How can you avoid the next Stock Market Crash?


Sleep better at night knowing this system will warn you if a major stock market crash is imminent

A stock market crash is an unfortunate and historically inevitable part of trading, as are tsunamis to the natural world. Just like tsunamis, stock market crashes devastate those involved.

Prepare yourself for the next market crash by understanding the triggers and warnings that can be seen through this system.

“How to avoid the next stock market crash” is the latest publication from Liberated Stock Trader, this book will help you protect your investments.

According to a November 2011 survey of over 4000 Liberated Stock Trader members, they indicated overwhelmingly that

“The biggest fear about investing in the stock market is the threat of a major crash and losing money”

This book has been created to help you protect your assets during a crisis and potentially make some money on the short side.

The system will provide you:

The Bear Market Signal – Spot a stock market crash just as it begins to happen so you may exit the market with only a minor loss.

The Shock Event Warning – This allows you to see abnormal changes in Stock Market Prices which lets us know that we may need to be on the alert for a crash.

The Method To Implement the System – This report will show you how to implement the system in Google Finance Chart

The Details Behind the System – There are no secrets here. You will find out exactly how the system works and provide you the logic to implement it in your own trading software package


See how the Stock Market Crash Detector performed in the Tech Bubble & the Financial Crisis.



What will you get?

The 22 page book covering the complete system


A 40 minute LIVE seminar video recording showing how the system works

The Contents of the Book

An Introduction to Crash Detection
Chapter 1 – Be aware of the Big Picture. Understanding how markets move is an important concept in the book and is introduced in this section.
Chapter 2 – Understand Boom and Bust.
A clear grasp that the stock markets go through cycles of boom and bust impresses the notion that you should not be invested fully in the stock market all the time.
3 – Understand Moving Averages.
A quick tour of how to use moving averages to highlight trend change direction is important to understand the system configuration.
4 – The Stock Market Crash Detector
. Stock Market Crash Detection is the aim of the system and in this part we introduce you to how effective the system is and show how it is back tested over the last 100 years of bust cycles.
5 – How does the Stock Market Crash Detector work? Here we the fundamentals of how the system works and how effective it can be for you.
6 – A shock event warning indicator
. You will learn about the special shock event indicator which is the early warning system, you can use this to put you on high alert to a crash.
7 – The Details behind the System. In this section you will learn every detail of how to set up the system for yourself.

8 – Where Does the System Work? – in this part of the book we highlight the global stock markets that this system works in and show you the results of the back testing for Europe, Asia and U.S.A.
9- Types of Bear Market. It is important to understand that there are different types of bear market, this will help you refine your approach.
10 – Implement the system for yourself. Finally we show you how to implement the system on Google Finance Charts or your other stock chart providers.

Conclusion – Be the Smart Money