Personal Trading Coaching & Mentoring

  • Ever wished you had someone to talk to regarding your stock market investing?
  • Need someone to bounce ideas off?
  • Need someone to re-enforce your education or clarify stock market topics?
  • Need someone to help coach you through the tough times?

Then Personal Stock Market Coaching & Mentoring Sessions are for you.

Personal coaching is the very best way to consolidate your knowledge into practical implementation of a strategy.

The Benefits of Our Coaching Sessions are Clear:

  • Team up with the founder and author of The Liberated Stock Trader a certified stock market technical analyst MSTA IFTA regulated
  • Analyze the stocks you like
  • Learn advanced concepts
  • Application of Chart and Indicators
  • Market direction evaluation
  • Bounce your trading ideas off an expert
  • Evaluate the stocks YOU are interested in
  • Apply advanced stock screening to find great stocks
  • Formulate your own Trading Plan
  • Discuss Money Management and Portfolio Balancing
  • Discuss during market hours
  • Learn advanced strategies
  • Someone to help coach you through the bad times

In a personal coaching package you will get:

  • As many hours coaching as your needs
  • Use of advanced technology so you can share your screen or view the trainer’s screen in crystal clear fidelity.
  • Use free phone numbers or your PC Microphone to talk

If you would like a free consultation to discuss your requirements or have any questions  please simply call this number to discuss your requirements

 ☎+49 176 316 28922

Alternatively, leave a message

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