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In this months Stock Market Podcast

  • Profit From The Crash, Be In Cash
  • Using Pareto to predict the probability of Catastrophy
  • Profiting using Short ETF’s
  • Drawing the Battle-lines using Fibonacci Retracement

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Dear Liberated Stock Traders,

the latest podcast and stock market training video has been released.

In this Episode:

  • Is the stock market in an up-trend or down-trend.  I will show you how to know.
  • The Release of the Liberated Stock Trader Bookand DVD in Hardcopy on and
  • Linkin, Facebook, Zynga – Let the Bubble Begin

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Liberated Stock Trader PRO Live GOLD Webinar

November 2010

This workshop was held with students of the Liberated Stock Trader PRO Training Course and has been recorded and is available for all members.


  • Stop Loss Strategy
  • Stock Market Tools Analysis
  • Q&A – Questions from the audience

Watch immediately here

If you cannot access this free recorded training, you can register here for the FREE Trading Academy or alternatively purchase the acclaimed Liberated Stock Trader PRO Training

These Seminars are also available via the Liberated Stock Trader Podcast

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Hayek Versus Keynes the rematch

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Are you interested in economics?

Maybe not, but this video is about as entertaining as economics gets. If you are a stock market investor or trader a basic understanding of Macro Economics is important and this will whet your appetite.

The folks over at have done it again with a quality installment of economics education for the masses.  The Hayek versus Keynes rap battle is an excellent way to spend 5 minutes of your time.

Sit back and enjoy Hayek versus Keynes.

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In this video you will learn about the live seminars we have at the Liberated Stock Trader site, and we will also provide an analysis of the worlds stock markets.

Stock Market Mentoring & Seminars – A great Way to Learn

“A picture is worth a thousand words and a conversation is worth a thousand emails”

Liberated Stock Trader – 2010

The importance of live workshops and seminars should not be under valued as a tool for learning.  The act of being able to interact live and ask questions and receive real answers is a very valuable and rewarding experience.

So now is your opportunity to connect with other members and with myself, and boost your learning progress.

Global Stock Market Review

  • US Markets – S%P 500, Russell 3000, DJ-30, Nasdaq 100
  • China – Hang Seng
  • India – Sensex
  • UK – FTSE 100
  • French CAC40
  • German – DAX
  • Japanese – Nikkei

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Top 10 Stock Tips – Video Lesson

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The top 10 Stock Tips to improve your stock market trading profits.

As an active trader and author, I am often asked for stock tips.  What am I buying?  What industries am I interested in? Am I long or short in the market?  But are these really the right questions?  I think not.  I think the best questions are:

  • Is now the right time for me to be invested in stocks?
  • What stocks are the best ones to buy according to my goals?
  • How to I limit the risk of my trades?

To answer these questions I have compiled my Top 10 Stock Tips

Top 10 Stock Tips

  • Stock Tip 1. Do not fall for “Pump and Dump Schemes”
  • Stock Tip 2. Understand economics & business cycles
  • Stock Tip 3. Understand how to read company fundamentals
  • Stock Tip 4. Understand how to use charts and indicators
  • Stock Tip 5. Understand how to scan for stocks
  • Stock Tip 6. Understand how many stocks you wish to buy
  • Stock Tip 7.  Understand cash allocation and risk reward
  • Stock Tip 8. Create your trading strategy
  • Stock Tip 9. Create your trading system
  • Stock Tip 10. Use stop losses
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What key resources should you be using regularly to get your stock market information online?

  • Where can you find great stock market information online on the global stock market indexes?
  • Where is the best place online to find the prices of the future markets and how can you use that information?
  • Where is a good online reference point for information on company fundamentals such as the balance sheet, profit & loss account, debt and return on equity?
  • What is a good free online resource for finding analyst earnings expectations and company ratings?
  • Want an easy place to do a 20 second Stock Market Sector summary online?

All these questions will be answered in today’s Stock Market Training Video – part of the Liberated Stock Trader FREE Trading Academy – Sign up here.

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This video lesson will review the different types of stock charts are available and the posotives and negatives of each.  The lesson will also show which ones are most effective and why.

What types of stock charts are available?

  • Line Charts
  • High Low Close Charts (HLC)
  • Open High low Close Charts (OHLC)
  • Candlestick Charts
  • Price at Volume Charts
  • Market Profile Charts
  • Point and Figure Charts

Find out about the wide world of Stock Charts, watch the video.

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Whats in a stock price?

What is the Bid Price? What is the Ask Price? What is the Spread?  What is Liquidity?

Find out how to interpret and remember the difference between Bid and Ask Prices, and learn how to not get caught out with stocks with low liquidity and high spreads.

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Cheap Stocks Video Lesson

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Cheap Stocks – What are cheap stocks?

Some cheap stocks are high risk, some are simply not value for money. Learn how to find genuine bargains and how to avoid the risks associated with buying cheap low quality stocks.

Everyone loves a bargain.  We spend countless hours hunting around for the lowest price for that TV we want to buy, or look for discounts on our favorite foods.  The stock market is no different.  There are many people who hunt for cheap stocks.  But what do cheap stocks really mean?

Fast Track your Stock Market profits with Liberated Stock Trader PRO Stock Market Training Course

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