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Review - Winner Biggest Forex Broker in USA Recommended For Individual Investors Seeking A Best In Class Broker Offering An Excellent Portfolio Of Forex & Futures Trading Vehicles, At Competitive Commissions, With Top Market Analyst Coverage. Review Summary Pro’s Con’s
Trust Pilot Rating (% Avg or Better) 92% ★ Instant Execution, STP & ECN ✘ No ETF’s or Bonds
TrustPilot Stars ★★★★ ★ Good Platforms MT4 + VPS
Twitter Rating (Zero Complaints 3/months)★★★★★ ★ Integrated Alerts, Signals, Strategies
Visit UK ★ Large Established Broker

This is our detailed Foreign Exchange Brokerage Service Review for won our Review for 2019, go here if you wish to see the top 5 forex brokers comparison for U.S. clients. Detailed Review

What do I need to look for in a good Forex Broker?

Dealing in Foreign Exchange and other derivatives can seem a somewhat complex, daunting and even a shady business for the new investor.  It is therefore important that any Forex Broker you choose should:

  • Be Well Regulated
  •    Financial Industry Regulation Authority (FINRA) Membership.
  •    Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) Membership.
  •    National Futures Association (NFA) Registration.
  • Have Transparent & Low Commission Structures
  • Provide Low Margin Costs
  • Have Good Access to Support

This review covers all these aspects and more. FX Currency Pairs, Leverage & Interest – Summary offers a solid overall package offering the second best selection of Fx Currency Pairs, 84 in total.  All U.S. based Forex Brokers are limited by law to 50:1 leverage which means all brokers featured here have the same maximum leverage available. also boasts the lowest spreads on the major Fx pairs starting at 1.4 pips which gives it a 5 Star ★★★★★ Rating.  They also have a very clear and simple approach to margin account interest charges, starting at a very low 0.5% for the largest traders and moving up to 10%.

Order Execution offer market maker (dealing desk) services but also offer straight-through processing (STP) and electronic communications network (ECN) order execution.  I would recommend selecting the STP or ECN options as they remove any doubt of conflict of interest, which is the biggest complaint that most dealer desk brokers receive.

I spoke with representatives of to get clarity on this and to confirm which type of trading is allowed.  The sign of a poor broker is they do not allow High-Frequency, Trading, Arbitrage or Scalping. do allow these types of trades, which essentially means they are not trading against you in the ECN or STP models.

Forex Pairs offers a huge selection of 80+ foreign exchange (Forex or Fx) Pairs for Trading.  All the common pairs such as EUR/USD as EUR/GBP are covered, plus a host of exotic pairs.  Leverage is available up to 30:1 but of course, the leverage available to you depends, as with all brokers, on your account balance and experience.  Leverage of 30:1 is for retail customers and if you qualify as a professional investor your maximum leverage can increase to 1:400.  Of all the brokers we have reviewed this is the largest selection of Fx pairs and the highest professional account leverage.

Fx Trading Platforms & Tools Review

As a frequent Forex Trader, the quality and range of the software available are important.  There is no point in having low trading costs and great margin interest rates if you cannot trade due to poor software.  If you have a preference for the industry’s most established Forex Trading Packages like MetaTrader and Ninja Trader, then the choice will be clear. Trading Strategies Tester Trading Strategies Tester has a broad selection of high-quality platforms available.  The industry-leading Forex Trading Software is MetaTrader and offer MetaTrader 4.  Add to that the ability to plug in and use NinjaTrader, which has a massive and passionate user base who collaborate and contribute lots of systems and expert advisors.

Also, for Web Trading are utilizing TradingView.  TradingView won our Best Stock Market Analysis Software Review, so you know you are getting a high-quality web trading system. also offer their own in-house alternative to MetaTrader 4 and Ninja Trader with the highly rated Advanced Trading Platform. Lastly, have a mobile app and you can use it with a free demo account.

Watch this Video on’s Advanced Trading Platform Advanced Platform

Watch The Video Overview is a clear leading in PLatforms & Tools Customer Support, Research & Education

At 3 am in the morning you are trading USD/EUR and suddenly your trading software freezes, or your data feed stops.  This is when a fast, 24/7 support team is vital.  So, what support is on offer, from, both technical support and client support for account setup and funding/withdrawal requests)

Also important for those new to the markets and even experienced traders, is original market insights and analysis.  So does this broker provide original research and insight?  Lastly, for the less experienced trader, some free Forex education on offer would be a bonus.

However, major Brokers do not have significant educational programs.  To trade Forex well you need to have an extremely deep understanding of Technical Analysis.  Technical Analysis is the analysis of supply and demand and the movement of price, usually through chart analysis.

You do have a number of options for learning Technical Analysis here at  You can self-learn through books or through a full video-driven training course.  Take a look at the best selection of Professional Technical Analysis Books.  Or a full Professional Grade Training Course – all the Technical Analysis lessons in our PRO course are equally applicable to the Forex Markets. is the largest Forex Broker in the U.S. and having a business that is entirely focused on Foreign Exchange Trading, enables to provide excellent resources in this area. is owned by Gain Capital a global powerhouse in CFD & Forex Trading.

The benefit here is that clients will receive a wealth of market insights, market analysis, and market outlook communications throughout the day.  The in-house team of Analysts at Gain Capital provide all the market insight you will need.

In terms of Customer Support, offers a 24/7 Coverage, both over the phone, chat, and email.  It is surprising that not all Forex Brokers offer this level of service.

Trading Account Funding, Company Background & Regulation is owned by Gain Capital Holdings, who are a registered corporation and floated on the NYSE Ticker:GCAP.  They have been in operation for 17 years and have full FINRA membership and the SIPC Investor Protection.  Also, you can open an account with a balance of $50, but of course you will need more than that to trade and take advantage of leverage.

Online Followers & Customer Complaints

Lastly, we look at what is the customer feedback and satisfaction on the web?  To do this we scanned thousands of Tweets for the featured Brokers to look at any complaints registered.  The great thing about twitter is that if you are not getting any response from a company’s customer services, you can voice your concern on Twitter and be heard by the world.

Impressively with a following of 120,000 people, there is not a single complaint on Twitter in the last 3 months about  This is a good sign of solid customer satisfaction.  You can also see how active their analysts are as they post publicly insights multiple times per day.

Review - Winner Biggest Forex Broker in USA Recommended for Individual Investors seeking a Best in Class Broker offering an excellent portfolio of Forex & Futures Trading vehicles, at competitive commissions, with top Analysts and Market Coverage.

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