Best Stock Apps & Software for Trading & Investing

Here are the best stock apps & software for trading & investing reviewed, fully tested, and compared head-to-head.

20 Best Stock Market Websites Tested by LiberatedStockTrader

Our testing reveals that TrendSpider, TradingView, Trade Ideas, and Benzinga are the best stock market websites for traders. For Investors, the best sites are Stock Rover, Motley Fool, and M1 Finance.

Optuma Review 2024: Pro Stock Chart Analysis Tested

This Optuma review reveals a comprehensive market analysis platform developed for professional technical analysts in financial institutions that is also available to retail investors.

4 Best Trading Platforms for Beginners Tested 2024

Our research shows that the best beginner trading platforms are TradingView, TrendSpider, and Finviz. TradingView leads on price, community, trading, and charting, Finviz for easy screening and charting, and TrendSpider for AI-automated trendline and pattern recognition.

Top 10 Best Android Stock Apps Tested for 2024

Our review testing shows the three best Android stock apps are TrendSpider for AI-powered chart analysis, TradingView for a global trading community, and Firstrade for free stock trades.

TC2000 vs TradingView 2024: 20 Features Tested & Rated

TradingView scores 4.6/5 because it does well in community, charts, backtesting, news, and screening. TC2000 scores 3.7/5 because it lacks social community, news, backtesting, and pattern recognition capabilities.

Finviz vs Tradingview 2024: Tested, Rated & Ranked

TradingView scores 4.5/5.0 because it does everything well, and Finviz scores 3.6/5.0 because it lacks a community, live trading, and has inferior charts. However, Finviz excels at rapidly visualizing vast stock market data on a single screen.

6 Best Free Real-Time Stock Quotes & Charts 2024

Our tests show the best free real-time quotes and live stock charts are TradingView, Firstrade, TC2000, and Yahoo Finance. Real-time stock quotes cost money, but these companies provide exchange data and charts for free.

Top 4 Value Investing Screeners Tested by LiberatedStockTrader

The best value investing stock screener overall is Stock Rover because it has 650 screening metrics, including fair value, margin of safety, plus Graham and Greenblatt calculations.

TradingView vs StockCharts: Who’s the Boss in 2024?

Our comparative testing of TradingView vs. Stockcharts shows TradingView is a powerful global stock charting platform with 13 million active users, compared to, which has expert commentary but only covers US markets.

8 Best Free Stock Market Heatmaps Tested 2024

Our research shows the best stock market heatmaps are TradingView, Finviz, Finscreener, and Stock Rover. TradingView is visually stunning and covers all stock, forex, and crypto exchanges, and Finviz provides a world-view heatmap with drill-downs.

Stock Rover vs. Finviz: Who is the King of Stock Screening?

Our comparison of Stock Rover vs Finviz reveals that Stock Rover is best for screening, stock research, and portfolio management. Finviz is better at stock pattern recognition and heatmaps. I wholeheartedly recommend Stock Rover.