Technical Analysis, how much do you use it?

Dear Reader

I am currenty writing a book and recording the multimedia Trader Academy Pro Training course, which will be absolutely unique.  However while I am tuning the content I have a question for you ! Technical Analysis, how much of it do you actually find useful or use?

There are so many theories and tool sets out there!

  • Japanese Candlesticks
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Envelope Channels
  • Moving Averages, MACD, RSI, Stochastics
  • Momentum, Rate of Change (ROC)
  • Sentiment Indicators (Market Vane for example)
  • Dow Theory

There are even more exotic methods, such as

  • Japanese Ichimoku Charts, Clouds
  • Point and Figure Charts
  • Gann Theory and Gann Angles
  • Fibonacci Retracement, Fibonacci Arcs, Fibonacci Time Zones
  • Elliott Wave
  • Andrews Pitchfork
  • Raff Regression
  • Speedlines
  • Tirone Levels
  • Parabolic SAR
  • Gann Theory

But what do you find useful.  I understand how to use most of these indicators and theories having studied them all however what do you personally find brings you results?  I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts and musings, please  leave a post and share your views with the world.

I promise to respond to you all 🙂

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  1. Using technical tools it has changed my way of trading. My loss has minimized, right timing i am finding, instead of entering in oversold timing. I am still learning all the tools, but currently i use MACD, Stoha, Parabolic, Bollinger. Any trader should use the technical tool to minimize loss.
    Before buying any stock i quickly glance these tools.

  2. Hi Muralriam, thanks for the post, I have never heard of stoha, is that stochastics or something really exotic? 🙂 I totally agree Technical tools do allow us to improve timing and minimize losses.

  3. i use the shorter version of stochastics as stoha… :)..
    All the tools not sure, it will give profit or not – but for sure stop your loss. Let me know, if you need any help for your book.

  4. I like the simple things.
    Trading with only having combination of MA, Candlesticks and stochastic can give us consistent result as long as we are dicipline in following our trading plan.
    Of course befor doing that we nedd basic trading knowledge.

  5. There is a lot to be said for keeping it simple thats for sure, Moving averages are a very good tool, but they do have some negatives also, particularly in sideways moving markets.

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