Liberated Stock Trader – Course 103 Technical Analysis Quiz

Test your Knowledge on Investing

Do you know stock charts? Are you a rookie or a master? Test your investing knowledge with our Course 103 – Stock Market Technical Analysis Quiz.

Technical analysis is the…?

Technical analysis uses what data points?

Technical Analysis Studies the...?

Which of the below is NOT a valid stock chart?

Volume is…?

The price at volume chart shows you…?

What is the main negative with Equivolume bars?

Point and figure charts are different because…?

A hollow candlestick means?

Select the 3 types of stock price trends?

Spot the FALSE Technical Analysis Time Frame?

Dow Theory compares which 2 indices?

Select the correct answer. Elliott Wave Theory suggests that?

Which is NOT a valid moving average?

The 200 day moving average is good for?

In terms of volume what is a blow off bottom?

MACD stand for what?


Which statement is FALSE?

A head and shoulders (H&S) pattern is very predictive, which of the following statements is true?

Select the true statement...

Name the INVALID chart patterns?

A continuation pattern…?

Gaps are…?

In Fibonacci Retracement the most important numbers are?

Stock screening enables you to?



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