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TrendSpider Review: Big 2024 Updates! Is It Now The Best?

Trendspider uses AI to recognize trendlines, chart patterns, and candlesticks automatically. Automated trading bots and powerful backtesting make it an innovation leader.

Master Technical Analysis: A 14-Video Ultimate Guide

Our ultimate guide to technical analysis will fast-track your knowledge with our 14 videos covering charts, trends, indicators, patterns, and tools.

Trading a Descending Triangle’s 87% Success Rate

Twenty years of trading research show the descending triangle pattern has an 87% success rate in bull markets and an average profit potential of +38%. The descending triangle pattern is popular because it is reliable, accurate, and generates a good average profit.

Trading the Rising Wedge Pattern’s 81% Success Rate

According to multi-year testing, the rising wedge pattern has a solid 81% success rate in bull markets with an average potential profit of +38%. The ascending wedge is a reliable, accurate pattern, and if used correctly, gives you an edge in trading.

Trading a Double Bottom Pattern’s 88% Success Rate

Decades of research reveal the double bottom pattern has an 88% success rate in bull markets and an average profit potential of +50%. The double-bottom chart pattern is one of the most reliable and accurate chart indicators for traders.

Stock Order Types: Using Market, Limit & Trailing Stops in Trading

Limit, market, and stop limit orders, help ensure you get the best possible stock purchase price. Stop limit, stop market, and trailing stop orders help sell your stocks for profit or limit your risk.

Day & Swing Trading vs. Growth & Value Investing Explained.

Day and swing trading uses technical chart analysis to trade short-term price moves, whereas growth and value investing use long-term fundamental financial analysis. The tools and strategies used for these types of trading are completely different.

How to Research Stocks to Find the Hidden Gems

To research stocks, investors need to use trustworthy research tools and reports to find good investments. The ability to understand the research and hone an investing strategy is paramount.

Do Tweezer Top & Bottom Candle Patterns Work? I Test It!

Based on our testing of 1,892 trades, the tweezer top and bottom patterns are highly unreliable and unprofitable. These patterns exhibit a reward-to-risk ratio of only 1.07, with 50% of trades resulting in losses. Relying on tweezers as a trading strategy yields poor results.

How to Backtest Trading Strategies in 2024 with Examples & Tools

Experienced investors backtest their trading strategies to optimize their portfolios. Backtesting is a critical step that enables traders to assess the potential viability of a trading strategy by applying it to historical data.

ATR Indicator: Settings, Reliability & Usage Tested

The average true range (ATR) is a nondirectional momentum indicator that measures price volatility. Our 1,205 test trades showed a solid 1.77 reward-to-risk ratio with an average 8.5% winning trade.

VWAP Indicator: 13,681 Test Trades Prove the Best Settings & Strategy

Using VWAP with a 14 setting on a daily Heikin Ashi chart is vastly superior to conventional OHLC charts. Using an OHLC chart, the strategy barely breaks even with a low-profit expectancy of 0.15. In contrast with a Heikin Ashi chart, the strategy is incredibly profitable, with a profit expectance of 0.83 and a reward-to-risk ratio of 3.03.

Is the Supertrend Indicator Super? 4,052 Test Trades Show How to...

Based on our extensive testing, it has been determined that when used as a standalone indicator, Supertrend does not demonstrate reliability or profitability. With an average profit expectancy of 0.24, it is recommended to combine Supertrend with other indicators.

OBV Indicator: Best Settings & Trading Strategy Explained

On-balance volume (OBV) is a cumulative indicator in technical analysis designed to show the volume flow relative to a security's price movements. The OBV reflects the collective buying and selling pressure crystallized through the volume trend.

How to Trade the DMI Indicator Profitably: 9,764 Trades Tested

Our testing, based on 9,764 trades over 25 years, proves the DMI indicator is profitable and reliable, outperforming the S&P 500 index.

ADX Indicator: Best Settings & Trading Strategy Explained

According to our in-depth testing, an ADX(DMI + 14) setting crossing above 20 is a profitable buy signal, and crossing below 20 is a reliable sell signal. These settings resulted in an ADX 28% outperformance versus the S&P 500 stocks.

Forecasting Stock Market Returns with 154 Years of Data Analysis

154 years of S&P 500 stock research data from 1871 to 2024 forecasts a 90% chance that the next ten years will be profitable, averaging 6.2% profit per year. The average positive gains year will be 16.54%, and the average negative year will be 13.69%.

One Bull Flag Pattern Succeeds 85%, The Rest Fail

A bullish flag is a popular but misunderstood technical analysis pattern characterized by a rapid upward price trend followed by parallel downslope consolidation in price. The price increase resembles a flag pole, while the price consolidation is the flag.

Wall Street Cheat Sheet: Master Your Mind & Market Psychology

The Wall Street Cheat Sheet is a roadmap for navigating the emotional highs and lows investors face during market cycles. Each phase reflects a collective sentiment that can influence financial markets and, subsequently, the price movement of stocks.

Is Day Trading Gambling? Yes! But Not How You Think

If you are a beginner day trader with limited skills and no strategy, then day trading is gambling. However, at a professional level, day trading and gambling are more like running a business; both require a systematic methodology, risk management, skill, and experience to be successful.

Our Best Training & Strategies

Liberated Stock Trader Pro: Learn Stock Market Investing

Learn stock market investing with the complete online stock trading course by Barry D. Moore, a certified financial analyst from the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA).

ETF Investing Strategy: MOSES Improves Performance & Lowers Risk

The MOSES ETF investing strategy is a powerful suite of indicators meticulously backtested over 100 years. Designed to empower you to outperform the market, it equips you with the tools to navigate major stock market crashes and unlock greater investing performance.

Our LST Strategy Beat the Stock Market’s S&P 500 By 102%...

Decades of research and testing unveiled the Liberated Stock Trader Beat the Market System. Our 9-year, backtested, and proven strategy targets 35 financially healthy high-growth stocks, producing a track record of beating the S&P 500 by 102%.

TradingView Review & Test 2024: Free vs. Pro. Is it Worth...

Our extensive review testing rates TradingView 4.7/5 stars due to excellent stock chart analysis, pattern recognition, screening, and backtesting. TradingView is our top recommendation for US and international traders.

Stock Rover Review 2024: Is It The Best Stock Screener?

Our Stock Rover review reveals an excellent stock screening, research, and portfolio tool for long-term US value, income, and growth investors. Easy to use yet incredibly powerful, Stock Rover is the best stock screener available for US investors.

Trade Ideas AI Trading Bot Test & Review 2024

Our Trade Ideas review testing shows its stock scanner and proven Holly AI algorithms are the most advanced and trustworthy auto-trading software available to day traders.

TrendSpider Review: Big 2024 Updates! Is It Now The Best?

Trendspider uses AI to recognize trendlines, chart patterns, and candlesticks automatically. Automated trading bots and powerful backtesting make it an innovation leader.

Benzinga Pro Review 2024: Hands-On News & Charts Test

Our Benzinga Pro review reveals trustworthy, dependable, real-time news, alerts, insider block trade, and options activity signals for US stock traders. Benzinga Pro is highly configurable, responsive, and easy to use while beating its competitors on price.

MetaStock Review 2024: Charts & Analysis Fully Tested!

Our MetaStock review testing reveals powerful charting, system backtesting, forecasting, and Xenith real-time financial news for traders. MetaStock has unbeatable charts, indicators, and drawing tools, but it needs to be a little easier to use.