Liberated Stock Trader – Course 102 Stock Market Investing Quiz

Test your Knowledge on Investing

How much do you know about the stock market? Are you a PRO or a Beginner? Test your knowledge with our free quiz and share with friends.

The top 10 stock exchanges account for over X of the capitalization of the global markets?

The two largest stock exchanges in the world are?

The total value of the global stock markets is approximately?

What do the global stock markets have in common?

Boom and bust – name some of the most famous stock market crashes?

What is the safest way to try to avoid a stock market crash?

Can you name some of the most popular stock market cycles?

What things should you know before you invest in the stock market?

Is news important to the stock market?

Fundamental Analysis is the study of what?

The 3 most important accounting documents are the…?

Select the correct statements. Book value is?

EPS is calculated by?

The PE Ratio…?

Why might some stocks only have a stock price of a few cents?

A huge surge in the volume of shares traded can indicate?

Charles Dow suggested that…?

How many stocks should you own?

Day traders typically hold a stock for?

Risk management is important because…?

Select only the FALSE statement – In stock price terminology…?

Why would a stock be split?

Name a valid stock investment strategy.

CANSLIM Investing Strategy stand for what?



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