Equity Indices up at least 5% since OUR Upside Break Out Report

Dear Liberated Stock Trader,

the global markets continue to rally and everyone is happy.  Well, except those bears. 🙂

I flagged on January 19th that there was a serious upside breakout in progress, inferring it is time to go long in the market.  I have been long since then and it has been quite profitable.

I also suggested on the S&P 500 the target was 1357, which we surpassed last week.

Most U.S Indices are at least 5% up since then and international indices even more.

I see at the moment absolutely no reason to change my Bullish stance.  Europe is quietly trying to mend its problems and the fundamental economic indicators in the U.S. are starting to point in the right direction.  But also very importantly the market is telling me that it is business as usual.

  • Volatility is very LOW (Ticket:VIXY)
  • Oscillating Indicators : Positive
  • Price Above Moving Averages : TRUE
  • Market Volume : Slowly Declining – this suggests investors are becoming more cautious at these levels, however this is nothing to fear yet.

So, good luck and enjoy the trend.



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