Why Become a Stock Broker if You Are a College Student?

All of us are driven to the allure of making millions of dollars in a single day. If there’s one story Hollywood has repeatedly sold us, it’s that a successful stockbroker can mint unimaginable sums of money in the time it takes you to blink.

How accurate is that representation, and why would you want to become a stockbroker, anyway, especially as a college student. In fact, does it offer any flexibility at all? Between assignment writing, studying for tests and attending classes, how viable is being a stockbroker for students?

Lots of money

The good news is that Hollywood didn’t lie to you about money. Good stockbrokers can earn good money. As long as you’re successful over time, you can take a very significant amount of money home with you every day.

Just keep in mind that most people don’t get rich overnight. Even with something as volatile as this, it may still take quite a while before you start to accumulate wealth in the course of your career.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the lowest 10% of brokers earned less than $33,000 a year while the top 10% earned over $200.000 annually. At the end of the day, it’s all about how hard you work, how many deals you close and how many clients you have.

Job Security

As a student, few things are as annoying as not having money. Being a student, balancing work and school is a real challenge because coursework can become incredibly involving. Getting something that pays even while you’re not actively doing it, or makes you enough money to save and live on for a while.

Trading is great because there’s always employment. Unless you fall victim to the unlikely event of a global economy crash, you will never have to worry about having a job again. 

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Career Advancement Opportunities

Being a stockbroker isn’t something you wake up one day, shout to your roommate, “Hey, write my assignment for me, will you?” and declare yourself a broker. Well, you can, it just won’t be legal, and nobody will take you seriously. 

A few things you need to get started are an education in finance and a license from the government to practice. It’s a whole new career and a whole different ball game from other kinds of employment.

With a lot of hard work, the right calls and a bit of luck, you can slowly climb the ladder to the top. Climb to higher positions, open new opportunities and make even more money. A lot of people think of management as half the work and twice the pay. It’s not a hundred percent true, but in this case, let’s pretend it is to avoid overcomplicating things.

Access to great investment information

Believe it or not, being a stockbroker is about more than sitting in a room with hundreds of other sweaty men and reacting to shouts to buy or sell stock. You need to do a lot of research to find out which companies are profitable and which ones aren’t; which ones are likely to break the mold and which ones are going to sink into the ground.

Your career gives you access to some of the best information in the world. Outlets like Bloomberg and Financial Times offer extremely decent data. 

This can be useful even outside the context of your brokerage job. You will know where the property values are great, which company’s stock is likely to pay itself back in the shortest time and much more.

Opportunities to grow as a person

Working as a broker, you are going to meet some of the smartest people in the world. Engineering, medicine and law may get all the attention when it comes to professions, but there’s no field as competitive as finance. In the face of all that competition, people grow hard skin and learn new skills. These are difficult to foster without adversity. 

In the course of your career, no doubt you’ll also develop a sense of confidence and substantial personal growth.

You get to meet amazing people

Remember how difficult it was figuring out how to write an assignment on your own? It’s pretty much the same out here. With all the competition in the field, you’re bound to meet some of the smartest and most interesting people in your life. These are the people that will make or break your career.


Being a broker isn’t an easy job by any account, but can be the most rewarding thing you ever do. Whether you’re just in it for the money or you see an opportunity to advance your career, being a broker opens doors in ways that few other careers can even come close to, let alone achieve. And if you’re not ready to become a fully-fledged broker, start off as a day trader to gain some experience. You will have an easier time transitioning.

Ray Campbell is an enthusiastic blog writer and editor who is currently developing his own business course. He’s very passionate about sales, marketing, and investments, and he’s writing about such topics every single day. In his free time, he spends his time with his family and travels for semi-work purposes.


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