Introduction: LST Professional Stock Investment Training

The Liberated Stock Trader professional investing course is a masterclass developed and improved over the last decade to ensure the best training in long-term growth, value, and dividend investment, and also how to trade using technical analysis.

You will really learn the discipline of stock market analysis, investment strategy, stock selection, risk management, and portfolio management.

My name is Barry Moore, a certified financial markets technical analyst. I have been independently researching and investing in the stock market for over 20 years. Since 2010 my company has helped train over 40,000 people so they can take control of their own investments. I have also created multiple original stock investing strategies and systems.

So what will you learn in this stock investment course?

  • Technical Analysis
  • Fundamental and Financial Analysis
  • Economic Theory Affecting Markets
  • You will learn how governments and central banks manipulate markets
  • You will know how markets move with business cycles and Elliott Waves
  • I will show you how to analyze stocks, both with financials and fundamental data
  • Wait…we are just getting started.
  • Most importantly, you will learn how to build and implement 7 different investing strategies using powerful stock screening tools.
  • You will learn value investing like Warren Buffett
  • You will master 4 different dividend and income strategies

You will learn How to read stock charts like a professional market analyst, including mastering:

  • Stock charts
  • Trendlines
  • Chart patterns
  • Chart Indicators

Not only that you will learn about exotic charting techniques that only the pros use, like:

Finally, I will cover trading techniques & strategies like:

  • Goal setting
  • Risk reward
  • Cash allocation
  • price targets
  • and stop-loss strategies.

By the end of this course, you will be your own stock market guru.

This course is not a get-rich-quick scheme, I am not selling you an expensive trading room or additional courses. I am not telling you which stocks to buy and when to sell.

I am providing you with in-depth knowledge, so you have a broad understanding of how markets work. With this knowledge, you can build your own investing strategies or adapt the strategies I have provided.

After taking this course, you will be a knowledgeable investor who is confident in your investment decision-making and using a strategy that suits your style of investing.