Which Money Counter is Best for Your Business

Money counters are an efficient tool for businesses of all sizes.

They can streamline your cash handling operations, increase productivity, and prevent losses that may otherwise result from human error and counterfeit currencies.

Types of Money Counting Machines

With the many different types of money counters available on the market, it can be difficult to choose one that can meet your business needs. It would be wise to consult an expert or do some research before choosing one.

Capabilities, price, features, and business requirements are all decisive factors when buying a currency counter. But in all instances, a mixed money counter comes with many benefits for all types of business.

Here’s a roundup of our picks of the best bill counters for 2020.

Bank-Grade Mixed Money Counter and Sorter

The Bank Grade CR1500 mixed bill counter is perfect for businesses that need to count large quantities of money. It can sort money, count them, and automatically send suspicious bills to a special reject pocket for additional inspection. Counting notes at the speed of 800, 900, and 1,100 notes per minute, this top-grade cash machine by Carnation is ideal for banks and other organizations that deal with large amounts of cash.

G-Star Technology Cash Machine

The multi-directional Money Counter by G-Star can count money continuously for up to two hours at a rate of 1,000 notes per minute. This machine produces minimal noise, thanks to its ultraviolet and magnetic sensors. Known for its high counterfeit bill detection rate, you can rest assured that the final count will be correct and reliable.

Ribao DCJ-280 (Shark -100N)

Ribao DCJ-280 is a mixed bill counter that can count, categorize, and inspect up to 1,000 notes per minute. It can work with bills in different variations of size and thickness. This currency counter deals bills according to denomination, orientation, and face. It comes loaded with a reject stacking option.

Domens Portable Money Counter

Simplicity, affordability, and compactness are some attractive traits of Domens portable currency counter. At the speed of counting 600 bills per minute, it is ideal for small businesses and personal use. The “add” functionality permits you to add to the count if needed, and the machine is compatible with most types of global currencies. The downside is that it is not a mixed money counter.

Counterfeit Detection Technology

Counterfeit detection should be a priority for businesses that deal with hard money. You should provide your employees with adequate training and the necessary tools to detect fake bills.

The most common counterfeit detection technologies available in money counters include:

  • Magnetic (MG): MG technology detects fake currencies by inspecting the magnetic ink placed at multiple strategic places of the notes.
  • Ultraviolet (UV): UV assesses the ultraviolet strip placed in different areas of the currency. This works well to identify bleached and re-printed counterfeit denominations.
  • Watermark (WM): It detects fake notes by assessing the watermark built into currencies. A light mechanism is used to view the watermark and verify the authenticity of the money.
  • Ink: Identifies counterfeit notes based on the unique ink used in the bills.
  • Visual: Involves the use of magnifying glass and other tools to see visual elements in currency notes.

Most money counters use a combination of these features to detect fake currencies.

What Features Can You Benefit From?

With the right knowledge and research, buying a reliable cash machine will not be a challenge. Consider the following features when choosing a money counter:

Counting Speed: Speed is essential, but other factors such as the machine’s hopper size also need to be taken into account. The speed must be balanced with high accuracy.

Hopper Size and Type: The location of the hopper in the machine’s feed mechanism and its ability to handle bills that are less neatly stacked is crucial for a faster counting process.

Batch or Adding Features: Some bill counters allow the cash to be deposited and counted in batches, while others will add multiple batches filed together.

Error and Counterfeit Detection: Built-in error and counterfeit detection reduce miscounts. This feature is essential for businesses that experience frequent counterfeit fraud.

Mixed Bill Counters and Sorters: Some cash counters can count stacks of mixed bills, and others can sort stacks of mixed bills into separate single-denomination piles. Choosing a mixed bill counter will always make your money management less of a hassle.

Final Thoughts

A counter machine speeds up the process of counting cash while reducing counting errors and improving cash handling. With a variety of features available, it is vital to evaluate your business needs before choosing the right cash machine to maximize your return on investment.


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