How to quickly increase income by several times

The world around us is energy in one form or another. Living nature, human beings, and objects have a material shell, but they also have an invisible spirit. Money is one of the most potent, uncontrollable types of energy. If you have a low income, you probably wonder where to get more money and how to increase your revenue. What principles should guide a person who wants to get rich or just improve their earnings several times over? What can be done right now? 

Today, with the help of MYFIN we will talk about it. Have a comfortable seat, brew some delicious, fragrant tea, and we’ll get started. 

How to quickly increase income by several times

How to Increase Earnings

The question of how to increase income is a bit abstract. You need to discover the need. You need to know exactly how much you need to increase your revenue, what you are willing to do for it, whether you need a specific amount of money or a constant source of income. You need to understand the problem in detail before you solve it.

Essential postulates for income growth

If you systematize information from hundreds of sources, it will be only three basic postulates, following which will help stabilize earnings. These are:

  • ironclad self-confidence;
  • constant and conscious expansion of the comfort zone;
  • focus on action.

Self-confidence means that you already see yourself as someone who can succeed or at least double your income. Regardless of what happens in the world, what people around you say, and how your family perceives your idea, you firmly believe that you can earn more. You are ready to act for it and not turn away from the path.

Expanding your comfort zone is a classic development method, including your financial skills. You can work overtime on your day off, no matter how much you don’t want to. These actions positively affect the energetic relationship between you and money. If you are willing to work hard for increased income, money will appreciate it and head your way. Not immediately, but your superiors and employees will understand your actions. You may be promoted or get a raise when you outgrow your usual place.

Action is a bridge between the inner and outer world. Even if the desired goal is three meters from you, you will still have to get up and take a couple of steps to take it. Not a single person has received a raise, just dreaming about it. No one has found ways to increase income, doing nothing to achieve it. Between the dream and its realization are actions.

Failure is categorically excluded if a person believes in his success, consciously undertakes complex tasks, and acts. Now about what ways to increase income exist and which of them you can adopt right now.

The best way to increase income

There are many ways to increase your income. Some deal with competent investments, others with family activities, others with monetizing hobbies or hobbies. 

Independent steps.

  • Set aside 10% of each dollar earned.

Let the amount accumulated in such a way during the first months seem ridiculous, but a year later, it will be a severe help to sudden situations. In addition, spending less than you earn is a fundamental principle of financial well-being.

  • Make money circulate. 

Being endowed with energy, money senses your attitude towards it. It won’t come to you in more significant quantities if you spend it on nothing. Being stingy doesn’t count either. To differentiate your income and spend your money on different activities. Buying items you need, investing with interest, setting aside amounts for expensive purchases, charitable donations – this will make money circulate and bring you more severe charges.

  • Before you go to the store, make a list.

Carve out 10 minutes, sit down at your desk, grab a piece of paper and a pen. Think about what you need for life and what you can do without. Make a shopping list and go.

  • I prefer branded products to more profitable counterparts.

Consumers often overpay just for the label. Compare two identical items and decide whether it is worth paying several times more just for the presence of a brand name. 

  • Become a professional in the field. 

Only true masters receive outstanding fees for their work. Improve your skills and study the biographies of people who have already succeeded in such activities. Your skills will not pass your superiors or customers. Later, you guarantee yourself a raise in salary, an influx of new customers, or their willingness to give more for the services offered.

  • Ignore advertising. 

The commerce engine is not meant to show you the value and usefulness of a particular product but to get as much money out of your wallet as possible. The same goes for holiday discounts with promotions. Ignoring innovative marketing strategies equals more revenue.

  • Plan for career advancement. 

Indeed you got a job not to vegetate in one place? Ask yourself what it takes to advance your career and take steps.

  • Learn to present yourself. 

Let the client know that the service you offer is unique. People are willing to pay more for genuinely worthwhile offerings—practice self-presentation skills.


By following the rules and recommendations described above, anyone can improve their financial situation. The main thing is to remember that money is a good thing that changes our life for the better. The right attitude, readiness to act, faith in success, openness to new things – these are the components that will allow you to increase the basic, additional, and other income by several times.


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