Head to Head “Our 2013 Top 10 Trading Tools Review”

To get an advantage in the stock market you need a solid education, experience, patience and also the best tools. This stock market analysis software review will compare 10 highly rated software offerings from industry giants to new entrants.

What you need in a software package is essentially down to how you trade and what information you use in your trading style.

If you are a day trader you may need real-time news, real-time scanning and level II streaming quotes. If you are a long term fundamental investor you may be looking for strong economic and company fundamentals scanning. If you want to develop your own automated trading systems that are back tested and place trades automatically you will be looking for this functionality.

Rating these packages side by side can give the impression that one package is better than all the rest, but the key is what software suits you and your trading style the best. Please read the “Recommended For” section in the reviews to understand the unique offerings that each vendor provides. No two software packages are identical, each provides a unique price and feature point.

Read more as Telechart, TradeStation, e-Signal, MetaStock, EquityFeed  and more go head to head.

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