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How many Stocks should I own ?

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We have just covered how to track the stocks you have purchased, however an important question is how many stocks should you have in your portfolio?

I am assuming here that you are not an Institutional Investor Managing Billions, or a multi millionaire (Yet!)

There is no simple answer to this question because I believe it comes down to:

  • Portfolio Size
  • Effort you can dedicate to managing the portfolio
  • Whether you are a longer term / medium or short term investor.

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Dear Liberated Stock Trader

Before you start to trade it is important that you organize yourself to be able to track your trades. As previously discussed in the Stock Traders Checklist, selection of a portfolio management tool is an important step.

You have essentially 3 options to choose from.

  1. Free Portfolio Management Tools (for example
  2. Online Brokers Portfolio Management Tools (provided free with your brokerage account)
  3. Tracking Manually with a Spreadsheet.

Personally I use all of the above options

Free Portfolio Management Tools
One interesting online tool is the Portfolio Management system offered by Google.
This is very useful because it can be accessed very easily when on the road, using a smart phone, Iphone or Ipod Touch. But what makes is special is that Google offer FREE REAL-TIME Quotes, on the portfolio tracker and the charts. The service is very quick and simple to setup.

Online Brokers Portfolio Management Tools – positives

  • Secure information
  • Integrated with trading system (1 click buying)
  • Real-time Bid and Ask
  • Linked to research and news

Tracking Manually with a Spreadsheet – Positives

  • Completely flexible
  • Simple calculations easy to create
  • Secure
  • Ability to track personal notes and comments

When I am trading from the office, I use my Brokers Real Time Streaming Portfolio and Charting, so I can launch trades immediately.

When I am on the road, I use Google. However as the base for all my record keeping and overall target management I use a Spreadsheet. I have specifically designed a spreadsheet to meet my needs. It is available to you to download. Perhaps you will find it useful.

Download The Liberated Stock Trader Trade Tracking Sheet.
Download Excel 2007 .xlsx
Pre-Excel 2007 .xls

How It works

We hope you find this tool useful, do not forget, always track the reasons why you bought the stock and the reasons why you sold it. This information is golden, and will help you in the future asses why some of your trades were winners and others losers.

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