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A collection of our best articles and lessons on stock trading. Here you will learn the skills strategies and techniques of the day trader, swing trader, and position trader.

Day Trading vs Swing Trading vs Investing: What’s the Difference?

Day traders prefer to trade intraday using leverage; swing traders hold positions for days or even weeks at a time. Investors take a buy-and-hold approach using a growth, income, or value investing strategy for months or years.

What is RSI in Stocks? 7 Pro Relative Strength Index Tips

RSI is an important stock chart technical indicator that measures the magnitude of recent price changes to help you determine whether a stock is overbought or oversold. It can be used to identify buy and sell points and trend reversals.

What is Techncial Analysis Software & How Does It Work?

How Exactly Does Technical Analysis Stock Charting Software Work? What Types of Platforms Offer The Best Functionality & User Experience.

What is Short Selling? How to Short Sell & The Risks.

Short selling is a process where an investor sells a security they do not own and hopes to buy the same security back at a lower price to have a profit. Short-selling can be done with stocks, options, and other securities. Shorting is often used to bet against the market or individual stocks.

10 Tips for Short Selling Stocks & Minimizing Risk

Shorting a Stock Is Risky But Can Be Profitable Because Stocks Fall Quicker Than They Rise.  Understand How This Works & Learn About The Risks Of Shorting

News Trading: How to Read & Analyze News for Trading

News trading is a strategy that requires real-time news, lighting fast interpretation, and the ability to make stock trades quickly. Trading news can be profitable, but the speed of reaction, analysis, and newsfeed quality is key.

How To Trade the News: 12 Insights For News Trading

Trading the news means you need to be able to trade fast, with the fastest news feed, and quantify and categorize news rapidly. Trading the news is a quickfire style of Stock, FX, or Commodity trading.

How To Analyze Stocks: Fundamental vs. Technical Analysis

You can analyze stocks using fundamental criteria like PE Ratio, Earnings, and Cash Flow, or with technical analysis using charts, stock price, volume, and indicators. 

What is the Power Hour in Stocks?

The Power Hour is the time of day when stock trading volume is at its highest. The Power Hour is when market volatility is highest because a large trading volume creates high volatility.

Stock Volume: How to Use Volume in Charts Like a Pro

Volume in stocks refers to the total number of shares traded for a particular period. If 2 million shares are traded in a day, the day's trading volume is 2 million. Importantly this means that 2 million stocks change hands from buyer to seller. It is not the total value of the stock traded; it is the number of shares traded.

How to Read Stock Charts Like a Boss: Beginners Guide +pdf

To read stock charts you need to use stock charting software, select your chart type, configure your timeframe, determine price direction using trendlines and use indicators to estimate future prices.

8 Different Types of Stock Charts: Pros & Cons With Examples

The 8 different types of stock charts used to analyze markets are Line, HLC, OHLC, Candlestick, Volume at Price, EquiVolume, Point and Figure, and Market Profile Stock Charts.

What is FOMO in Stocks? 10 Best Ways To Beat Fear...

The Fear of Missing Out, or FOMO in stocks, is one of the most destructive impulses that an investor can experience. Investors experience FOMO when they feel the need to buy or sell a stock because it is popular or unpopular. A typical FOMO case is thinking you need to buy the latest hot stock because everybody else is buying it.

20 Most Important & Predictive Stock Chart Patterns For Trading

20 Most Predictive Stock Chart Patterns Used By Technical Analysts for Over 100 Years, Plus What They Mean & How to Remember Them With Examples.

Speculator vs. Investor vs. Trader In The Stock Market

Are you a speculator, an investor, or a trader? Do you use Charts, Fundamentals, or News? What you do to seek a profit determines who you are.

10 Key Steps to Build a Profitable Stock Trading System

Learn How to Build a Profitable Stock Market Trading or Investing System. We Provide the Process & Rules To Help You Make Better Decisions.

Head & Shoulders Stock Chart Pattern Accurately Explained

Not A Single Website Explains The Head & Shoulders Stock Chart Pattern Properly. The Price Pattern Is Important, But Volume Is More Important.

How to Use RSI Charts: Relative Strength Index Explained

The Relative Strength Index measures any stock's strength by analyzing price movements. RSI charts average up closing day prices versus average down prices.

Dow Theory: 6 Principles Explained With Examples & Video

Dow Theory is Explained Using His Six Tenets or Principles. These Principles form the Backbone of Modern Technical Analysis of Stocks & Markets

How to Read Candlesticks: Charts, Patterns & Pro Tips

Reading Candlestick Charts is Difficult? Easily Learn The Patterns, Charts & Meaning of Candlesticks Or Use Pattern Recognition Chart Software

Our Best Training & Strategies

Learn Stock Market Investing: Professional Training Course

Learn stock market investing with the complete online stock trading course by Barry D. Moore, a professionally certified financial markets analyst. You will learn stock market fundamentals, stock chart technical analysis, stock screening, and strategy.

MOSES ETF Investing Strategy: Beat The Market & Lower Risk

MOSES is a stock market index ETF investing system designed to help you beat the market's performance by avoiding major stock market crashes. There are three core indicators in the Moses strategy; you can use the best approach to eliminate most losses and compound your investments to beat the market.

Liberated Stock Trader Beat the Market Growth Stock Strategy

Beat the market with a 9-year proven strategy that finds financially healthy high-growth stocks with a track record of outperformance. This system gives you an investing edge by identifying the 35 best growth stocks to buy now to help you beat the S&P500.

TradingView Review: Pro Analyst Tests & Rates TradingView

This TradingView review shows excellent stock analysis software for charting, screening, backtesting, and trading. TradingView's 10 million user community cannot be wrong. TradingView covers all stock exchanges and is ideal for international stock traders wanting a platform that will grow with their needs.

Stock Rover Review: Pros, Cons & Features Tested & Rated

This Stock Rover review reveals an excellent stock and ETF screening, research, and portfolio management tool. Easy to use yet incredibly powerful, I recommend Stock Rover for long-term US value, income, and growth investors.

Trade Ideas Review: Stock Scanner, AI, Trading Room Tested

This Trade Ideas review uncovers an excellent stock scanning AI-powered idea generation platform offering 30 channels of trading ideas and 3 automated AI systems pinpointing trading signals for day traders. Trade Ideas promises and delivers the nirvana of market-beating returns.

TrendSpider Review: 9 Reasons It Rules. Full Test & Ratings

This TrendSpider review finds it is great for traders wanting AI automated charting of stocks, Fx, and cryptocurrencies. TrendSpider automatically identifies trendlines, Fibonacci, and Candlestick patterns. Excellent backtesting and multi-time-frame analysis make TrendSpider a great choice for technical traders.

Benzinga Pro Review: Benzinga vs. The Competition Tested

This Benzinga Pro review reveals it is best for traders who want a high-speed actionable real-time news feed that costs 1/10th of the price of a Bloomberg terminal. Benzinga Pro includes charts, financials, screening, options mentoring, and a powerful calendar suite to get a trading edge.

MetaStock Review: Charting, Backtesting & Refinitiv Tested

This MetaStock review and test reveal an excellent technical analysis charting platform for traders, with 300+ charts and indicators for stocks, ETFs, bonds & forex globally. Metastock has innovative backtesting and forecasting, and Refinitiv/Xenith provides powerful real-time news and screening.