The Best Stock Market Software Review on the Web – Updated for 2015

And the winner is…

Do you want to know which stock market analysis software will help you get the edge in the market?  Well you have come the to right place.

The Liberated Stock Trader Top 10 Stock Market Software review is the most in depth comparison of the best the market has to offer comparing over 760 different features to evaluate who is truly the best.  We have compared the 30 most popular vendors in the market and narrowed it down to the top 10.  Not only will you find out which software best suits your trading style, you will be able to compare head to head all of the benefits, features and prices.

Our Criteria for the Review.

Pricing & Software:

  • What does it cost, monthly, yearly, lifetime license

Quality of the software

  • Data Coverage, global or regional
  • Data Speed & Quality
  • Which Markets are covered, Stocks, Forex, Bonds, Futures, Options or ETF’s

Trade Management

  • Broker Trade Integration
  • Trading From Charts
  • Profit & Loss Analysis

Fundamental Scanning and Analysis

  • A very important part of investing, the ability to find the right stocks.
  • Real Time Scanning
  • Powerful Filtering

New Services

  • Integrated News Services
  • Real-Time News
  • Social Media Integration

Technical Analysis

  • Chart Types
  • All the most important indicators
  • Chart Drawing Tools
  • Automated Analysis Tools

Stock Systems & Back Testing

  • Systems Marketplace – the ability to buy algorithms
  • Ability to create your own systems and back test
  • Forecasting features are also new this year.

Ease of Use

So to find out who the winners are and which software is right for you check our our 2015 Review


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