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U.S. Stock Market Action Today.

Live Data from the NASDAQ, S&P500, Dow Jones 20 & 30, NASDAQ Composite & S&P 400 Mid Cap Index. For information on how to use & interpret these charts scroll down.

U.S. Stock Markets Today

Economic Calendar

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Using Stock Markets Today

The US Stock Markets Today overview shows you the most important Indices and how they are performing today.  Click on any Index to jump to a detailed Chart, where you can plot indicators or even compared one Index to another

S&P500  – is the go-to index used by most people as it is the majority of the NYSE Company Capitalization.

NASDAQ 100 – is the major Index of the Nasdaq Stock Exchange with the top 100 technology companies.

Dow 30 – is the Industrial Index of the 30 biggest corporations on the NYSE.

Dow 20 Transport Index – This is the 20 biggest Transport & Logistics Companies. Look for medium to short-term divergencies in the DJ30 and the DJ20 according to Dow Theory

Nasdaq Composite – All of the Stocks on the Technology heavy Nasdaq Exchange

S&P 400 Mid Cap – The 400 medium sized companies on the NYSE

Using the Economic Calendar

Country Selection – Select the Globe to choose which country economic data you want to see.

The U.S. Economic data is usually a catalyst for markets across the globe, but if you trade a particular market select the one you are interested in.

Economic Data Description – Click on the Data to see a description of what it is and the impact of it.  The actuals vs Forcast is important.

If the Actual is less than Forecast then that could have a negative impact on the overall market direction.  See how the market reacts to the news.

Important Economic Data Only – it is easy to get carried away with economic data, even the best economists cannot predict how the data will affect the stock market.

By default, we have selected only important data, but you can change that by clicking the Globe Symbol

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