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With a wealth of experience spanning 25 years in stock investing and trading, Barry D. Moore (CFTe) is an author and Certified Financial Technician (Market Analyst) recognized by the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA). Notably, he has also held executive positions in leading Silicon Valley corporations IBM Corp. and Hewlett Packard Inc.

Finviz vs Tradingview 2024: Tested, Rated & Ranked

TradingView scores 4.5/5.0 because it does everything well, and Finviz scores 3.6/5.0 because it lacks a community, live trading, and has inferior charts. However, Finviz excels at rapidly visualizing vast stock market data on a single screen.

6 Best Free Real-Time Stock Quotes & Charts 2024

Our tests show the best free real-time quotes and live stock charts are TradingView, Firstrade, TC2000, and Yahoo Finance. Real-time stock quotes cost money, but these companies provide exchange data and charts for free.

Top 4 Value Investing Screeners Tested by LiberatedStockTrader

The best value investing stock screener overall is Stock Rover because it has 650 screening metrics, including fair value, margin of safety, plus Graham and Greenblatt calculations.

TradingView vs StockCharts: Who’s the Boss in 2024?

Our comparative testing of TradingView vs. Stockcharts shows TradingView is a powerful global stock charting platform with 13 million active users, compared to StockCharts.com, which has expert commentary but only covers US markets.

8 Best Free Stock Market Heatmaps Tested 2024

Our research shows the best stock market heatmaps are TradingView, Finviz, Finscreener, and Stock Rover. TradingView is visually stunning and covers all stock, forex, and crypto exchanges, and Finviz provides a world-view heatmap with drill-downs.

Stock Rover vs. Finviz: Who is the King of Stock Screening?

Our comparison of Stock Rover vs Finviz reveals that Stock Rover is best for screening, stock research, and portfolio management. Finviz is better at stock pattern recognition and heatmaps. I wholeheartedly recommend Stock Rover.

How to Take Advantage of Qualified Dividends

Investors need to ensure that the stocks they hold meet specific criteria set by the IRS to take advantage of qualified dividends. These criteria include holding the stock for 60 days for common stock and 90 days for preferred stock.

Are Keltner Channels Worth Trading? Best Settings Tested

A Keltner Channel is a volatility-based trading indicator combining a simple moving average, exponential moving average, and average true range to plot a channel on a chart. It identifies trading signals using overbought and oversold conditions.

Advance/Decline (A/D) Line Explained by a Certified Analyst

The advance/decline (A/D) line indicator measures market breadth by identifying how many stocks participate in a market advance or decline. It is calculated by taking the number of advancing stocks minus the declining stocks.

5 Moving Average Indicators Tested on 43,770 Trades

The best moving average settings are SMA or EMA 20 on a daily chart, which achieves a 23% win rate. At settings 50, 100, and 200, it is better to use the Hull moving average, which has win rates of 27%, 10%, and 17%, respectively.

MACD Strategy & Reliability Tested by LiberatedStockTrader

MACD is a trend-following momentum indicator used to identify price trends. We conducted 606,422 test trades to find the best settings and trading strategies.

Is the S&P 500 200-Day Moving Average Profitable? I Test It!

Our testing of the 200-day MA on the S&P500 over 16 years revealed that using this indicator is a losing proposition. A buy-and-hold strategy made a profit of 192% vs. the 200-day MA, which made only 152%.

Best Commodity Channel Index (CCI) Settings Tested on 43,297 Trades

Our test data shows that using the CCI indicator with a 50 setting on the S&P 500 index stocks over 20 years was incredibly profitable, returning a 1,108% profit compared to the market, which returned 555%.

7 Parabolic SAR Trading Strategies Tested by LiberatedStockTrader

The Parabolic Stop and Reverse (PSAR) technical indicator identifies asset price reversals. Relying on parabolic time/price systems it creates effective trailing stop-losses for trading signals.

Bollinger Band Trading Strategies Tested by LiberatedStockTrader

Our reliability testing of Bollinger Bands on the S&P 500, using 13,360 years of data, suggests it is an unreliable, unprofitable indicator for traders. However, Bollinger Bands can be profitable, but you need to know how it works, how to trade it, and the optimal settings.

Rate of Change Indicator Test: Trading a 66% Success Rate

The Rate of Change (ROC) is a momentum indicator that measures the speed and direction of asset price movements. It helps traders determine whether a security is trending and how quickly its price changes.

What is EMA? Best Exponential Moving Average Settings Tested  

An exponential moving average (EMA) technical indicator reduces the lag associated with simple moving averages (SMA) by applying a multiplier to the most recent data. EMAs provide improved sensitivity, enhancing the accuracy of trend analysis.

Stochastic Oscillator Explained: Best Strategy & Settings Tested

The Stochastic Oscillator momentum indicator compares an asset's closing price to a range of its previous prices. It oscillates between 0 and 100; below 20 indicates oversold, and above 80 suggests an overbought market.

4 Experts Reveal Favorite Dividend Investing Strategies

All dividend stocks share one big similarity: their ability to produce earnings. Pay attention to the history and safety of these companies' dividend payments and the potential for these payments to grow, and increasing wealth follows from there.

10 Tips For Investing In Dividend Stocks Like A Pro

The best way to build long-term wealth is to invest discretionary income into high-quality dividend stocks, reinvest dividends, and let the magic of compounding work over time.