will see the world differently. The Spider’s Web is a factual and objective look at how Britain transformed from a colonial power to a financial hub of global importance by laundering illegal money.

🎥 The Spider’s Web Wall Street Scam True Story
🕜 Released 2017
🏆 Awards None
🥈 Nominations None
👍 Our Verdict A great documentary widely unrecognized with awards

The film shows how the City of London (an independent country in its own right) built up interests in offshore tax havens across the globe. The “City” created an intricate web that hides private wealth behind obscure financial structures on various islands globally. Today, up to half our planet’s estimated untaxed and unaccounted-for funds may be tucked into these British protectorates! American offshore tax havens control the other half.

What does this mean for world affairs? With contributions from leading experts and academics who have insider details, this is a guaranteed must-watch finance documentary.

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5. Chasing Madoff (2010)

“Chasing Madoff” is a movie based on the true story of Harry Markopolos, a financial analyst who attempted to warn the world about Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme. Despite providing evidence to the SEC that Madoff was running a scam, they refused to investigate, and Madoff was able to continue his fraud for years before it was eventually uncovered.

🎥 Chasing Madoff Wall Street Scam True Story
🕜 Released 2010
🏆 Awards None
🥈 Nominations None
👍 Our Verdict A great documentary widely unrecognized with awards

The movie follows Markopolos and his team as they attempt to track down Madoff and bring him to justice.

Based on the great book “No One Would Listen” by Harry Markopolos. This is a thrilling account of the rise and fall of Bernie Madoff and how difficult it was for Markopolos himself to get the Securities & Exchange Commission to take action.

Despite providing ample evidence to the SEC that Madoff was running a scam, they refused to investigate, and Madoff was able to continue his fraud for years before it was eventually uncovered.

This documentary offers insight into the inner workings of Wall Street and its regulatory agents, who failed miserably in this case. It also highlights how financial institutions turn a blind eye to fraud, all in the name of profit.

By exposing the mistakes made by regulators and financial institutions, this documentary is an important reminder to remain vigilant against financial crimes.

It also highlights Markopolos’ heroic efforts to bring down Madoff and protect innocent investors from losing their hard-earned money. It is a fascinating account of one man’s crusade for truth

I was on the edge of my seat during the book and exasperated for Markopolos.

Watch: Chasing Madoff

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6. Banking On Bitcoin (2017)

The documentary “Banking on Bitcoin” covers the history of Bitcoin and how it came to be. It also explores the future of cryptocurrency and how it could potentially revolutionize the banking system. Interviews with experts in the field provide insight into how Bitcoin works and why it has become so popular. The film covers the potential risks and rewards of investing in Bitcoin and ultimately provides a balanced view of the pros and cons of this new form of currency.

🎥 Banking On Bitcoin Crypto & Finance Movie
🕜 Released 2017
🏆 Awards None
👍 Our Verdict A great Bitcoin and Crypto documentary

Banking on Bitcoin is a documentary film highlighting the birth of Bitcoin and the underlying technology that drives it, the BlockChain.

This is a great starting point for anyone mystified by blockchain technology and wanting to learn more.

Solid interviews with BlockChain and Bitcoin enthusiasts round off the documentary. Bitcoin and its hundreds of competing digital currencies are the darlings of traders. But the fact is that now, the vast majority of those who have invested in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have lost huge amounts of money.

The ultimate investing bubble has been unwinding over the years.

Learn more about Bitcoin in this good documentary.

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7. Capitalism: A Love Story (2009)

“Capitalism: A Love Story” is a 2009 documentary film directed by Michael Moore. The film examines the merits of capitalism.

Moore interviews several people on the topic, including workers who have lost their jobs, people who have had their homes foreclosed, and Wall Street bankers. He also looks at the history of capitalism, from its beginnings in the 18th century to its current form.

Moore argues that capitalism is not working for the majority of people and that it needs to be reformed. He calls for a “New Deal” to invest in renewable energy, create jobs, and help fix the economy.

🎥 Capitalism: A Love Story Finance Documentary
🕜 Released 2009
🏆 Awards 4 Wins
🥈 Nominations 15
👍 Our Verdict The greatest insight into capitalist and corporate corruption in politics

I like Michael Moore because he fights for a cause and never shirks away from challenging the status quo.

Michael Moore is back and turning his critical gaze on capitalism itself. This movie is highly recommended to be entertaining, thought-provoking, and ultimately a great watch.

The historical aspects of the movie and the implications of what he depicts are powerful.

An Example Quote: Rep. Dennis Kucinich: “Is this the United States Congress or the board of directors of Goldman Sachs?”

Watch: Capitalism: A Love Story

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8. The China Hustle (2018)

“The China Hustle” is a documentary that follows the rise and fall of Chinese companies on the American stock market. The film highlights the dangers of investing in Chinese companies and the potential for fraud. It also exposes the loopholes in the American regulatory system that allowed these companies to scam investors. The movie is an important warning for anyone considering investing in Chinese firms.

🎥 The China Hustle Finance Documentary
🕜 Released 2018
🥈 Nominations 3
👍 Our Verdict A mind-blowing investigative documentary for the enquiring mind

“Capitalism rewards those who work hard, but it also rewards those who take advantage of others” is the opening line of this disturbing movie.

There are many reasons why you need to see this movie. Firstly, it uncovers a real-life scam in 2018 in the USA on the stock exchanges. It examines how, after the 2007 financial crisis, the next big thing has become investing in Chinese stocks. Everyone wants to be a part of and take their share of the China Story unfolding.

However, it isn’t easy to invest directly in China. In a scheming collaboration with US investment firms, Chinese companies have found a backdoor into floating on the US exchanges that avoid the regular checks and balances associated with an Initial Public Offering (IPO).

The problem is that Chinese companies are scam companies with no real sales or business. It is a scam the size of which we have not seen in the last 25 years and is estimated at more than $200 Billion. The movie also introduces you to the world of activist short-sellers. It is a first-class movie.

Watch the China Hustle

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“The biggest lie on Wall Street is that this time it’s different.”

9. Freakonomics (2010)

The Freakonomics movie is based on the book by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner. The movie tells the story of how economics can be used to solve everyday problems. It covers various topics, including incentives, cheating, and crime. Levitt narrates the movie and features interviews with various experts.

Overall, the Freakonomics movie is an interesting and informative look at how economics can be applied to real-world situations.

🎥 Freakonomics Finance & Economics Documentary
🕜 Released 2010
🥈 Nominations 1
👍 Our Verdict It is the most entertaining finance and economics documentary ever made.

A fascinating collection of filmed documentaries exploring human nature shows that how we explain the world around us is rarely linked to the true cause. These are excellent books and a very watchable series.

This series is an amazingly entertaining and thought-provoking way to see the world and understand how human behavior always tries to game the system.

“The difference between economists and criminals is incredibly thin.”

It can be dry at times, but it does show how taking a different lens to economics and the thought process can show different insights.

Watch: Freakonomics

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10. The Corporation (2003)

The Corporation is a documentary film exploring the modern corporation’s nature and history. The film features interviews with business experts, academics, and activists who offer perspectives on the corporation’s role in society. The Corporation is a thought-provoking film that offers a unique perspective on the modern corporation. The film makes a strong case for the need to reform the corporation, and it will certainly make you think about the role of corporations in our society.

🎥 The Corporation Financial Documentary
🕜 Released 2003
🏆 Awards 11 Film Awards
👍 Our Verdict A thought-provoking at corporations in society

It is an excellent movie charting the corporation’s rise as a person. The corporation’s rise accelerated after laws were passed granting the corporation a legal status equivalent to a person. That means the corporation has rights, can buy property, and has legal ownership.

So, if the corporation is treated like a person, what is the psychological status of that person? Is that person good for society? The results of the evaluation are not good; corporations only care about profit and little about the consequences of their products or their impact on society and the environment.

This movie is an excellent investment of time and an excellent addition to your education.

Watch The Full Corporation Movie on YouTube

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11. The Ascent of Money (2008)

The Ascent of Money is a documentary film that chronicles the origins of money and financial markets. The film interviews prominent economists and financiers such as Robert Reich and George Soros.

🎥 The Ascent of Money Finance Documentary
🕜 Released 2008
🏆 Awards 1 Emmy
👍 Our Verdict It is a long-winded but fascinating look at how money rules the world.

Niall Ferguson traces the history of money and how it has grown from a tool to trade goods and services more easily to a dominating factor in society.

How has money transformed the world we live in? You want to drink a coffee when watching this as it is a lot of information, and some may be hardgoing.

But ultimately, this is a rewarding watch and gives us a deepened perspective on how and why our modern societies are structured and behave as they do.

From the rise of banking and its control over society to the dominance of stock markets, the documentary looks at renowned economists and financiers such as Robert Reich, George Soros, John Maynard Keynes, Alan Greenspan, and more. Through their words and insights, we can learn how money has become one of the most powerful forces in our modern world.

Watch the Ascent of Money on YouTube Now

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12. Barbarians at the Gate (1993)

“Barbarians at the Gate” is a 1990 American drama film based on the best-selling book by Bryan Burrough and John Helyar. The film tells the story of the leveraged buyout (LBO) of RJR Nabisco by KKR. It stars James Garner as Henry Kravis, Peter Riegert as Jerry Kanter, and Jonathan Pryce as Robert Palmer.

The film was directed by Glenn Jordan and written by Larry Gelbart. It aired on HBO on March 20, 1993. “Barbarians at the Gate” was one of the first television films shot entirely in high-definition video.

At the time of its release, the film was the most expensive made for television, with a budget of $32 million. “Barbarians at the Gate” won five Emmy Awards.

🎥 Barbarians at the Gate Wall Street & Corporate Greed Movie
🕜 Released 1993
🏆 Awards 2 Golden Globes + 6 Other Awards
🥈 Nominations 16
👍 Our Verdict A real insight into corporate greed

Barbarians at the Gate is a true story focusing on the leveraged buyout of RJR Nabisco.

A bitter battle ensues to take over this conglomerate. Ross Johnson, the CEO, wants to make a killing by purchasing the undervalued company from shareholders.

This true story turns for the worse when the Wall Street investment banking professionals he hires become his competition in the buyout.

One man’s fight for his company versus the Wall Street vultures intent on tearing his world apart.

It is a “Greed is Good” grab for riches at its worst.

This classic shows what it is like inside these mega-merger and acquisition deals that Wall Street firms thrive on.

Watch: Barbarians at the Gate

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13. Rogue Trader (1999)

The movie “Rogue Trader” is about the rise and fall of Nick Leeson, a young man who became a successful trader at Barings Bank. Leeson began making risky trades that made him a lot of money, but eventually lost millions of dollars for the bank. He was arrested and sentenced to prison. The movie is based on a true story.

🎥 Rogue Trader Financial Crisis Documentary
🕜 Released 1999
🏆 Awards None
🥈 Nominations 26
👍 Our Verdict It is an intense and captivating stock trading movie based on a true story.

Based on the infamous Nick Leeson true story and book Rogue Trader, the film depicts how Leeson brought down Barings Bank by taking huge risks in his role as a star trader for the firm.

The movie chronicles his rise within the bank, as well as how he managed to cover up and try to mitigate his losses before getting caught.

Starring Ewan McGregor in the lead role as Leeson, Rogue Trader is an intense drama that will get you hooked until the end.

The film has a great script with excellent acting and direction, making it an enjoyable watch for anyone interested in stock trading and financial markets.

This is a compelling and fascinating insight into a trader’s mind and why we need strong oversight and control, as the psychology of any individual can be ruinous.

Watch Rogue Trader on YouTube

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