PRO Training Featured In Stocks & Commodities Magazine

The Liberated Stock Trader Book was featured in the Book Review in Stocks & Commodities Magazine in September 2011.


The Liberated Stock Trader (248 pages + DVD, $279 paperback, 2011, ISBN 9781460956021)Liberated Stock Trader Book - Stock Market Education
by Barry D. Moore, Publisher Amazon Createspace

Gambling is for the casino; knowledge is for the stock market.

This book is about making you a liberated stock trader by educating you on the most important principles of stock market investing and enabling you to make informed decisions about how to invest your money.

It focuses on the four pillars of success:

  • Fundamental analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Money management
  • Stock market strategy

It is filled with graphs and charts that were chosen to show you exactly what the author, an independent investor, is trying to teach you.

It describes the top five mistakes to avoid, and the ten best free stock-charting tools, along with other significant information.

A video version of the book, read by the author, is included.


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