Learn Stock Market Trading Video – Part 2 Guide to Fundamentals

Understanding the basics of fundamental analysis is important, especially when analyzing a stock.

This video looks follows on from Part 1 and takes a deep dive into how to see the fundamental performance in Stock Charts, what Stock Charts to use, and what Earnings per Share “EPS” acceleration looks like.

It also includes a quiz about how to view and compare the EPS results of 2 companies to decide which it better.

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To your success.

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  1. When you first start to trade it is very difficult to control your emotions. Fear and greed can be overwhelming. Lack of discipline; lack of patience and over confidence are just some of the other problems that we all face.

  2. i have just started trading,i also dont belive in stupid news letters which are known as tips in india,i know some technical analysis as i have done workshop of mr deepak vekaria,but i was having less knowledge about fundamentals and i dont like to read much,so this video was very use full thank you sir


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