[The Secret] Continually Learn even with NO spare time

If you are anything like me, you have very little spare time.  Family, business, socializing, gardening, you name it, it is all a time suck. So…

How can you stay on top of the knowledge curve & continually learn even though you have no time to sit down and read?

Many factors can contribute to our understanding of the world of investing. Developments in Business, Finance, Economics, Politics, Technology, and Science can all help to give us a broad perspective that can be applied to our investment strategy.

The problem is there are so many mundane things we do in life that offer us little opportunity for improving our knowledge.

For example. Joe Blogs drives to work every day it takes him one hour to get there and one hour back. On top of this he works an eight hour day, and when he returns home his wife and family may also demand his attention. At the weekend he has to mow the lawn, clean the driveway or even visit inlaws who live a few hundred kilometers away. He also goes hiking in the mountains or to the fitness studio to keep fit. So his time is fully taken up. He has no time to read books, learn, or really be entertained.

How can You (Joe) make more efficient use of Your time?

I have a way of keeping up to date on all of these topics even though I have little or no time to sit down and read a newspaper or even watch TV.

It is so simple and efficient that I thought I would share it with you.

The secret is using your Smartphone.

Stock Market Training for the iPhone / iPod / Smartphone
Stock Market Training for the iPhone / iPod / Smartphone

Take Action

  1. Buy an iPhone, iPod or some other device capable of downloading and playing podcasts and audiobooks.
  2. Look for and subscribe to podcasts that you are interested in.
  3. Setup an account with Audible or any of their other sister sites, they have great prices on eBooks and a very cost effective membership scheme.
  4. Load all these podcast and audiobooks onto your device and carry your device with you when you are out and about.


I get all my information, when I want it and how I want it.

So what do I listen to?

Business Audio

The Economist: The Economist Weekly Newspaper covers Business, Economics, Finance, Politics, Technology, and Science. I subscribe to the magazine and save a lot of money with this subscription.

But I never get to read the magazine.

I listen to it.

As an Economist subscriber, I get the entire Economist as a digital audio download. It is about 9 hours per week.

The Guardian Business Podcast – an entertaining drill-down into the world of business.

Science & Technology Audio

Guardian Science Weekly: A thought-provoking and intelligent look at the world of science.

The Naked Scientists: An entertaining look at science and the latest science news.

The CNET Tech Review: Ever wanted to know what the market reaction is to the latest gadget will be. Technology products reviews and entertaining presenter make this a must-have.

Stock Market Audio

Finally, of course, I have to mention the “excellent” Liberated Stock Trader Podcast 🙂 But there are many others out there such as Learning Markets

Entertainment – Audio

We all need to wind down, for humor I would recommend the BBC Friday Night Comedy Podcast and the Frank Skinner Radio Show


There is now a huge selection of eBooks available, so when you want to get your teeth into a specific topic this is the place to go. I get through about two books a week and I would highly recommend.

  • The Quants: How a New Breed of Math Whizzes Conquered Wall Street and Nearly Destroyed It (Unabridged) – Scott Patterson
  • The 86 Biggest Lies on Wall Street – John R Talbott
  • Full Of Bull Stephen T. Mclellan
  • The Black Swan – Nassim Nicolas Taleb

For the Number 1, Rated Stock Market Investing Audio Books Listing on the Web See the Liberated Stock Trader Top 20 Audio Books Review

So, pop your earplugs in and the next time you are cleaning the kitchen, painting the garden fence or washing the car, you can be absorbing a book or the latest news at the same time.




  1. Hey Barry, were you describing my work day? Well I do not have to mow the lawn 🙂 (yet).

    I do not own iPod…pad…pet… or whatever names will be following, still resisting and kinda an old school old dog here. But the idea of iTunes looks interesting and I give it a try, for sure! The magazines are not much of a value for me, in my opinion. Too vague information one would base trading or investing on it, unless you are a buy & hold investor.



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